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Car Storage an Ideal Solution for Vehicle Protection

A vehicle owner may need to rent a car storage facility for several reasons. The vehicle owner may have a garage that can only fit one vehicle but he owns more than one vehicle.  Or he could be going for a long-distance travel. At such times vehicle owners, may not want to leave their vehicle behind in their garage without any supervision for a long time. It also is possible that the vehicle owner is going during winter and, does not want to leave the vehicle behind in the garage during the long harsh winter without any heat.

At such times, when you leave your car in a storage facility not only is the car protected against burglars, but also protected against pests, insects, hazardous elements, nature’s furies such as the harsh sun which can dull the car paint or earth’s moisture which could rust your car. Such facilities also prevent mildew forming on the surface of your car. Car storage facilities usually have dehumidifiers to keep away the moisture.

When you use self storage units to store your vehicle, you should ensure that these units are climate controlled. Such storage units also need to have temperature and humidity control as well.  The reasons why these car storage units are ideal are that they are cost effective.  These facilities usually have surveillance cameras, fire alarms and intruder alarms so that you can store your car or other vehicles in the storage units without much worry. Many storage units even allow you to choose what components and materials you want to build the storage unit out of.

Important Tips to Remember

However, if you want to store your car in storage, there are a few things you need to do as well to ensure that your car is not damaged during the storage time. The car should be free of dust as there could be stains in the interior that could damage the paint. Therefore, you should wash the car beforehand to remove any debris. When you clean the interior of your car thoroughly, the chances of permanent stains decrease immensely. You should also fill the gas tank so that there is no moisture left in the tank. You should also change the engine oil as well. Lubricate the car door hinges to allow the hinges to open with ease, and to prevent rust formation.

People sometimes opt for shared car storages as it is a cheaper option. This is required when there is no proper location to store your car, and you don’t want to spend much money on storage units. Shared storage units also keep excessive temperatures, moisture and pests at bay. There are fully enclosed storage units so the damage caused is minimized especially in areas with fluctuating temperature or extreme temperatures. Some of these storage units offer maximum security such as pin entry system and 24/7 cameras and alarms in storage units. Using these storage options, you can store your treasured vehicles such as classic or expensive cars.

Car storage units are also good for flood prone areas and areas with harsh cold winters. Also, it is ideal if you are an international student, and you cannot afford the extra baggage as it is too expensive. When you use storage facilities, you free space in your house while still ensuring that your vehicle does not get damaged.  This is a wise option as not only your vehicle is protected, but also the parts of the vehicle as well. Later when you use your vehicle, you will still get the mileage and will be able to use gas optimally.

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Roads Towards Ample Auto Shop Storage

There is never enough storage space in an average car repair shop. Since mechanics have to be productive and efficient throughout their work day, they need to arrange and keep their tools and machines in apple-pie order. This is why many of them adapt storage containers and items of furniture from other shops to create ample storage space in their garages. We have analyzed some of their solutions and made a short overview of the most practical ones.

Cleaning-friendly flooring

Although not directly a member of the storage crew, the floor is the foundation of every garage. Due to the fact that garages have the highest spill rate when it comes to car oils and grease, the flooring has to be made of easily cleaned and affordable material. If you want to make your garage floor a firm and cleaning-friendly area, the only thing you should do is cover it with epoxy. However, we have to place a disclaimer here – since it can also get pretty slippery when covered with water, epoxy should be used only for the garage area on which the fluids in a car are checked and changed.

Repairs on wheels

Car repair shops are usually full of heavy and bulky machines and other massive devices. In order to be able to free the space you need at every single moment inside the garage, it would be wise to install wheels to each and every machine, chair and device that you use there. That way you will be able to move them whenever they are needed by other mechanics. Also, your workers will have better work conditions, since they will not have to lift that heavy stuff anymore.

Saving nuts and bolts

When talking about car repairs and places that provide such services, it is clear that they literally contain loads of nuts and bolts. Losing those tiny parts could result in losing a customer from whose car they have been removed, too. Such an outcome would not only be an unpleasant situation, but pretty bad marketing, as well. Out of all these reasons, every garage needs to have a sufficient number of proper containers for small tools and tiny parts. From old cardboard holders thrown out of some old library to adjustable pallet racks that can cover the overhead area, you can repurpose various containers to store your precious parts.

