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Eight Preventative Measures to Stop Auto Theft

Preventing auto theft is one of the top priorities for any car owner. Cars are always vulnerable to thieves who know what they are doing. We spoke to auto insurance experts from Anthony Clark Insurance Brokerage in Calgary about good habits that will counter auto theft. They shared with us 8 positive things to always do:

Always Lock Your Car

Locking your car doors is a routine habit for many people. This basic preventative measure makes it so much harder for a criminal to break into your car and steal your belongings. If this isn’t a habit yet, make it a top priority!

Turn off Your Car when You Leave

Although it can be convenient to leave your car running when you make a quick stop at a gas station, avoid this habit at all costs! It would take a criminal a split second to open your door and drive off without you knowing. Spending a few extra seconds to restart your car is worth it in the long run.

Never Leave Your Keys in Your Vehicle

Similarly to the tip above, leaving your keys in your car is giving criminals a very easy way to drive off in your property. Make sure to take the keys with you when you leave, don’t just put them under the mat!

Avoid Parking in the Street

It is much more likely that a car will be stolen out of the street than from someone’s driveway. If possible, park in a driveway or garage to reduce the risk of becoming an auto theft victim.

Park in a Well-Lit Area

If you must park in the street, make sure to pick a well-lit area so that it is less tempting for a criminal to pursue your car for theft purposes. Auto thefts are much more likely to occur in a dark area than in one that is well-lit so choose your parking space wisely!

Conceal Items Left in your Car

If a criminal is able to see all of your purchases from the window, he or she is much more likely to attempt to break into your car. Hide packages in the trunk or underneath a blanket, when possible.

Ask your Neighbors to Watch your Vehicle

A cautious eye is one of the main keys to preventing auto theft. Make sure neighbors are aware when you are out of town so that they can keep an eye on your vehicle. They will alert you if any suspicious activity occurs while you are away.

Install a Car Alarm

Finally, a car alarm can be a perfect sound deterrent for any robbery. Anything that attracts attention to the scene of the crime is the last thing a criminal wants, which means it should be the first thing that you install.

Automobile theft is all too common, but with these simple tips you will be able ensure it is far less likely to happen to you.

This article was written with help from auto insurance experts at Anthony Clark Insurance Brokerage in Calgary, Alberta.

The Ultimate Garage: Five Ideas for Improving Your Car’s Bedroom

Contrary to popular belief, a garage does not have to be only used to store the car, the kids’ bikes or the Christmas decorations. If you are a true car enthusiast, you will want to transform your garage into an ultimate garage. Transforming your garage into an ultimate garage is not as hard as it may seem. By following a few simple steps, you will be able to create a garage that will be considered an ultimate garage.


The first step in creating an ultimate garage is to transform the flooring. The traditional cemented porch will not work if you want to have the ultimate garage. You will want to have floor mats that are specifically designed for a garage. These floor mats may be designed in camouflage, or they could be the colors of your favorite sports team.

Work Bench

Most garages are known for having work benches in them, and your garage should not be any different. However, your work bench will not only be used for storing your tools and power equipment, but it will also be used to give you space to store things such as keys, soda cans and other items that are not expected to stay permanently. Having a few extra drawers will ensure that the keys for your many different cars will not be lost.


With an ultimate garage, you will probably need lots of storage space; therefore, you will want to have lots of nice cabinets installed on the wall. There are a broad range of options for storage space in garages, but it can be surprisingly affordable to get cabinetry that will really impress.


What is the point of having an ultimate garage if you do not have a refrigerator stocked with beverages and food? It is important that you do not rely on the small office refrigerator, but instead, you should opt to get a full-size stainless steel refrigerator. After working all day to get your car’s engine exactly like you want it, you will definitely want to be able to grab a beverage without having to go to the kitchen refrigerator.

Entertainment System

Finally, an ultimate garage has to have a great entertainment system. An ultimate garage will be the perfect spot to hang out all day long. With a quality entertainment system, you will be able to watch the best movies and sporting events in the perfect environment.

An ultimate garage is a must have for the car enthusiast. Whether you are working on a car or simply enjoying a day to yourself, you will enjoy the ultimate garage. Using the preceding ideas and ensuring that you’ve repaired all that ails your garage, (like getting a service such as Jacksonville Garage Door Opener to help unstick that stuck door), you’ll have an ultimate garage that will really impress your friends.

3 Ideas For Keeping Your Dream Car Safe and Sound

When it comes to caring for a car, some people worry about how to keep a car safe. They may carry little awareness of their options. It is possible to keep a car away from harm, and the information below may help.

1. Keep a Car Inside a Garage

If a person wishes to keep a car away from any danger, it is important to park the car inside of a garage or other storage area. If a person does not choose to park a car in a garage, the car may be visible to troublemakers. People may be able to see what is inside of the car, and they may wish to break into the car. A garage also protects a car from the elements. A person will not have to clean snow off the car in the winter.

2. Avoid Parking under Trees or Suspicious Objects

When a person chooses to park under a tree, he or she may risk damage to their car. For example, a gust of wind may force a branch from a tree to land on the car. If this is not the case, the car may become warm as a result of lack of shade from the tree. Items in the car may melt or suffer damage. A person should also avoid parking a car under an item that appears to be in poor or otherwise unstable condition. If a person is not sure about what to do, he or she should park the car in another spot.

3. Install a Car Alarm

It is not always possible to stay near a car. A person may have to leave a car in order to run errands or go to work. It is an excellent idea to consider the use of a car alarm. A car alarm gives a car owner peace of mind. The person will not have to worry about the car as they go through their daily chores.

Troublemakers will stay away from the car, and a person may protect all items inside of the car. This is something for a person to keep in mind. It is a good idea to research companies to find out more.

