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Remember the Essentials: 4 Things to Consider When Buying a New Family Car

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When enjoying your bachelorhood, one of the first vehicles you are likely to buy is a sporty car. After the babies come and the family becomes bigger, you could consider buying a family-friendly vehicle. There are four things you might need to look into when purchasing a new family ride.


When you were all about the road trips and fun, you wouldn’t even have airbags running through your mind. As parents, you want to keep your little ones safe, especially when traveling. You might want to go through a checklist and look through the features and functionalities in the new car. Ensure that there are side curtain airbags, all-wheel drive, a rear-view camera and safety additions. Conduct proper research before shopping for the new vehicle. You can also seek recommendations from a Chevy truck dealer. Some sites will even list cars that have the most advanced safety features and ratings.

Size Matters

Today’s standard personal cars can even hold up to eight-seat capacity. Depending on how large your family is, or how huge you plan to expand it, you may want to put this factor into consideration when buying a family car. If you have a baby, you will consider having a more spacious car that will fit in the baby car seat as well as luggage for the baby. For instance, if you have more than two kids and probably one coming along to add up to three, a mini-van or a huge SUV would work perfectly for you. Also planning ahead will save you from the struggles of changing cars.


Purchasing a new car is not an overnight decision. It requires you to have a deep thought about finances before deciding what sort of car you will bet on to serve your needs. It is important that you research on the maintenance costs, how frequent it demands the maintenance practices, fuel consumption and any other monetary needs attached to the vehicle. If it fits your budgets, then you are good to go.


How is your surrounding? What is the prevailing weather condition? You want a car that guarantees convenience regardless of the weather conditions. If you live around places with difficult terrain, it would be advisable to choose an all-wheel-drive vehicle. If gravel roads are common, you will need a new car with additional ground clearance and great tires.

Giving kids the best is in every parent’s wish list. A little research on what car would best suit your family needs is quite important.

Dreams in Driveways: How to Find the Perfect Family Car

One of the most important steps when having a family is choosing the right car to use to ensure that everyone fits comfortably while spending time on the road. From minivans to SUVs, there are several cars to consider to have a reliable form of transportation for several years to come. To make the process easier and more efficient, there are a few important tips to follow to find the perfect family car that suits everyone’s needs.

Bring the Family Along

Although it may be a challenge to go car shopping with your entire family, you can find the right vehicle to use by determining how much each person enjoys riding in the car. Test drive different vehicles and record how quickly everyone can get in and out of the car. You’ll get to ask the kids how comfortable the back seats are and if they have enough legroom. You will also want to consider today’s technology in the car as well. Will it be enough to keep the kids entertained on a long road trip? Will the car be comfortable enough for a long road trip, and will it be able to hold all of your luggage as well. You will never be able to answer some of the questions by yourself. So it is very important that you bring the family along to get their input to make sure you purchase the right vehicle for the whole family.

Shop Online

Look online at dealers like Rebel Ford to find used models that are reliable and are gently used. This will allow you to search through a larger inventory for more options that you can choose from. You’ll get the chance to shop for the perfect vehicle in the comfort of your home before test driving the car, making it easier to car shop.

Consider the Different Features

There are several features that you’ll need to have in your car to accommodate each member of the family, which may include plenty of cup holders or an automated door that slides open on vans. Discuss features that are musts with your new car, which can make it easier to travel together and move up from the current vehicle that you own.

Evaluate the Ratings

Read critics’ ratings on the different makes and models that you’re considering purchasing to weigh the pros and cons of each vehicle. You don’t want to invest your money in a car that where everyone is seemingly having problems with it. Your car is something you should be comfortable with. You also want to look at the safety features that are available to ensure that you can protect your family while spending time on the road. Getting a second opinion on the cars that you like will allow you to consider other factors that may not be on your radar.

When it’s time to purchase a new family car, there are several different factors to consider. By taking the time to car shop in person and online, you’ll increase your chances of finding the right fit and purchasing a model that you can enjoy long-term with your children.

Five Things to Consider When Buying Your Family Car

For most people, purchasing a vehicle is one of their most important financial investments. If you have children, purchasing a family-friendly vehicle should remain a top priority. Due to the fact that not every family is the same, it is very important to choose the best vehicle that suits the needs of your household. Here are five things to consider when buying your family car.