Walls as tool sheds

While smaller tools can be easily accommodated on racks, larger items need a different treatment. A skilful mechanic needs a drill, several storage hooks and a few metal boxes to turn their garage walls into tool havens. Tools such as pliers, screwdrivers and wrenches can be stored in metal boxes. On the other hand, wall hooks are a perfect solution for those massive tools, like mallets, large hammers and crowbars. If you want to get more inspiration to organize your garage tool in an efficient way, you should definitely check out these ideas.

The key of an efficient business is fine space organization. Getting enough storage units to accommodate all the spare parts, as well as large and small tools is a must for every mechanic who wants to be productive. Only a well-organized garage will give you enough room and time to run a successful car repairing business.

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Car Security System: What to Look Out For?

Owning a car brings many benefits to one’s life and changes the whole view of the world. Being aware that you can move whenever you want and do whatever you wish to do is freedom in its purest form. But karma can be pretty restrictive on such perfect situations, which is why there have to be thieves and vandals, to keep the balance. Luckily, car owners today have more options than ever before when it comes to security features. They only need to know what to look out for.

Sensor-enhanced security

Due to the development of fine mechanics and electronics, today car security is delivered by sensors. So, when you are choosing the security system for your car, make sure that it is equipped with proper motion sensors. They activate the alarm by detecting a move meant to invade your beloved four-wheeler. In addition to these features, glass sensors are also extremely practical to enhance your overall car security. They have a special "hearing" ability, which makes the alarm go off and warn the owner if a thief breaks one of the windows.

Smart systems for smart(phone) users

The smartphone is not only an inseparable feature of social and business life, but this gadget can also be pretty handy when it comes to car security, as well. Thanks to some cutting-edge remote systems, nowadays car owners can use their phones to control their alarm and other security features. For instance, you can use your smartphone for remote security control. Together with remote starting, this feature is one of the most useful things when it comes to modern car alarm systems. On a cold morning, you can start your car from the calm of your bedroom and let it warm before you get into it. It benefits both your comfort and your health.

Car remote supervision

In addition to the already discussed remote control features, every owner of a valuable car should add the GPS tracking to their security system. If you activate this GPS option, you will be able to follow and track your car in case it gets stolen. What is more, you can also embed this option into your security system and get alert if your vehicle is driven away from the area that the GPS-supervision remembered last. A great help to modern drivers, this solution is a multi-purpose device that every owner should buy. And if you want to know more about the character and functionality of GPS in general, here is a great overview.

Reliable providers

When you have decided what car security system you want for your car, you can try and install it all by yourself. However, these state-of-the-art systems are pretty demanding and sensitive. If you fail to place it properly, you might have a double expense. So, it is better to find reliable providers who will be able to ensure that the system is properly installed, advises an experienced Randwick locksmith. That way you will know that everything is assembled in a proper way and you will have no worries about the security of your car.

While you can also choose some of the mechanical immobilizers, such as the steering-wheel lock or the tire-lock, they should only come in handy as additional security options. Since modern cars are rich with electronic features, they require security systems that suit such manufacturing. You should never save on your alarms and car security systems, because only a reliable system is a guarantee that you will always find your car where you have parked it.

Avoid a System Override: How to Keep Your Car Tech System from Getting Hacked

These days, it often seems that computers are used to control everything, and computer technology in cars is growing increasingly popular. Computers have even been used in cars for several decades. However, today’s car computers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, controlling critical systems like lights, brakes, transmission, engine control, gauges, windows and locks. Some even have Internet access, file storage and other features you’re used to seeing on your phone, tablet or laptop. In some vehicles, drivers can also connect their phones, laptops or other portable devices. It may sound like a technological marvel, but today’s cutting-edge cars have an ugly side. Take a look at the facts about car technology system dangers, and how to protect yourself and your information:


Many experts are worried that hackers may begin targeting these systems, potentially with serious consequences for drivers. In fact, concerned researchers have already been able to successfully commandeer these cars’ systems, doing everything from disabling the brakes to tightening the seat belts. What’s worse, automakers have been slow to react. While protective systems and devices are in the works, there is not yet a product or service available for public use that thoroughly addresses these vulnerabilities.

Taking Car Jacking to a New Level

It’s not difficult to imagine the problems this situation could cause. For instance, with a bit of education, unscrupulous individuals could hack into and disable a car’s locks, brakes and engine to car-jack the driver. In a similar scenario, car thieves could unlock and disable the alarm system of a parked vehicle remotely, then casually drive away with it. The financial implications of this are also serious. For now, these sophisticated systems are available mainly on high-end vehicles and represent a substantial loss.

