Choose A Suitable Brake Rotor for Your Vehicle

The brake is a vital part of a vehicle and most of the drivers are aware of the fact that a daily maintenance is required to keep up the vehicle in proper working condition. In concern with the braking system of a vehicle, a routine check of oil and change of brake pads from time to time is what all is required. But well, that’s not enough, there are other parts in the braking system like brake rotors.

Brake rotors are also called brake disc. Rotors help to stop your vehicle from spinning the wheels by compressing down the brake pads. Alike brake pads, rotors are equally important for stopping a vehicle to move further. There are different rotors available for different types of vehicles. Not all rotors are same. The rotors must have a thickness, surface diameter, and cooling ability because overheating rotors can cause corrosion of brake pads, brake fading, etc.

Types of Brake Rotors and Their Suitability:

Usually, the selection of brake rotor depends on the type of vehicle, buyer’s budget and driving habit. People replace their rotors when they are totally worn out or if they want to upgrade their brake rotor for better performance. There are a variety of rotors offered for cars, SUVs, trucks or minivans.

  1. Standard brake rotors:
    It is a solid disc made up of gray iron. It has the capability to work under high temperatures without fading or distorting. These rotors are economical and can be replaced when needed. They are meant to be used by most of the cars, SUVs, and minivans.
  2. Cross-drilled rotors: 
    Any vehicle can be upgraded to cross-drilled brakes. The rotor has a number of holes in the disc, which permits heat dissipation to a great amount. This also helps the brake rotor to stay cool and strong. It also gives a sporty look to the car. This type of rotor is suitable for vehicles that face hot climates and go for highway driving routes.
  3. Slotted rotors:
    These types have machined grooves, which are diagonal. It allows cool air to pass between the pad and rotor space and also diffuse the heat providing cooler brake function. The grooves or slots keep water, dirt, and debris away from the rotor and brake pads. If one lives in an area having the wet climate, then this is an ultimate option.
  4. Cross-drilled and slotted rotors:
    It is a combination of cross-drilled and slotted rotors. They have features of both so as to perform even better. The grooves lessen the friction on brake pads and also keep the disc clean and guarded against dirt and debris on road. They can handle all type of braking situations efficiently because of such features.
  5. Composite rotors:
    These rotors are also called carbon ceramic brake rotors. It is made up of carbon and silicon, which when heated converts into a ceramic that is as hard as diamond. These rotors are especially used only for high-performance vehicles and are imperishable. These are very expensive to buy and upgrade. They provide great resistance and strength to the vehicle for outstanding performance.

An appropriate selection of brake rotors in accordance with the braking system and vehicle type helps the vehicle to run effectively and last longer for years without any major issues.

This information will definitely assist you in finding out the most suitable rotor for your vehicle. There are a lot of brake pads and disc rotors available online also.  For more details, you can also research on the web for the best option.

How to Be a Good Automotive Electrician and Manage Work Responsibly?

The auto electrician is a qualified person who is proficient in working on electrical parts of the vehicles. If someone has a special taste and interest in modification of vehicles, then it will be a good option to become an auto electrician and can find a good career in this field.  Auto Electricians do technical work and they are highly in demand in the automotive sector.

Work Responsibility

The work of an automotive electrician is to install, repair and maintain electrical wiring, parts of electrical and electronic systems in the vehicles and also in marine equipments.  They are required to test the electrical system and also to diagnose faults in those systems.  They also repair and replace systems like starting and charging system, and also some electronic system like air-conditioning system, engine management system, repair of electronic gearboxes, ABS brakes, vehicle computers and instrument panels.  

The auto electrician is also capable to install and fix the car alarm system, communication gadgets like navigation system, audio and entertaining units, and system of car locking and electrical windows.  As day by day new technology is being introduced, a good electrician must be up to date and should know how to diagnose technical problems that are related to old and new technologies. These works include mechanical or electrical work, computer work, and other work involve with the vehicle.

The automotive electrician works in regular hours, especially Monday to Friday and also works overtime. Some electricians work on weekends and also travel to the customer’s workplace or home. If they are working in a mining industry than it becomes Fly In/Fly Out basis.  They generally work in the workshop or a garage for an independent vehicle dealership, auto electrical shops, mine sites, or even at a service station.

Qualification Required for Becoming a Good Auto Electrician

To become a trained and to gain experience in this field, a person must have the diploma in high school to enrol in a technical school which offers courses in automotive electrical work. A person must have an associated degree or a certificate from an authorized technical school.  The duration of a certificate course is about one year and duration of the associate degree is about two years. By doing apprenticeship and internship, one can enhance the practical skills as it is very important in the work.  

