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Easy Guide to Selling Your Car

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Millions of cars get sold every day, but still, most car owners usually don’t know anything about how to actually do it. Most of the time, it’s one of those learning by doing situations where everyone learns how to sell a car by getting a raw deal and losing money on a transaction.

Luckily, there are more resources available online than ever and sometimes the whole transaction can be done that way too. This means that you can learn from those who have sold used cars before and avid their mistakes.

Knowing the market

The first thing to do before deciding on a sale is to know the market you’re working in. Knowing your customers and their needs is the only way to set a fair price for the car and make a profit at the same time.

It’s best to consider how the car will be used. Vans and trucks are a great option for those with a small business or a farm, while sedans are mostly sought after by families with kids. Have in mind that a car isn’t just a mode of transportation – it should fit into the lives of those who purchase it.

Looks matter

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a car and a lot of them are quite technical and complicated to get into. However, one thing that’s simple and effective in increasing the price and the chance to sell a used car is often overlooked.

Just by taking care of the car and keeping it clean and neat you’ll be able to significantly increase its value and make it appear more presentable. Invest a small amount into cleaning the car and it will pay off in the end.

Third parties

There’s much more overhead in selling a car than anyone anticipates and that can significantly affect the bottom line. Using the services of a third party to find customers or to inspect a car usually comes out of your own pocket. The same goes for taxes and other legal obligations.

That’s pretty much the point where car owners ask themselves “why don’t I sell my car online” and an increasing number of them is in fact doing just that. It provides a large enough customer base and an easy way to communicate with them and cuts out the middleman.

Creating an ad that sells

Sometimes it’s enough to simply describe and showcase the car to make a sell, but most of the times you’re also going to need an ad that captures the advantages of your car as well as its ideal owner. Besides the common information you should also take care of the working because it can communicate a lot about your goals.

For instance, OBO (or best offer) shows that you’re willing to lower the price if needed. On the other hand, “must sell” is a good way to communicate urgency.

Showcasing the car

 It’s a risky business buying a used car. It can be perfect on paper but have a variety of problems obvious as soon as you sit behind the wheel. That’s why you need to showcase the car in person and allow a potential buyer to take a test drive.

If you feel uncomfortable about a bunch of strangers coming to your home, you can organize a test drive on a neutral site that can showcase how the car drives on an open road and in a city. Have in mind that buyers will also evaluate you and not just the car so try to be presentable.


In the end, the price you’ve set is rarely the one that you can agree on. Most of the time, you’ll have to negotiate and find the price that works for both parties. There are no real rules as to how this works, but there are a few guidelines to follow.
Decide on the amount you don’t want to bellow of and stick to it no matter what. That way you won’t lose on the deal, regardless of how low you go.

Selling a pre-owned car requires a little bit of planning and investing in order to get the best price. However, the negotiation itself isn’t about planning, but about personal relationships.

What Every Dealership Should Know About Online Car Shoppers

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About 59 percent of all car buyers spend some time researching online before buying a car. Dealerships need to consider what buyers are learning about their business and the cars available there. Here are some tips on things that dealerships should realize about their online shoppers.

They are Considering Multiple Options

About 60 percent of buyers are considering multiple vehicles that might fit their lifestyle when they first start car shopping. They are also using multiple channels to find out about what options might be available. About 22 percent use social media to find out about options with Facebook and Instagram being favorite choices. About 18 percent turn to YouTube. Regardless of where they are looking, they need to find your information.

They Use Mobile Devices

About 53 percent of all research for a new car is done on a mobile device. Car dealers need to make sure that their sites are mobile friendly. Make sure that websites are responsive to different devices. You have simple navigation. Finally, make sure that images display properly.

Financing is a Part of the Process They Don’t Like

The average person looking for a new car spends about three hours at a dealership. The majority of that time is spent trying to get the financing in order. For many, that process starts online. If you own a car dealership, consider what you can do to streamline that process. Over 87 percent of buyers say there is something that they do not like about visiting a dealership. In fact, over 24 percent of buyers hate it so much that they say they would rather have a root canal.