Car ownership implies many responsibilities. It is not enough to keep a car clean or change the tires on a frequent basis. A person should think about exercising safety, and the information above may help in some fashion.

Valuable Tips for Protecting Those Classy Cars

A car is often one of the largest investments that a person makes. With an estimated 700,000 vehicles reported stolen in the United States each year, however, the possibility is always there that your car could be next. Still, most vehicle thefts happen to people who are not as careful as they should be with their cars, so as long as you are taking the proper precautions, you should never have to experience that awful pang of panic when you realize that your car is not where you last parked it.

Buy a Car with an Alarm System

Most vehicles these days come with built-in security systems. Even if yours does not, it is more than likely worth it to have one installed by the dealer or from a private company for an additional charge. Not only can an anti-theft system deter would-be thieves from coming near your vehicle in the first place, but cars with these devices in place typically cost less to insure as well. In this sense, the cost of your car’s security system could essentially pay for itself through insurance savings.

Park in Well-Lit Areas

Whether you are at home or in public, you should always be sure to park your car in a well-lit area. For example, if in a supermarket parking lot, make an effort to park directly below a working light pole. Thieves prefer to do their dirty work in the dark because they are less likely to be seen and caught that way, so they will likely not bother even attempting to break into a car parked directly under a bright light source.

Install a Home Security System

Parking your car in a garage can be a great way to keep it safe, but what if your garage gets broken into? This is more common than you might think. In addition to home security reasons, it is never a bad idea to invest in a security/alarm system at your home. This way, if a sensor is tripped on your garage door or at any other point of entry at your home, you can immediately have an alarm sounded and authorities dispatched to your property.

Keep Track of Your Keys

People usually think about thieves stealing cars by breaking windows and hot wiring the car, but there is an easier way. Stealing a car by stealing car keys is much easier. Make sure your keys are kept in a safe place. When out and about keep them in your pocket. When at home don’t be tempted to leave your keys next to your door. This makes it too easy for a thief to take the keys without having to step in the house.

Don’t Valet Park

It’s tempting to use the class and convenience of valet parking, but it may be wise to think twice.  Valet parking attendants are usually you and have not had much time behind the wheel. This can lead to accidents, dings, and scrapes.  To keep your car in pristine condition it may be best not to hand the keys over to a stranger.

As you can see, there are plenty of steps you can take to protect your car from thieves and vandals, so be sure to follow the above tips.

12 Ways to Prevent Auto Theft

According to the FBI, a car is stolen every 23 seconds in the United States. In the city of Los Angeles, about 30,000 cars are ripped off each year, accounting for approximately one-quarter of all property crimes. You can avoid becoming part of the statistical carnage by employing both commonsense and forward-thinking anti-theft strategies. Read on and we will look at 12 ways that you can keep your car out of the hands of thieves.

1. Just lock it. Always lock your car. Turn your car off, remove the keys and lock the doors. Activate the alarm system if you have one.

2. Park in public, well-lit areas. Certainly, your car can get stolen in broad daylight. But, why make it easy on thieves by parking it in a dark, obscure place that invites a theft? The more local movement, the less likely thieves will feel comfortable about taking your car.

3. Employ driveway sense. A trick of thieves is to pull up in a tow truck and hitch your car for a quick getaway. You can thwart crooks by backing your rear-wheel-drive car into your driveway and positioning your front-wheel-drive face in. Engage your parking brake too.

4. Turn on your alarm. If you have an alarm system, turn it on when you are parked. Use it or risk losing it…your car, that is.

5. Install a hood lock. Thieves can quickly disengage your alarm by popping the hood and disconnecting the battery. You can thwart this attempt by installing a separate dead bolt hood lock.

6. Know your vehicle’s popularity. Just because your car is old does not mean that it any less attractive to thieves. The 1994 Honda Accord and the 1998 Honda Civic are the two top most stolen cars in the country reports the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Older versions of Ford’s F-150 truck and the Toyota Camry are also popular targets for their parts.

7. Use vehicle tracking. Buy a new car and there is a greater likelihood that it will come equipped with a vehicle tracking device. GM’s OnStar is one such system and its current packages include "stolen vehicle slowdown" for easier law enforcement apprehension.

8. Take your belongings with you. Okay, maybe thieves don’t want your car. But, those Christmas packages or other goodies you have left in your car are certainly appealing. A smashed window and a quick grab and snatch is all that it takes to rip off your belongings, so take these prized possessions with you.

9. Your hidden keys. How smart of you to hide a key underneath your car! After all, this is a practice that thieves would never consider. Unfortunately, to steal a car, thieves may feel underneath your bumpers, your wheel wells and other exposed area to find a key. Don’t make it easy for them — never hide a key!

10. Stow your title. In your glove box is your car’s registration and insurance papers. What shouldn’t be found is your title. Making your title available to thieves is an invitation to disaster — your vehicle can be stolen and quickly retitled as an unsuspecting party buys your car.

11. Disable your car. If you will be away from your car for extended time such as catching a flight and parking it at the airport, thieves will be on the lookout for your vehicle. Make it difficult for them to jump in and start your car by disabling it, removing the ignition fuse or coil wire. You may not be able to get these items through airport security, so stash them in the trunk underneath your spare tire.

12. VIN etching and engraving. You can thwart thieves by having your vehicle identification number or VIN etched to your car windows in plain sight. Also consider engraving important parts with your VIN, to make it less likely that thieves will want to disassemble your car for the value of its separate parts.

Theft Prevention Tips

There are other ways you can make it more difficult for thieves to steal your car. You can install a steering wheel lock, a kill switch and a floorboard lock, the latter making it impossible for thieves to use your accelerator. Consider installing multiple devices if you plan to leave your car unattended for a stretch of time or if you live or are visiting a car theft prone area.

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