Eight Preventative Measures to Stop Auto Theft

Preventing auto theft is one of the top priorities for any car owner. Cars are always vulnerable to thieves who know what they are doing. We spoke to auto insurance experts from Anthony Clark Insurance Brokerage in Calgary about good habits that will counter auto theft. They shared with us 8 positive things to always do:

Always Lock Your Car

Locking your car doors is a routine habit for many people. This basic preventative measure makes it so much harder for a criminal to break into your car and steal your belongings. If this isn’t a habit yet, make it a top priority!

Turn off Your Car when You Leave

Although it can be convenient to leave your car running when you make a quick stop at a gas station, avoid this habit at all costs! It would take a criminal a split second to open your door and drive off without you knowing. Spending a few extra seconds to restart your car is worth it in the long run.

Never Leave Your Keys in Your Vehicle

Similarly to the tip above, leaving your keys in your car is giving criminals a very easy way to drive off in your property. Make sure to take the keys with you when you leave, don’t just put them under the mat!

Avoid Parking in the Street

It is much more likely that a car will be stolen out of the street than from someone’s driveway. If possible, park in a driveway or garage to reduce the risk of becoming an auto theft victim.

Park in a Well-Lit Area

If you must park in the street, make sure to pick a well-lit area so that it is less tempting for a criminal to pursue your car for theft purposes. Auto thefts are much more likely to occur in a dark area than in one that is well-lit so choose your parking space wisely!

Conceal Items Left in your Car

If a criminal is able to see all of your purchases from the window, he or she is much more likely to attempt to break into your car. Hide packages in the trunk or underneath a blanket, when possible.

Ask your Neighbors to Watch your Vehicle

A cautious eye is one of the main keys to preventing auto theft. Make sure neighbors are aware when you are out of town so that they can keep an eye on your vehicle. They will alert you if any suspicious activity occurs while you are away.

Install a Car Alarm

Finally, a car alarm can be a perfect sound deterrent for any robbery. Anything that attracts attention to the scene of the crime is the last thing a criminal wants, which means it should be the first thing that you install.

Automobile theft is all too common, but with these simple tips you will be able ensure it is far less likely to happen to you.

This article was written with help from auto insurance experts at Anthony Clark Insurance Brokerage in Calgary, Alberta.

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