They’d Rather Buy from Home

If someone is looking into a new car, about 59 percent say that they would forgo the test drive if they could buy the car from home without visiting the dealership. While this is not always practical, there are things that dealerships can do to minimize the time spent there. They can offer pre-approved financing on their websites. For those looking into new Ford cars for sale, for example, a dealership can provide a significant amount of details about that brand’s cars on their website. They can also encourage buyers to make appointments to visit the dealership so that someone will be there to greet them immediately.

Dealerships need to consider the buyer’s experience when thinking about their internet presence. Making a visit to the car dealership quick and easy can help increase sales. Since most buyers start out on the internet, make sure it is easy for buyers to find the information that they want there.

4 Cheap Ways to Get Your Car Looking Good before You Sell

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It doesn’t matter if you’re selling an old or newer car. A vehicle’s overall appearance is often the deciding factor in many buyers’ minds. As a result, it’s critical that you make your car look its best unless you’re selling it for parts. It isn’t impossible to a budget when trying to get a car in better shape before a sale. The steps in this guide can show you how:

Use Repair Kits

Dents, rust, chips and scratches often cause buyers to walk away. Most car owners can repair mild damage with easy-to-use auto body repair kits. A professional dent repair kit, for example, contains a dent puller tool that makes it possible for you to pull almost any mild-to-moderate dent until the surface pops back into its original position. Rust and scratch repair kits offer sanding and other tools designed to rub away existing damage and repair and hide marred spots. Look for kits that offer high quality automotive putty for fiberglass and metal and automotive color-match paints.

Buy Used Parts

For more extensive damage, such as panels and fenders with deep dents, rust that’s rotting through an entire section or cracked windshield or window glass, replace the parts. You can find used parts in many ways, but try the following two methods first: Post “ISO” or “In Search Of” advertisements on classified ad sites like Craigslist and in local yard sale and free trade groups on social networks like Facebook. Include the make and model of your vehicle and part descriptions. Also try to find cheap parts in local junk yards that store old and wrecked vehicles that still have many good- and excellent-condition parts.

Buy New Parts

Most vehicle owners must also buy some new parts related to the appearance of their cars. These are the types of parts that aren’t usually available previously-used condition at all or in at least an undamaged state. For example, replace brittle wiper blades or rusty wiper assemblies, cracked or dulled tail light covers and dirty interior mats. Most parts retailers offer deals and discounts, such as discounts for shopping online and a percentage off the total purchase for loyal customers. For tail light covers, pick a trusted parts dealer who sells high-impact acrylic tail light covers in clear and colored options at affordable prices.

Clean the Headlights

Although it might seem like common sense, vehicle owners often forget to deep clean the headlights. As with tail light cover cracks and dullness, small dings from rocks, natural plastic yellowing and dullness and other marks on headlights can make your car look older and worth less. Although you can find several retail auto headlight cleaning options that make it effortless to sand out dings and remove an ultra-thin layer of damaged plastic to give headlights new life, do-it-yourself methods can also do wonders at little cost. For example, rub the headlights with white, non-gel toothpaste and a damp melamine foam eraser until each headlight appears clearer. Rinse with a damp sponge and then use car wax polishing paste to remove any fine marks and make your car’s headlights gleam.

Sometimes professional work by a mechanic or auto body specialist can cost less than some do-it-yourself options, such as with multi-panel and hood replacement or re-painting the entire vehicle. Before you do certain D-I-Y tasks that require extensive labor, always compare the cost of parts and the estimated amount of time you think it will take to complete the work to the cost of parts and a professional’s estimate. Some automobile repair specialists offer low-price deals when you purchase parts through them in addition to repair services. No matter what you decide to do, following these four budget-friendly methods can typically make your car look its best without breaking the bank.

When’s the Best Time of Year to Sell a Car?

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Once you decide to sell or upgrade your car, you usually want to know two things. First, will my car sell quickly? Second, will I get the most money for my car? In order to answer these two questions, you’ll need to get the timing right. Timing your sale helps to determine how long your car will be on the market and if you will get the most money for your vehicle.