Family sedans range in cost from $14,000 to upwards of $100,000 or more. Ideally, the expense of owning the vehicle should not exceed 20 percent of your monthly income. Although the price tag on a particular vehicle may be seem affordable, it is very important to factor in all of the other costs associated with car ownership. Some of the additional costs include fuel, insurance, maintenance, and taxes.


Family vehicles vary greatly in size. If you choose to purchase a small family sedan, make sure that your children will not outgrow the rear seating anytime soon. Do not forget to also consider the total cargo capacity. Items such as strollers and sporting equipment can take up a great deal of space. Some sedans actually have more interior room than a SUV.

Extra features

Although creature comforts add to the total cost of a vehicle, they may prove to be very valuable in the long run. The children will certainly benefit from features such as a built-in entertainment system and rear-seat air conditioning. A USB port will come in handy for hooking up various electronic devices. Some of the available safety features include blind-spot monitoring, a rear-view camera, and lane departure warning.

Fuel efficiency

Most big, powerful SUVs usually have a relatively poor fuel economy rating. There are several family vehicles on the market that deliver over 30 miles-per-gallon on the highway. Diesel-powered cars and hybrid vehicles usually get better fuel mileage than a traditional gas engine.

Safety rating

While some vehicles are very safe, there are others that have distinct weak points. Before selecting a new ride, always check the safety data that is collected by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Purchasing vehicles that have been nominated as a “Top Safety Pick” will give you an extra sense of security.

Although a racy sports car may sound exciting, it will never make the best family vehicle. If you use sound judgment, you will be able to find the perfect ride for your household to enjoy.

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The Family Vehicle: Should You Buy a Crossover or a Minivan?

The debate over whether a family is better served by a crossover or a minivan is one that is hotly contested in many circles, which  makes it extremely confusing for those people that are looking for a great family vehicle. Many people arguing for the minivan will simply cite that the minivan is larger and therefore better, resting their case at that. However, taking a closer look at what different types of models of specific minivans and crossovers can offer to families allows you to decide for yourself. Understanding some of the advantages and disadvantages of both will allow the debate to be settled in your own mind.

The Debate

The minivan and the crossover are on equal footing in most cases when it comes to seating up to eight passengers, offering three rows of seating, and performing pretty well in the mileage department. These are the traditional needs of the average family. The crossover has attempted to meet these needs while also offering versatility and style as well. The reality is that crossover vehicles are closer in platform to vans than they are any type of truck or car. Although, when it really comes to shopping for your individual family, it usually comes down to some essentials. Outside of the obvious factors such as gas mileage, seating, and cargo space, there are entertainment options, cup holders, and other valuable features that can heavily weigh in.

The Contenders

The Honda Odyssey LX is a vastly popular minivan that achieves 23 miles to the gallon on the highway. It is on equal footing with the Honda Pilot LX, a cross over that has the same fuel efficiency. The Pilot is all-wheel drive and offers just slightly more leg room in the front. However, the Odyssey comes out on top when it comes to cargo space and cup holders. For roughly $1,000 less, the minivan has 13 cup holders and 147 cubic feet of storage space. The Toyota Sienna SE, another popular minivan, comes in at nearly $4,000 less than the popular crossover and similar vehicle, the Mazda CX-9 sport. The minivan also gives customers more seating and more leg room in nearly every area. It also features 10 cup holders as well. Still, the CX-9 offers all-wheel drive and a more stylish look with more nimble handling.

Entertainment and Choice

In the entertainment department, nearly all new models of both kinds of vehicles offer the option of DVD entertainment and television screens that utilize separate inputs. The audio systems can be outfitted for ideal sound, making this dimension one that falls under the discretion of the buyer when they consider optional features. In light of these facts, the minivan does seem to come out on top if you are looking for raw storage space at a lower price. Versatility, style, and handling seem to go to the crossover, although, they do not edge out the minivan in gas mileage as many would assume. The most important thing for buyers to do when they visit local Mazda dealers in Kansas City is to consider their own needs and weigh them against the strengths and weaknesses of each type of vehicle.

Thus, if you need a large amount of space, and don’t really care about style, a minivan will more than likely fit your style and needs. On the other hand, if style is a big factor, and you still want your vehicle to be able to go off-road and perform in poor conditions, a crossover will probably fit better with your needs, though you will need to pay more for these great benefits.

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