By job training and without any formal education one can also get the job as the automotive electrician, but it does not offer so many job opportunities compared to a person who has formal training.  You can also enroll in the online courses to get some information from the experienced person.  To be good in this job, a person must be accurate, logical, safety-conscious, and patient enough. To become auto electrician, a person requires some of the following attributes and skill such as

  • A good background in writing, reading, and mathematics
  • Good eyesight and vision
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Capability to interact with different customers
  • Confidence to handle power tools like soldering iron, lathe or drills
  • Exposure to automotive electrical and electronics theory and circuit diagrams
  • Awareness about components of vehicles
  • Knowledge in basic engineering
  • Knowledge of basic vehicle mechanics

Job Opportunities

There are lots of opportunities in automotive sector due to high demand of service and low availability of well experienced Auto Electricians.  Due to the shortage of people with professional knowledge, the chances of getting a job are also high.  The demand of an automotive electrician is getting increasing day by day because new cars come with more complex system which requires skilled people who have professional background to work. Remuneration of the Auto electrician is dependent on their skills and their experience.

Do you want to know more about auto electrician? Let’s go to the details for getting more information.

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Car Storage an Ideal Solution for Vehicle Protection

A vehicle owner may need to rent a car storage facility for several reasons. The vehicle owner may have a garage that can only fit one vehicle but he owns more than one vehicle.  Or he could be going for a long-distance travel. At such times vehicle owners, may not want to leave their vehicle behind in their garage without any supervision for a long time. It also is possible that the vehicle owner is going during winter and, does not want to leave the vehicle behind in the garage during the long harsh winter without any heat.

At such times, when you leave your car in a storage facility not only is the car protected against burglars, but also protected against pests, insects, hazardous elements, nature’s furies such as the harsh sun which can dull the car paint or earth’s moisture which could rust your car. Such facilities also prevent mildew forming on the surface of your car. Car storage facilities usually have dehumidifiers to keep away the moisture.

When you use self storage units to store your vehicle, you should ensure that these units are climate controlled. Such storage units also need to have temperature and humidity control as well.  The reasons why these car storage units are ideal are that they are cost effective.  These facilities usually have surveillance cameras, fire alarms and intruder alarms so that you can store your car or other vehicles in the storage units without much worry. Many storage units even allow you to choose what components and materials you want to build the storage unit out of.

Important Tips to Remember

However, if you want to store your car in storage, there are a few things you need to do as well to ensure that your car is not damaged during the storage time. The car should be free of dust as there could be stains in the interior that could damage the paint. Therefore, you should wash the car beforehand to remove any debris. When you clean the interior of your car thoroughly, the chances of permanent stains decrease immensely. You should also fill the gas tank so that there is no moisture left in the tank. You should also change the engine oil as well. Lubricate the car door hinges to allow the hinges to open with ease, and to prevent rust formation.

People sometimes opt for shared car storages as it is a cheaper option. This is required when there is no proper location to store your car, and you don’t want to spend much money on storage units. Shared storage units also keep excessive temperatures, moisture and pests at bay. There are fully enclosed storage units so the damage caused is minimized especially in areas with fluctuating temperature or extreme temperatures. Some of these storage units offer maximum security such as pin entry system and 24/7 cameras and alarms in storage units. Using these storage options, you can store your treasured vehicles such as classic or expensive cars.

Car storage units are also good for flood prone areas and areas with harsh cold winters. Also, it is ideal if you are an international student, and you cannot afford the extra baggage as it is too expensive. When you use storage facilities, you free space in your house while still ensuring that your vehicle does not get damaged.  This is a wise option as not only your vehicle is protected, but also the parts of the vehicle as well. Later when you use your vehicle, you will still get the mileage and will be able to use gas optimally.

Image credit: Self Storage, on Flickr

How To Find The Top Car mechanic And Make Your Car Look New

Cars are a luxurious item for any individual, and after the investment on a house, a car is the next big thing. There are many latest and upgraded features that a modern car has. However, there are times when your car can start giving trouble and this is when you need a professional car mechanic as they are experienced in repairing any kind of issues in a car.

The car mechanic will understand the various problems in the car and can repair it at the right time. With proper repairing your old car can get its new and fresh look again.

Some Of The Common Problems In Your Car

There are some common issues that you can experience in your car and you need to hire the right mechanic in order to fix these problems perfectly for car service.

