Garage Options on a Budget

A garage is not really a place you’ll be spending much time. This is the reason why people often turn to alternative building materials for building a garage. The requirements are simple. It has to protect your four-wheeled friend from the elements and provide substantial thermo insulation. Here are two ideas for making a lovely garage that won’t break your bank.

A wood pallets garage

One popular budget-friendly option is to build a wood pallets garage and at the same time salvage a couple of dozens of pallets. When you find a suitable location for your garage, the first thing you should do is remove all vegetation and debris, leveling the ground and compacting the soil in the process. You should roll until it’s an inch or two below the surrounding earth.

Wood pallets are inexpensive building material that costs from nothing to a couple of bucks each. They are usually made of fairly good treated wood and hence almost perfect for building a large long-life garage. All you need besides pallets is some plywood, a bucket of nails and a couple of hinges for the door. The floor of the garage should be made with newer pallets which are in the best condition followed with a layer of thick plywood to support the car weight. Any remaining pallets that are broken up or damaged can be used for filling the gaps between the slats. You can also chose to build concrete floor, it depends of where your garage location is and how big your budget is.

If you want to watertight your garage, a good option is to use marine-grade plywood for covering the walls and the lean-to roof, which will protect your car from the elements but still provide necessary draught and quality ventilation. The garage door can also be made from pallets. You can take a couple of damaged or extra pallets apart and use the strips of wood to overlap the spaces between the slats. When finished, give it a coat of protective paint and you can be sure it’ll withstand more than 10 winters! And the best part – you’ve built an amazing eco-garage from recycled materials to your own liking.

A cargo container garage

Shipping containers are built to last and withstand the rough weather and handling on high seas. Used ones are relatively easy to obtain and have many secondary uses for imaginative owners. The fact is, you can easily change one into a car garage, tool shed or storage. The best thing is that they are built in factories by high industry quality standards and they are all equally sized, but you can still modify them if needed. In addition, reusing a retired shipping container can be observed as a form of recycling, so the whole concept is environmentally friendly and low budget-friendly.

Start by pouring the concrete slab. Once the concrete is dry, place the container on the slab. If you want to protect your car from the winter chill, a simple insulation using polystyrene sheets on the wall and the ceiling will do the trick. Don’t forget to make a ramp for driving the car into the container. Since containers are pretty much draught resistance, installing a dehumidifier will prevent any damp from damaging your stuff or giving the car upholstery an odor.

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