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Auto Accident: How to Recover after Getting in a Car Accident

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Many people are involved in car accidents each year. Some of these events result in the drivers and passengers immediately being taken to the hospital and the cars being towed away. However, other car accidents may be less serious, and they may leave you wondering what steps you need to take to get your life back on track. Walking through these steps will get you well on your way to a full recovery.

Seek Medical Treatment

Unless your accident was a minor fender bender, it makes sense to seek medical treatment. Many drivers and passengers do not feel pain from an accident for at least a day or two afterward. A physical is always a smart idea because it can help you to determine if you have underlying injuries. Remember that injuries may need to be documented as part of the insurance claim.

File an Auto Insurance Claim

After the matter of your health has been addressed, you can begin thinking about vehicle repairs. You generally should file an auto insurance claim on the same day as your accident or otherwise the very next day when possible. Your auto insurance company has a unique claims process that you will need to follow. Commonly, insurance companies ask you to submit a copy of the police report and any photos of the accident that you took. Medical documentation should also be submitted.

Replace the Windshield

Windshield damage is common even in a minor accident. The good news is that this type of damage may be addressed within a day or less in some instances. Many windshield repair service providers can travel to your home as a convenience. Minor damage may be repaired, or a full replacement may be necessary through a company like Auto Glass repair services. This may make your vehicle safer to drive while you wait for your body damage service to begin.

Schedule Body Damage Repair Service

Many body repair shops can immediately begin working on your vehicle, but others may have a backlog. To avoid unnecessary inconvenience, call ahead to schedule an appointment. If your car can be driven, you may continue to drive the vehicle until the repair shop can immediately begin working on it. Work with your auto insurance company to find the right repair shop to take your vehicle to.

Even a seemingly minor accident takes time and effort to fully recover from. Regardless of the severity of the incident, you may still have injuries and auto damage to contend with. Use these helpful tips to get on the road to recovery.

What Every Driver Should Know Prior to Experiencing a Roadside Incident

Being in an accident can unfortunately be a stressful and even painful experience. You may suffer from injuries, and you may deal with emotional distress associated with the accident. Financial issues and legal trouble may also be problems that you need to deal with. You may be able to mitigate some of these potential issues if you’re properly prepared. Here is what you should know before anything happens:

You Need to Call the Police

You have to call the police no matter what. That is true even if you’re involved in a minor fender or if you strike something other than a vehicle. This is because the police will need to determine if any laws were broken. They will then need to prepare a police report. Remember that your insurance company will ask to see a copy of the report when you file a claim. You or the police may also need to call a tow truck, like those from Inproof Towing, Transport & Emergency Services, to the scene.

You May Not Feel Injuries Right Away

Law enforcement officials will ask if you need to receive medical attention from the EMS. Some people may have obvious injuries that clearly require medical attention. In other cases, the shock and adrenaline from the event may mask injuries. In fact, it may even be a day or two before you feel pain. If you are offered medical attention, you should consider getting a checkup just in case.

Your Actions Could Have Legal Consequences

It may seem at first like the other party caused the accident. Yet, you should remember that your own actions may have played a role as well. For example, distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents. This may include talking on the phone, texting, eating, applying makeup, smoking and more. This is just one of many ways that you may have to deal with legal ramifications as a result of the accident.

You Must Carry Proof of Insurance

Regardless of how seemingly minor the accident may be, you need to provide proof of coverage. This is something that you’ll have to show both the police and the other person involved. If you don’t have insurance or if you don’t have proof of coverage available, you may be cited. This can increase the stress that you may feel as a result of your accident.

Accidents and other types of incidents generally occur out of the blue. There is never an ideal time for something like this to happen. That is why knowing the above information prior to such an event is absolutely important.

5 Ways a Car Accident Can Change Your Life

No matter how safe of a driver you might be, an accident can take place at any time. While everyone hopes these situations will be resolved quickly, they often devolve into serious legal battles if any injuries have taken place. Here are just five of the ways that your next accident could end up changing your life.

Points on Your License

When a driver goes to traffic school for the first time, they should learn about the point system and how it will impact their ability to drive. While every state is slightly different, drivers who are at fault for an accident will generally have one or more points placed on their license for up to five years. Those who accumulate too many points could have their license suspended.

Legal Troubles

If an auto accident turns into a trial, it can become a very expensive situation for all parties involved. This is especially common if the driver who caused the accident was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In those scenarios, the charges can result in a license suspension or even time in jail. Drunk drivers might also need to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle once their license has been reinstated.

Chronic Injuries

Immediately following an accident, many drivers and passengers do not even realize they are injured because of their adrenaline. Unfortunately, patients who are not treated immediately often develop lifelong injuries and disabilities. Those who do not receive fair compensation to cover their medical expenses should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney, like Jack W Hanemann,P.S. about their legal options.