The Season

The time of year can often determine how your car will sell. Different types of vehicles are more in demand at certain times. For example, trucks typically sell best in the fall and winter while sports cars sell in the spring and summer. A junk seller or parts wholesaler may also have certain seasons in which they buy and scrap more junk cars, so you should also keep this in mind. According to one cash for car in Atlanta, pickup for recycling can depend on location, but usually aren’t impacted by season. Determine when most people will be interested in driving this type of vehicle to decide when you should list your vehicle for sell.


A second factor to think of when it is time to sell your car is the number of miles on it. As you rack up more miles on your car, it becomes more difficult to sell. Therefore, you should consider listing your vehicle before it has hundreds of thousands of miles. By listing your vehicle while the mileage is still low, potential buyers know the vehicle’s engine still has lots of life left.

Special Events of Holidays

Many people search for vehicles during certain events or holidays. For example, during Memorial Day, President’s Day, and other sale events, old cars tend to get sold faster. Another popular time of the year is during graduation season. Many parents are looking to find their child a car for a graduation present, so if you list your vehicle during this time, there is a good chance that it will get sold.

Selling a vehicle can be difficult, but if you know the best time to list your vehicle, then the process is a little easier. Before you list yours for sale, you should remember to factor in the time of the year, the mileage, and whether this is during a holiday season or other special event. If you keep these things in mind, you should be on your way to selling your car.

4 Ways You Can Make Some Extra Money off Your Junker

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A Common Dilemma

Have you searched for creative ways to dispose of your junk car? Owners of unsightly, outdated autos and trucks sometimes endeavor to market their property on used car lots with little success. Buyers often hesitate to invest in unattractive or poorly running vehicles. Consider three ways to make a little money from your junker.

One: Create a Modern Work of Art Using Your Vehicle

Do you possess strong artistic talent? You may find a creative way to part with a junker by utilizing it effectively in a work of modern art. Unlike more conventional schools of painting or sculpture, modern artists sometimes employ widely used manufactured objects to enhance their pieces. Carhenge outside Alliance, Nebraska illustrates the versatility which can arise when talented modern artists employ automobiles in their designs. The site draws inspiration from Stonehenge in the British Isle. It evokes ancient stone columns and pillars using vehicles. Carhenge also features some interesting contemporary automotive pieces! You’ll need to find patrons willing to purchase your car art.

Two: Sell Your Junker

Another, perhaps more popular, approach for making a little extra money from a junk vehicle involves selling it outright for cash to an auto scrap yard. Some scrap yards charge customers for sending vehicles to the premises, but others do not. For instance, U Pull & Pay purchases junkers and arranges for towing. Today people who refurbish old cars sometimes visit scrap yards to search for parts from older makes and models of vehicles.

Three: Donate Your Vehicle for a Tax Deduction

A third way to derive a little extra money from a junk vehicle involves donating the vehicle to a nonprofit or charitable organization. Many worthy causes accept donated junkers. For example, New Hampshire Public Radio maintains a vehicle donation program. Tax laws still permit donors to obtain charitable deductions upon re-sale.

Four: Use it for Spare Parts

If no other scenario really works for you, you could always scrap your junker. You can either use it for spare parts for your other cars if needed. You could always take those spare parts and sell them as well provided they are still usable and in good condition. With that said, this may not make you extra money, but it will save you more money in the long run. Once you have gotten everything you can out of your junker, you can donate or scrap the rest. Otherwise it will just become an eyesore in your driveway, garage, or wherever you keep it on your property.

A Satisfying Decision

If feels nice making a little money during the disposal of a vehicle which no longer commands great prices in the commercial auto market and you are no longer getting any use out of it. You’ll gain satisfaction knowing you’ve used your junker as cost-effectively as possible. Whether you sell it as a work of modern art, obtain a cash payment from a vehicle recycler, or donate the vehicle for a tax deduction, you can often achieve at least some compensation for parting with this asset. Resolve to clear away rusting, unsightly vehicles from your real estate soon!