Motorist safety is an even bigger concern. Someone with enough malicious intent could override a vehicle’s safety systems, like the brakes and airbag. The perpetrator would also be able to kill a moving vehicle’s engine, causing the driver to completely lose control of the car.

The Safety of Sensitive Information

While some hacking options are more extreme, another relevant concern is the ability to steal sensitive information by hacking into a car’s information or infotainment system. If people keep files, and other personal information, hackers could remotely hack into the car’s system to obtain information. While many are worried about hackers stealing or controlling the car altogether, it is important to remember that the information on these systems is growing increasingly sensitive and personal.

Protecting Your Own Car System

While many of these situations are hypothetical, many developers and researchers worry about car and passenger safety as technology advances. If you have an advanced car-tech system, it is important to protect yourself against potential dangers, and avoid a system override. Protect yourself from this emerging threat with a few of the following ideas:

  • Use a steering wheel lock to secure your parked car. Even if it’s been hacked, it can’t be driven.
  • Have a tracking device installed on your car. If it gets stolen, its location can be traced. Many cars will have a tracking device in the system, but if the system is compromised an unrelated tracking device on the car will reveal the location.
  • Always park in a safe and secure location, like a locked garage or a well-lit parking lot with 24-hour video surveillance, which tend to deter most criminals. Avoid parking along the street if possible.
  • Be sure any service is performed by a reputable repair garage. A dishonest one could hack your car to make it look like something’s wrong then charge you to "fix" it.

Much like the Internet, high-tech cars are convenient and useful, but they also come with risks. Although the automotive industry is beginning to address the digital safety of its vehicles, it’s currently still up to you to keep it protected. By utilizing these tips, you can help to keep yourself and your property safe.

The information for this article was provided by the professionals at Thomson Schindle Green Insurance and Financial Services, who specialize in exotic car insurance in Medicine Hat.

Garage Options on a Budget

A garage is not really a place you’ll be spending much time. This is the reason why people often turn to alternative building materials for building a garage. The requirements are simple. It has to protect your four-wheeled friend from the elements and provide substantial thermo insulation. Here are two ideas for making a lovely garage that won’t break your bank.

A wood pallets garage

One popular budget-friendly option is to build a wood pallets garage and at the same time salvage a couple of dozens of pallets. When you find a suitable location for your garage, the first thing you should do is remove all vegetation and debris, leveling the ground and compacting the soil in the process. You should roll until it’s an inch or two below the surrounding earth.

Wood pallets are inexpensive building material that costs from nothing to a couple of bucks each. They are usually made of fairly good treated wood and hence almost perfect for building a large long-life garage. All you need besides pallets is some plywood, a bucket of nails and a couple of hinges for the door. The floor of the garage should be made with newer pallets which are in the best condition followed with a layer of thick plywood to support the car weight. Any remaining pallets that are broken up or damaged can be used for filling the gaps between the slats. You can also chose to build concrete floor, it depends of where your garage location is and how big your budget is.

If you want to watertight your garage, a good option is to use marine-grade plywood for covering the walls and the lean-to roof, which will protect your car from the elements but still provide necessary draught and quality ventilation. The garage door can also be made from pallets. You can take a couple of damaged or extra pallets apart and use the strips of wood to overlap the spaces between the slats. When finished, give it a coat of protective paint and you can be sure it’ll withstand more than 10 winters! And the best part – you’ve built an amazing eco-garage from recycled materials to your own liking.

A cargo container garage

Shipping containers are built to last and withstand the rough weather and handling on high seas. Used ones are relatively easy to obtain and have many secondary uses for imaginative owners. The fact is, you can easily change one into a car garage, tool shed or storage. The best thing is that they are built in factories by high industry quality standards and they are all equally sized, but you can still modify them if needed. In addition, reusing a retired shipping container can be observed as a form of recycling, so the whole concept is environmentally friendly and low budget-friendly.

Start by pouring the concrete slab. Once the concrete is dry, place the container on the slab. If you want to protect your car from the winter chill, a simple insulation using polystyrene sheets on the wall and the ceiling will do the trick. Don’t forget to make a ramp for driving the car into the container. Since containers are pretty much draught resistance, installing a dehumidifier will prevent any damp from damaging your stuff or giving the car upholstery an odor.