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Auto Accidents: How to Do Your Best to Avoid Them

One of the best ways to avoid accidents is to drive defensively. You never know what crazy things can happen on the road. That is why it is essential for you to always be focused and alert. Luckily, when you pay attention and anticipate the moves of other drivers, you can avoid them when they do something dangerous.

Scan Ahead

If you can see ahead of the car in front of you, it’ll be easier to avoid an accident if they slam on their brakes. This leaves you time to maneuver your own vehicle to avoid hitting the person in front of you. By doing this you can avoid so many accidents and help keep you and your family safe.

Blind Spots

While your side and rear view mirror can give you a view of what’s behind or beside you, there are blind spots that will leave you vulnerable. Turn in your seat to see what’s behind or beside you before switching lanes. Be aware of where you are in other people’s blind spots too.

Condition of the Other Car

If you see a car with dents all over it, you’ll likely want to avoid that car. It’s the outward sign of a bad driver, or one who doesn’t care. It’s like a neon sign that you should be watching that driver closely too. Just be sure to pay attention to the cars around you so that you can be aware of what’s going on around you.

Driving at Night

While there might be less traffic at night, so it seems like a better time to travel. It’s actually more dangerous. You have your own vision limitations at night as well as the decreased visibility available to other drivers. People out late at night might be joyriding kids or people leaving bars who have had too much to drink.

Safety on the Wet Roadway

While hydroplaning means you have no control of the vehicle, you can help avoid the condition in the first place if you slow down while the roads are wet. The car’s tires can’t get purchase on the road when it’s wet. Don’t slam on your brakes when hydroplaning either. It can make the situation worse.

Parking Lot Accidents

Be aware of your surroundings as well as the width of your vehicle when pulling in or out of a parking space. Leave enough room next to you for the other car’s doors to open. You might even want to park away from other vehicles to avoid damage.

While you can’t avoid all car accidents, some are avoidable if you’re aware of your surroundings. Always be aware of other cars on the road. Don’t rely on your mirrors since they have blind spots, and drive slowly when dealing with hazardous roadway conditions. If you get into an accident, a lawyer like Steve W. Sumner, Attorney at Law can help you. Getting professional help can really help make you feel better and relieve a lot of stress. This is also a good reminder that you are never alone.

Safe on the Road: Four Tips for the Experienced Motorist

While experienced drivers tend to get into fewer accidents, it is still important to be as safe as possible whenever you get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Here are four tips that every motorist should think about before they get back on the road.

Don’t Rely on Your Experience

One of the most common mistakes that older drivers make is relying on their experience and intuition while on the road. Unfortunately, anyone who becomes too comfortable while driving will inevitably allow their mind to wander. As soon as you get into the driver’s seat, you should treat the situation as if it is your first time driving. That includes checking your mirrors, adjusting your seat, putting away your electronics, and taking a moment to focus on the task at hand.

Take a Defensive Driving Course

These courses have become extremely popular in recent years for a few different reasons. Unlike basic driving courses, they will teach you advanced skills such as what to do when the road is icy and how to avoid accidents in heavy traffic. Professionals, like those at Clearfield and Kofsky, know that in addition to improving your driving skills, these courses might also save you some money on repairs and healthcare costs. Many insurance providers now offer discounts to drivers who take defensive courses every few years.

Skip the Electronic Distractions

Even though using a phone while driving is now restricted or completely illegal in most states, others gadgets can distract a driver just as easily. This is especially common among tech-savvy drivers who like to use smartwatches and onboard software to control their music, find directions, or make calls. As a general rule, all of these devices should not be touched until you have pulled off the road and parked your vehicle.

Plan Ahead

Another mistake that many experienced drivers make is assuming that their regular routes will always be the same. Just because you have driven on the same roads for decades does not mean that other drivers know those streets as well you. Spending a few minutes every week looking at new road conditions, construction warnings, and the weather will prepare you for anything that takes place while you are driving.

Even if you do everything in your power to become a safer driver, accidents can still happen at any time. If you are in an accident that involves injuries or any serious property damage, then you should consider contacting an attorney to explore your legal options.

Aware Driver: Five Tips For Avoiding Serious Collisions

When driving a vehicle one of the top priorities is to avoid sustaining serious car injuries. By avoiding an injury due to a collision, you will be able to save money as well as maintain your physical health. In order to avoid serious collisions, and avoid sustaining car injuries in Denver, you will want to take certain steps so that you will be safe at all times. You will benefit by looking before making turns, watching out for wildlife and also going the speed limit. With these actions, you will be in good position to avoid potentially dangerous situations when driving.

Look Before Making Turns

One of the first things you will want to do when driving is to look before making turns. If you are driving up a road and need to make a turn, it will be important to look both ways and look twice before making your turn. This will help you avoid getting into a collision.

Drive A Car With Safety Features

Another great way to avoid sustaining car injuries is to drive a car with safety features. Nowadays, there are a number of vehicles that have advanced features that provide you with lots of protection. Many vehicles have backup cameras and lane watch features which can help you avoid a collision.

