Why Do You Need an e-Safety Check for a Vehicle?

An e-safety check is usually an inspection report for the safety factor of the vehicle. The renewal registration papers of the vehicle will usually help the inspector ascertain whether the vehicle needs to be inspected.

There are specific companies in the market that offer certain certification and inspection schemes to consumer to ensure that the vehicles meet minimum safety requirements. Vehicles require an e-safety check before the owner of the vehicle renews the vehicle’s registration. Different vehicles require various kinds of inspections.

Safety checks and inspections

Roads and Maritime Services maintain inspection and certification schemes to make sure that all vehicles meet minimum safety requirements. Light vehicles that have been running for 5 years will need an e-safety check before their registration is renewed. The following vehicles can be classified as light vehicles-

  • Passenger cars
  • All motorcycles
  • Goods carrying vehicles. The total weight of the vehicle should not exceed 4.5 tons.
  • Caravans and trailers. The average mass of these vehicles should be 4.5 tons or less.

One more important point to note is that the renewal notice of a vehicle will clearly spell out if the vehicle needs an e-safety check. Also, it can be clearly understood that e-safety check can only be carried out by authorized personnel who works in authorized inspection stations. The results will be sent to the companies that offer the e-safety check. Once the vehicle passes the check, the owner can freely go about renewing the registration.

Validity of the E-safety check Reports

The reports from e-safety check inspection are usually valid for 6 months. The reports should be reused when the registration of vehicle is required to be renewed 6 month after conducting the e-safety check.

A Failed E-safety check

If a particular vehicle fails an e-safety check, the owner cannot renew the registration till all the repairs are carried out and verified. The authorized station will give a report that details out the number and types of repair required. If the vehicle is repaired in 14 days, the reassessment of the vehicle can happen at the same station without any extra charge. If the reassessment takes place 14 days later, then the customer has to pay separately for the inspection again andonce the vehicle passes the inspection, the inspection station issues a report which can be used to renew the registration of the vehicle.

If A Vehicle Is Not Registered In a Particular State

If a vehicle is not registered in the state where it is being driven, then it should hold a valid registration from the place it was transported before it can be inspected and registered again. The inspection is carried out to ensure that the unregistered vehicle meets the identity and design standards specified by the government.

The unregistered will definitely require inspection if:

  • The registration of the vehicle had expired three months or before.
  • The vehicle is brought into a particular state from a different country itself.
  • The vehicle does not contain any kind of number plates.
  • The vehicle is written off and has to be re-registered.
  • The inspection report is also required; if the registered vehicle records need to be adjusted.

Inspection stations and examiners

The vehicle examiners are usually accredited by a well-known vehicle inspection company. Every station is authorized and is required to display signs related to inspection and list the different types of safety checks that they can perform. E-safety checks were earlier known as pink slips. It was renamed because of the maintenance of all the safety records in a central location in a server.

Why Choosing Goodyear Tires for Your Car

Goodyear tires have managed to retain its popularity and reputation due to the quality of the tires manufactured by them. There are no compromises made on the quality, and run for a long period of time. You are saved from constant problems related to tires. This leads to few visits to your mechanic, which in turn, means fewer expenses.

Goodyear tires can be used for all types of passenger cars. You can say this is the only option when talking about tires. Let us go through few of the benefits offered by Goodyear tires and then we can help you in choosing the right one for your car.

  • The ‘right’ tire can help the vehicle in the maintaining of traction.
  • You can brake quickly.
  • The drive tends to be smooth.
  • The Goodyear tires ensure the safety in a vehicle.
  • Your vehicle has enough and more power even in undesirable weather conditions.
  • The gas mileage offered is better with the right Goodyear tires.

Different Goodyear Tires:

Goodyear offers a choice between 7 types of automobile tires. Choosing the right one means considering the surface for driving and also the weather conditions.

  1. All weather tires are for those who experience all types of weather conditions. These tires are apt for the wet monsoons, hot and dry summers and also during snowfall.
  2. The ROF Goodyear tires (Run on Flat) are for the vehicle owners where the servicing of the roads is almost negligible. These tires can run at 50 miles per hour for over 50 miles. These tires are ideal for a tough terrain saving the drivers from hassles of changing the tires on a frequent basis.
  3. Opt for the fuel-efficient Goodyear tires if you tend to drive a lot on highway in rainy or dry weather conditions. These are specifically designed with great density of rubber and less of tread resistance.
  4. All Terrain tires from Goodyear are for those who tend to go off road occasionally. These are quieter but can offer the required traction on muddy or dusty surfaces. The longevity of these tires is ensured due to the Kevlar used.
  5. Winter Tires can be safely used for SUV’s crossover vehicles, cars, transport vehicles and also light trucks. These tend to offer traction on freezing rain, ice and other development in cold weather conditions.
  6. Considered as summer tires, this line of tires offered by Goodyear can actually be used in all types of weather conditions. You can count on the durability of these tires due to the ease of handling and traction offered.
  7. For the drivers who are aggressive, Goodyear offers you the option of the Sport Performance tires. These tend to be helpful in tractions, maneuvering and handling. Using the carbon fibre, Goodyear has ensured the reinforcement of the sidewalls. This is a perfect option for the SUV.