  • Problems in the car battery:
    This issue involves your car battery not supplying enough energy even after being charged. If you notice that your battery is not working properly or completely dead then you need the help of a mechanic to change the battery with a new one.
  • Facing problems in car breaks:
    Car brakes play an important role in keeping you safe while driving the car. If this is not working properly then you need to get hold of a mechanic and get it repaired immediately during car service.
  • Issues in the suspension:
    You will need to show your car to the mechanic if you notice vibration in the car when you start the car. The mechanic will take necessary steps in repairing it in order to prevent any kind of accidents.

How A Car Mechanic Can Make Your Car Look New

There are many people who are very attached with their old car and this is the reason they do not want to replace it with a new car. If you are one of them, hiring a good mechanic could make your car look new again with various simple servicing tips:

  • The mechanic will do a touch up for any scratches that found in the car. They will use the necessary paint that will not only cover these scratches well but also prevent it from further damages.
  • Washing the car properly in order to remove the spots from the car is also helpful in making your car look fresh again.
  • Cleaning the insides of the car is as important as the outside. A mechanic will help you do this as well as clean the carpets of the car by vacuuming it.
  • The next step that the mechanic will take to make your car look new is replacing all older parts in the car that is not functioning smoothly.
  • Checking, repairing and replacing any electronic items present in the car, if needed.

Best Way To Find A Professional Mechanic For Your Car Service

Once you know the importance of car maintenance the next thing you need to do is finding the right mechanic for your car service. These are some of the simple tips which will help and guide you to choose the right one:

  • Finding the right mechanic for your car has never been so easy. Now with the help of the internet it has become the most convenient way to choose car mechanics. You can check reviews and ratings of car mechanics online.
  • Find affordable but reliable mechanic for your car.
  • Always check the certificates of the mechanic in order to be sure they are trustworthy.
  • You can even take referrals from your relatives and friends for the mechanic whom they know and have worked with.

If you have all this basic information about the car servicing, then finding a quality car mechanic and services for your car will be easy and your aim of changing the look of your old car will also be achieved.

New Brakes for My Volkswagen – When Do I Get Them?

Braking system is crucial in all vehicles. No matter which brand or model of vehicle you own and how fast you drive, how efficient is your brake system is the most important factor. The same is true if you own a Volkswagen. Having a reliable braking system is a matter of life and death. With so many intruders on the streets the chances of accidents are really high nowadays and so having good brakes in your Volkswagen can ensure that you as well as the intruder are safe.

Your Volkswagen Is Speaking To You

However, the braking system in a Volkswagen needs to be replaced with time. The brake pads and brake rotors wear out or degenerate due to rash driving habits, environmental conditions, and quality of materials in braking system. So checking and keeping them in prime condition is paramount. So how do you know that it is time for a Volkswagen brake replacement? Here are some indicators that you need to look out for that shows it is time for a Volkswagen brake replacement:

  • Wear Sensors

    Your Volkswagen is a smart vehicle and has wear sensors installed in the front wheel’s braking system. If the VW brake warning light is lit up on your car’s dashboard then it indicates that you have done approximately 3000 miles to go for a Volkswagen brake replacement for the front brakes. Very smart indeed! However, the rear brakes do not have these sensors so keep on the watch for the below symptoms.

  • Brake Pedals Vibrate

    While applying the brake if the brake pedals vibrate or jerk then there is an issue with the rotors. Usually, braking should be smooth and if car jerks then it is time to check the braking system and probably replace it.

  • Strange Sounds

    If one day your Volkswagen starts making noise that you have never heard before like squeaking or grinding, then probably the braking pads and rotors are damaged and need immediate replacement. Especially, if it is a grinding sound then the brake pads need to be checked.

  • Slow Braking

    If you hit the brakes and it takes time for them to be applied, then there is probably an air or liquid leak in the breaking system once again asking for a replacement.

  • Pulling In One Direction

    Sometimes your car can pull to one direction when you brake. Usually, this happened if the brakes are work out or if there is a problem with the fluids.

  • Looks Worn Out or Thin

    The brakes of a Volkswagen can be checked without driving. You can do a physical examination of the brakes to check if these are worn out. If they are then it is time for Volkswagen brake replacement.

    These are some indications that your Volkswagen may be giving you, calling out for help and a Volkswagen brake replacement. So have your eyes and ears open to these symptoms and ensure that you get a Volkswagen brake replacement from an authorized VW service center in time so that you are safe and secure in your vehicle.

If you do not come across these symptoms for a long time then remember as a general rule that brake pads need to be replaced after every 50,000 miles on an average. This can be overlooked by VW owners so ensure that with every VW service the braking system, brake pads, brake fluids and brake rotors are checked and replenished by the VW servicing professional so that they can remain in prime condition. Remember, safe brakes means safe life and an enjoyable driving experience!