Expensive Repairs

In addition to medical bills, many drivers face expensive repairs after an accident. When the damage is severe enough, the car will be declared a total loss and the owner must find the funds to purchase a new vehicle. While your insurance might cover some of the expenses, it is not always enough to replace your old car with a similar make and model.

Higher Insurance Premiums

Many drivers do not realize that the increase in their insurance premiums can be the most expensive part of getting into an accident. In some cases, the points on your license will not come off for many years, and your insurance premiums will stay at a much higher rate until those points are removed.

Once an accident has taken place, it is important for all drivers involved to immediately begin taking steps to protect their health, finances, and driving record.

Slick Road Slip-Ups: Five Fender Bender Dos and Don’ts

A fender bender can put you into a potentially dangerous situation. What seems like something minor could explode into a very serious incident if you aren’t careful. The key to staying safe is knowing what to do. Here are five dos and don’ts when you are involved in a fender bender, especially on slick or icy roads this winter.

Do Contact the Police Immediately

Always contact the police immediately after an accident. Do not try to settle things quietly, or just brush off the accident. You want to call the police, request medical attention if necessary, and file an official report. This helps to protect you and the other driver. It is also a necessary step if you need to file an insurance or personal injury claim later.

Do Not Remain Standing in the Road

The last thing you want to do is stand in the road next to the vehicles, assessing the damage after an accident. Do get out of the road as quickly as you can. There will be plenty of time to look at the damage when the police arrive. Get to a safe place with everyone involved in the accident. This might even mean crossing the street to get to a sidewalk or parking lot.

Do Speak To a Lawyer

You will want to speak to a personal injury lawyer after the accident if you were hurt in any way. A Pocatello Attorney from a firm you trust will make certain your rights are protected. A lawyer will also help to determine whether you have valid damages that can be recovered through filing a personal injury claim. Always contact a lawyer if you were in a car accident.

Do Not Attempt to Drive Your Vehicle

There is no way to tell what parts of your vehicle might have been damaged as the result of a fender bender. You do not want to attempt to drive your vehicle right away. Wait until a tow truck arrives and have the car inspected. If you try to drive away, then damage to the car might cause you to lose control and get into another accident.

Do Document What You Can

Do try to document everything you can. This includes taking pictures or videos of the scene and the damage done. Get the names of witnesses in the area. Get all the contact information from the opposing driver and the license plate of the other cars. This information can be very helpful later.

You need to take action right after a fender bender in order to protect yourself and your rights. Do not assume that a small accident will not have far-reaching consequences in the coming days. Use these five tips to do the right thing after an auto accident.

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How to Protect Yourself after Being Hit by a Drunk Driver

Car accidents are dangerous. The aftermath of a car accident can often be a significant portion of the overall danger, because it is then the financial realities, medical issues and the overall burden of car repairs, wasted time and inconvenience manifest themselves.

All of these things are only magnified if the accident involves a drunk driver.

Technology to the Rescue

In the age of mobile technology, phones and tablets, every human being is equipped with virtually unlimited capacity to document any event on their own. Photographic and video evidence are both incredibly powerful and often conclusive in any legal matter.

The practical ramifications of this are clear. After an accident, you should be taking pictures of everything, especially anything with letters or numbers on it. License plates, VIN numbers, driver’s licenses, insurance cards, and so forth.

Secondly, don’t forget to take pictures of the surroundings, starting with the road in both directions. Take pictures of the pavement and nearby structures. Photograph the accident from every angle and be sure to photograph any accident evidence: skid marks, glass, metal, paint, dents, scrapes, car parts, etc.

The Authorities

If it is at all possible, anyone involved in a drunk driving accident should interview all of the relevant authorities, starting with the responding police department. However, you should not answer any questions until you have a chance to speak with legal counsel, even if you aren’t at fault.

Firefighters and ambulance drivers or emergency medical personnel should be at least identified. Get numbers and names if possible. All of these people will become crucial sources of information and possibly testimonies at a later date.

Legal Advice

Even if you don’t think you’ll need an attorney, it is often a good idea to at least speak with someone involved in personal injury or vehicle accident litigation. Firms like Racine Olson will often alert you to things you may not have considered. A qualified and experienced attorney can also often be a good candidate for organizing all the information related to your case.


It goes without saying that if you are ever in a car accident, your second call should be to your insurance company. This is doubly and triply true when dealing with an accident with potential criminal liability, even if you are not at fault. Your insurance company can coordinate their efforts with your legal representatives and assist you in obtaining any official documents related to the accident, the aftermath and your case. You pay premiums for this service. You might as well use it.

Keeping your cool and making sure you approach an accident with a calm and reasoned attitude will often be the difference between major financial problems an accompanying legal trouble versus a favorable outcome.