How to Choose Goodyear Tires:

Before you decide on a specific Goodyear tire it is important to understand and know the Tire grades manufactured by Goodyear. You have a choose between the performance and the standard tires. It is advisable to opt for the performance tires if you are looking for mileage of longer tread-mill and for better traction. These can produce a higher rate for speed. Opt for the standard grade tires if you are looking for speed ratings on the lower side, basic abilities for traction and lower guarantees for tread-wear mileage. These works out to be more affordable.

Go through the different tires offered by Goodyear before you decide on a specific one. This can be done by conducting a research online or asking the dealer for information on the different tires. 

How Regular Car Service Can Help You Save Money on Future Expenses

Buying a car is a valuable investment done for a long period of time and its maintenance is equally important to ensure a long life. This can be done through getting your car serviced regularly from a service center or any local mechanic. Although you can manage some small repair and maintenance duties yourself, it is preferable to get it done from a professional who has the expertise to carry out the job quickly and with precision. Such a routine service will not only save you from any additional expenses in the future, but can also increase the performance of your car.

Role of Routine Car Servicing

The importance of getting your car routinely checked and fixed and its pocket-friendly features include the following:

Tire Pressure

Since tires alone are said to consume up to 20% of a car’s energy, it is important to keep them maintained and ensure that they are inflated properly to reduce its consumption of energy. Moreover, under-inflated tires flex and produce heat when moved, resulting in wearing out and reducing its life span. The engine is also forced to burn more fuel to make an UN-inflated tire move. Thus, in order to save money on excess fuel consumption and repair of damaged tire, you should visit a mechanic regularly and get the tire pressure checked and filled to the recommended amount.


With the engine being considered as the heart of a car, it is important to get it checked regularly for any malfunctioning. The transmission is also an important feature that should be checked and repaired regularly as any fault in it can lead to your car breaking in the middle of the road while traveling which can be very inconvenient.

Oil Change

Oil is again one of the most important components in a car that lubricates the engine’s heavy parts for smooth functioning thereby reducing energy consumption, protects engine from heat, water, and other tiny particulates. Thus, to ensure that the car has an adequate content of oil and is protecting the engine from any wear and tear and is ensuring efficient burning of fuel, it should be changed from a professional as they would ensure the correct oil is used for your engine amongst the wide range of oils available.

Brake Repair

Faults in the brakes can be caused either due to low level of brake fluids or due to dirty brake pads that cause the brakes to squeak. Since such a fault can lead to major damage to the brake with time, further increasing the chance of a fatal accident, it should be checked regularly. You can get the fluid refilled and brake pads repaired from a mechanic timely to prevent any major damage.

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning in a car is another feature that poses frequent malfunctioning owing to prolonged use in the summers. To avoid this, you can get the dirty condenser of the AC cleaned regularly by a mechanic and save yourself from the expenses of getting it entirely replaced when the damage increases.

Thus, these features make it vital for you to get your car checked and repaired regularly as there are some minute features of a car which may show signs of a fault that you may not be able to detect or repair yourself. So, it is important to get routine car services from a professional mechanic and not only avoid expensive repair or replacement of parts in the future but also find a reduction in the cost-per-mile of your motoring as well.

Volkswagen Service – Important Things to Look For

Everybody prefers to own a car or vehicle which has superior quality parts, mainly in order to avoid any problems in the near future. Volkswagen is one company that is known for its sturdy and amazing cars and they offer Volkswagen service at their authorised centres too.

Very often, when one plans to buy such vehicles, the buyer does not care much about the main parts or tends to rely too much on the shop assistant, leading to no or less knowledge about your vehicle. Every Volkswagen owner should be aware of certain things when the vehicle is supposed to go for servicing, maintenance, repair and so on.

Where Should One Go for Volkswagen Service?

Since it is quite an expensive vehicle, it is better to look for a reputed place for its servicing job. Sometimes, in case you do the servicing in any local shop, the people tend to mishandle the parts of the vehicle, out of sheer ignorance or for because they are unaware about the parts.

