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Anatomy Of A Detailed Car

When most people talk about cleaning their cars, they’re referring to the exterior. This is an important part of regular maintenance, but it’s a lot like only getting your hair wet and calling it a shower. Using soap and water on the outside of your vehicle or taking it through the automatic car wash addresses just part of the problem.

Dirt, dust, grease and grime can get everywhere. If left alone, debris can do serious damage to the vehicle’s look and performance. This is why it pays to have your vehicle detailed by professionals on a regular basis. These experienced technicians know all of the key car cleaning steps to ensure the best overall results and the most comprehensive clean.

For example, countless DIY washes overlook areas such as the doorjambs. This can be harmful to the car because the rubber seals inside them can age prematurely unless they are kept clean. Pros also know that the undercarriage can be the dirtiest area of any vehicle. Accordingly, they will wash it thoroughly with high-pressure hoses and the right amount of solvent to break up stubborn gunk.

To envision what a truly clean car looks like, read the accompanying infographic. It breaks down crucial elements of a professional car wash.

Author Bio: Jeff Carey is Vice President of Sales at CleanTouch, a leading car wash chemical brand serving thousands of car washes across the United States and Canada. He has 20 years of experience in the industry — and focuses on P&L, sales management, and field execution of the company’s strategies and plans.

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Reasons Why You Need to Hire the Top Mechanic Service

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Owning a car is a common thing in today’s world, and it is no more a luxury. There’s no issue of waiting in the long queue for the bus to come or fighting the crowd to get a cab when you have your own car, in which you can travel in luxury and utter comfort. But, buying a car and doing its interior decoration isn’t enough. When you possess such precious metallic technology, you do need to take good care of it too, and that’s the reason why you need to hire the top mechanic serviceonly.

But again, if you think that’s the only reason to give your car for servicing, then here we have described some more reasons why you need an auto servicing firm.

You Can Avoid the Expensive Engine Repairing Works

The engine is the most important part of the car, which gives the necessary power to the car to get into motion. But with time and usage, the engine starts wearing out, especially if you are using the car without giving it for servicing once. Under such circumstances, you need to find the top mechanic service and get your engine checked.

  • Regular servicing will enhance the lifetime of the suspension, thereby improving the car’s efficiency.
  • A check-up of the engine will ensure that it’s not getting damaged or breaking down too often.
  • Most of the times, the engine gets heated up too quickly. Servicing will solve this issue, thereby reducing the necessary heat dissipation.
  • It will also enhance the energy conversion rate of the engine, thereby making sure that your car isn’t slowing down on highways.

Regular Servicing Ensures Proper Safety

Without servicing, your breaks might fail, or your accelerator might not continue working properly. These are some of the reasons why most of the times you get into road accidents. So, get your car checked and hire the top mechanic service which will ensure that your car isn’t that much faulty to cause minor or major road accidents.

The Sale Value Will Increase

Without a doubt, anyone would want to buy a car which is in proper condition despite being used by someone else for months or years. For example, you own a BMW, but your steering wheel isn’t rotating to its maximum capacity while a friend of yours owns a normal four-wheeler in perfect condition.

Any potential buyer will agree to pay high price for the car your friend has because that vehicle is in better condition. Get in touch with the top mechanic service and transform your car to get the highest sale price.

Improved Mileage

As the engine and the clutch of your car will be properly serviced from time to time, the fuel consumption efficiency of your car will also increase. As a result, the engine will consume less fuel to cover more distance measured in miles. Or in other words, with the help of the top mechanic service, you can get improved mileage of your car.

It Will Help You Protect the Environment

Another added benefit of hiring the top mechanic service is that you can protect the environment from the harmful emissions of the car. If the engine isn’t in good condition, it will give out more black smoke and soot in the environment due to improper combustion of the hydrocarbons. Also, during the servicing, you can ask for the incorporation of exhaust filters to avoid releasing harmful chemicals in the air.


Giving your car for regular servicing isn’t just a responsibility as the owner of such a prized possession, but also a necessity to keep your car healthy and working.

7 Reasons Why Auto Repairs Should Not Be Attempted on Your Own

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Some people who own an automobile are excited to work on every opportunity they get to repair or fix parts of the automobile. A person who does not have the professional skills and experience sometimes relies on web tutorials and take these up as DIY projects. However, many people do not know that automobile is an intricate subject and it requires specific skills and knowledge to truly understand the mechanism and fix them.

Inexperienced hands can be life-threatening to the rider and hence must be avoided. find some effective auto repairs available near your locality to help you out with the repairs. Here are a few reason why you should not do auto repairs on your own.

#1. Automobile Body Work and Painting Tasks:

Mending a dented body panel or painting the car is a very expensive and messy job. The job requires the right skills and lots of real-time practice for an individual to attain perfection. It will probably take you a lot of time if you try to do these tasks at home. On top of that, the outcome might not even be satisfactory due to lack of skills and practical experience. The best choice hence is to get such auto repairs done by a professional only.

#2. ECU Fixes and Tuning of The Car:

The tuning and ratio fixes demand good automotive computer skills. The job might include implementing expert techniques with relation to the air/fuel ratios, redline limiters, and shift pointers etc. Only a skilled and experienced tuner can fix these problems. These kinds of auto repairs are mandatory to be addressed only by ASE trained technicians.

#3. Windshield Replacements:

Windshield replacement is one of those auto repair tasks that all technicians are dreadful about. It costs around $200 to $300 to replace a windshield. Moreover, the job is very complicated as well. Any car owner must not try to do windshield replacements at home without sufficient training. It can lead to ruining the entire car and increase the repair expenses even higher.