Choosing a proper Volkswagen service centre might seem to be a bit expensive, but it is definitely worth of your money at end of the day. These service centres are easily available in any metropolitan city. If you happen to face some problem finding those centres, however, you should look for places where the mechanics have experience with Volkswagen vehicles.

Kinds of Services One Should Look for In Volkswagen Service Centre

There are certain specific kinds of services that one should carefully look for while thinking about doing the servicing. Here are some of the main ones:

  • EVC or the Express Visual Check refers to a special 34 point special checking of a certain car. This is the most basic as well, most useful service for all the car owners, especially for the ones who own Volkswagen cars. There are many service centres, which provide this service to a Volkswagen car owner without charging any extra
  • If it’s a proper, well-known Volkswagen service centre, they will know what they ought to do with your car. Therefore, there is no need to be worried or get panicky about. All of the mechanics are well-trained, skilled, experienced and efficient enough to handle your cars needs.
  • Out of all the cars and other vehicles, Volkswagen vehicles are the best and smoothest to drive, not to mention, most reliable too. Therefore, whenever you are having any kind of queries regarding any Volkswagen car, you can easily visit your nearest Volkswagen service centre. The best part about these service centres is that, the assistants are trained to handle all your queries and will forward it to their superiors in case they are unable to address them.
  • Flexible or the long-life Volkswagen service type is the most suitable for those, who have to drive a lot every day and cover a great distance of 30 miles more or less. This is the best service type for those who want to opt for economical ways of driving or prefer to drive at a fixed speed. In general, this is applicable due to the presence of high-tech, advanced engines by Volkswagen
  • If you are willing enough, you can easily pay a nominal fee at any MOT test centre and get your Volkswagen car tested by the Authorized Repairer. The mechanics, in general, ask your permission, if there is any need for advanced tests or repair job. After the manufacturer’s warranty expires, you can get a labour warranty card on the newly added parts.

It is better to be prepared first than doing something unknowingly or without having sufficient knowledge. This is why you need to seek advice from the experts, in order to avoid certain mistakes.

About the Writer
This post is written by Joseph Webb. Joseph is an excellent blogger and philosopher. His keen observation to provide useful information that helps readers to get more ideas. He can be found on Google+ and on Twitter as @aussiesmag.

Check These Parameters to Make the Right Choice with a Luxury Car Dealership

Every Dealer will have the most attractive and luxury cars in their showrooms. However, the main points are how to decide which luxury car dealership is right and have the best cars. So firstly, let’s determine our parameters to choose the right dealership for buying the car.

The parameters are in the same sequence as your priorities are.

Parameters to buy Luxury Car:

  • Availability:
    When can you get the chosen car, is the specific model you are looking for is available, or you need to adjust, the colour scheme is as per your liking or not, etc. are some questions you need to know from the dealer. Dealers with limited stock tend to take more time for delivering the car than dealers who have the selected model in their showroom. Check this first.
  • Service:
    What kind of after service the dealer can provide you, if you buy the car from them shows the level of responsibility a dealer is willing to take? So, the cars either can be luxury or regular but this will always require various sessions of servicing in every few months or years as suggested by the manufacturer. So, check that the dealer is willing to offer those services or not.
  • Price:
    when you are going to buy a luxury car then the price is not much of an issue but still being cheated by higher price is never in anybody’s fun book. So, one needs a luxury car dealership place where they quote the right price for the vehicles they are selling.

How to make the right decision?

Now we know the parameters to decide about the dealership, so the next step is how to apply them in our search. Buying a car is not like buying groceries from a store so it needs to be a well-thought decision. Few points to help you in your search:

  • Testimonials & Critic Reviews
    Testimonials from the people who have used the services of the dealer can help you in forming your decision, although the dealerships remove the negative testimonials from their sites and other platforms. So, it’s on you to find a better way. Like J.D. Power and Associates maintains the reviews of almost all the customers in the USA regarding the numerous dealerships and rank them accordingly. Check them out and also go through other sites that offer valuable insights.
  • Established dealerships
    Try to choose the one that is already established in the market as in this line of business most of the people stay to see the outcome of their efforts. You need someone who is there for a longer duration and will stay for longer time in future as well. Because if the dealership is not there in future, then there can be chances that you will have to face hassle during your service sessions. So, choose wisely.
  • Hospitality
    The level of hospitality you receive at the place helps in deciding the values of the dealer. The facilities they offer while you are at luxury car dealership should not be too much which looks fake or too less which gives the impression of “I don’t care.” There should be a balance which will help you see the real picture of whether these guys are reliable or not. Also, check about what kind of customer service they are willing to offer.
  • Options
    It’s always good to keep some cards hidden under your sleeve, which means don’t decide at the very first shop you enter. Explore the other dealers and compare about who is best then choose the dealership to buy your car.