#4. Fuel System Fixes:

The various fixes made by mechanics in the fuel system of a car are handled with utmost care. This is because these are prone to various accidents and concerns such as third-degree burns, cause headaches, garage fires, and even unconsciousness. It is recommended to always play it safe and leave the job of such auto repairs on the shoulders of professionals only.

#5. Cracked Coil Springs:

Cracked coil springs are areas in an automobile which acts much like a super tight mouse trap and strong enough to kill even an adult man. It is a high-risk auto repair job and should not be attempted by non-professional at any cost.

#6. Transmission Fixes:

Cars transmission encompasses maze gears, bearings, tension less and use of the iron rods etc. It is impossible for an individual with no training to understand all these sensors. If anything goes wrong, it can be very dangerous and even cause death.

#7. Air Conditioner System Restorations:

The car air conditioner system sometimes requires repairs. Sometimes there is a need for a replacement when the compressor of air conditioner plunged is shocking. Once the important element of the air conditioning system is broken down, it will send small pieces of metal through every inch of the system. So, every line and fitting requirements are made to be exchanged along with the condenser, evaporator, compressor, and other different items. The entire task requires money, time, and skills. This type of auto repair should only do by trained technicians as it is highly complex.

It can hence be concluded that no matter how attractive it appears trying out auto repairs only for fun is not a smart choice. There is no point in creating a dangerous outcome when ready help is everywhere.

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4 Auto Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car in Great Condition

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The most effective way to avoid car trouble is to keep your vehicle maintained. All of its many parts work together as one unit and when something needs attention, there could be a ripple effect throughout the vehicle. Staying on top of its condition by paying attention to these four areas will help keep it running trouble-free.


Nothing is as important as the condition and quantity of the engine oil. How often you need to check it depends on how much driving you and the kind. City driving is more stressful on the engine, and if you that’s the bulk of your driving, check it every other time you fill the gas tank.

Your car’s manufacturer may recommend when to change it, which may range between 3,000 to 6,000 mile intervals. Over time, oil breaks down and loses is lubricating properties. If it’s starting to get dark, it’s time to change it.

Air Filter

The air filter is another component that protects the engine. It keeps dust and dirt out of the engine where it can do serious harm. The experts in the service department of your Subaru dealership routinely check the air filter when you bring in your car. How often it needs changing depends on how dusty the driving conditions are. If you drive exclusively on paved streets and roads, you won’t need to replace the air filter as often as someone who also drives on unpaved surfaces. A dirty air filter won’t be able to provide enough air for engine combustion, which causes poor performance.


The battery is in plain sight in most vehicles and yet it’s so easy to ignore. Most batteries sold today don’t require additional water, but the battery terminals and cables do. The corrosion that builds can slow down the transfer of electricity into and out of the battery, which could lead to a dead battery or a stalled car. Whenever you open the hood, glance at the battery. If you see that there is a buildup of a white powdery substance on the terminals, remove it using baking soda and water or take it in for service.

Tire Pressure

Low tire pressure not only wears them out faster, it also decreases gas mileage. Look at the tires every day. If they seem lower than usual, check them with a pressure gauge, something you can find in the automotive section of big box or auto parts stores. The tires have the recommended amount of pressure stamped into their sides. Too much pressure isn’t safe, especially during the summer when the heat on roads builds. You could have a blowout at higher speeds.

Routine maintenance is a big part of owning a car. Without it, costly repairs will be more common and its fuel consumption will increase. The best way to keep operating costs low is to tend to the components on a regular basis.

Left in the Dust? 3 Typical Vehicle Problem Indicators and What to Do About Them

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One of the worst experiences to have is to be left stranded when your car breaks down. Manufacturers put warning lights in the computer systems of vehicles so that you can see a problem before it becomes a car stopper. These are three common warning lights and what they mean for your car’s future.

Tire Pressure

All newer vehicles have a tire pressure monitoring system that assesses the amount of air in the vehicle’s tires. If your TPMS light turns on, it means that you are losing air from one or several of your tires. Some systems will tell you the specific tire that has the problem, and others won’t. You must fill the tire or have it checked out so that the repair shop can fix it immediately.

This problem requires quick action because you can lose all of your tire pressure in a matter of minutes if the leak is bad enough. If you’re unsure if your tires need air, check the pressure with a tire pressure gauge. Tire pressure should never be just “eyeballed” unless completely flat.

Automatic Gearbox Light

Your automatic gearbox light has a little picture of a gear with an exclamation point inside of it. If you see this, it means that there is a serious problem with your transmission system. You could simply need to put fluid in your transmission, or you may have a more serious problem such as wear in the line, a broken flax plate or something else. You need to have your vehicle examined shortly after you notice any indicators. Grinding, shaking, burning smells, odd sounds, trouble shifting gears, and more are all signs of gearbox and transmission problems.

You could completely destroy your transmission if you continue to operate the vehicle as is. What you can do is visit your local transmission and gearbox repair specialists who have years of experience working on that specific part of the car. They can get your vehicle back to normal functionality quickly so that you can keep using it for your household.

Engine Oil

The engine oil light comes on when you either need to change your oil, or your car has lost a significant amount of oil. Lack of an oil change can leave dirty, sludgy oil in your car that can tear down its intricate parts. A lack of oil can completely seize your motor. Take your car to a repair shop immediately if you notice any leaks coming from your vehicle. Add a little oil right away if it’s low.

Now you know a few common lights that let you know if your car has problems. Tend to them immediately and prevent yourself from getting left in the dust.

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