Be On The Lookout For Wildlife

When driving, you will want to be on the lookout for wildlife. According to sources such as, a lot of auto collisions occur with animals such as deer. On certain roads, deer will often run around and therefore drivers are very likely to collide into one. As a result, it will be very important to always watch out for wildlife when driving so that you can avoid a devastating collision.

Go The Speed Limit

If you are looking to avoid a collision, one of the best things you can do is go the speed limit. You will want to drive your vehicle as fast as the signs allow you to. This will help you go at a safe pace and avoid rear ending other drivers. According to, many collisions occur due to people going faster than the speed limit and rear ending someone.

Don’t Try To Drive Through Lights

Drivers who are looking to avoid collisions will benefit by not trying to drive through lights. There are times when a yellow light turns and then a driver may look to speed through the intersection. While this can be done safely, there are other times when you may get into an accident. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to not attempt to drive through lights so that you can avoid a collision.

Driving safely is a top priority for all drivers. Part of driving safely is to avoid collisions with other drivers and animals. In order to avoid collisions, it will be important to do certain things so that you don’t put yourself at risk of danger. By driving the speed limit, not speeding through lights, looking out for wildlife, looking before making turns and also driving a vehicle with advanced safety features, you will be able to easily avoid collisions.

4 Tips For Driving Safe In Bad Weather

Most people would prefer to be safe at home during bad weather, but nearly everyone ends up driving under poor conditions at one time or another. The good news is that there are things you can do to make sure you reach your destination safely in weather conditions that are anything but friendly.

Heed the Signs

Keep your eyes open for detour signs, warning signs and special speed limit signs. Don’t try to second-guess these signs. Authorities put them up because they have assessed the entire situation and know more about the dangers than you can see from your car’s front seat. Equally important are the more subtle signs of trouble you may encounter, such as an area of standing water or an erratic driver.

Watch the Other Guy

If you notice another driver acting unusual or driving poorly, widen the distance between you and them as soon as you scan. Even huge trucks can get into accidents because of one foolhardy driver in a sub-compact car. If you Google the phrase "Atlanta Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney,” you’ll quickly realize that even professional drivers often need help dealing with the consequences of drivers who are unprepared for bad road conditions.

Stay in Control

Keep both hands on the wheel at all times, and maintain a good grip on it. If you run into a patch of ice, a deep rut, or a heavy gust of wind, a firm grip on your steering wheel can keep you from losing control. Sudden braking, quick acceleration, and overeager turns can turn deadly in a heartbeat when conditions are bad. Making smooth, steady changes in speed or direction will help you maintain control over your vehicle. Allow plenty of time to safely manage stops, lane changes, turns, or twists in the road.

Beware of Black Ice

Black ice isn’t really black, and it doesn’t look like ice. It looks like a normal, clear road. It may even look dry. If the temperature is below freezing keep your eyes peeled for signs of invisible ice, such as ice crystals anywhere on your car’s exterior or a wet-looking road that doesn’t generate spray from passing cars. Bridges and overpasses are often the worst culprits. If you have to drive on one, play it safe and behave as though invisible ice is lurking somewhere on the surface. Don’t expect your fellow drivers to do the same, though, so watch for out-of-control vehicles as you cross.

Bad weather is inevitable, but accidents can usually be prevented. Adjust your driving to compensate for road conditions and help ensure you make it safely to your destination.

Rules of the Road – 4 Basic Driving Tips for Everyone

Whether you have recently gotten your license or been driving for years, here is a look at four tips every driver should keep in mind when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Check Your Car Before Every Ride

No one needs to carry out a comprehensive inspection of their vehicle every time they are about to go for a short drive, but it is not a bad idea to quickly check for any major damage. This is especially important if your car has not been driven for more than a few days or was left in a location where it might have been vandalized. The primary areas you should check include the tires, the windshield, and just under the engine for any fluids.

Always Give Yourself Extra Time

One of the worst things a driver can do is make a habit out of speeding. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to give the car a little extra gas when we are running a few minutes late. Not only does speeding drastically increase your risk of getting into an accident, but a single moving violation can cost thousands of dollars. Depending on how fast you were actually driving, these tickets can even be upgraded to criminal speeding charges.

Don’t Take Accidents Lightly

Most drivers will be involved in at least one accident in their lifetime, and it is vital that everyone knows exactly what to do in these situations. Even if the accident seems straightforward, you must collect as much information as possible including the contact information of everyone involved. Those who are injured should immediately seek out medical attention and begin looking for a personal injury attorney. No one wants to be left with mounting medical bills and nowhere to turn for financial help.  A professional personal injury lawyer in Mankato, like those at Roko Law, know that medical bills associated with an accident can be overwhelming.  Making sure your finances are covered is always advisable.  

Look Out for Others

Many experts tell new drivers they should always assume everyone else on the road is not paying attention. An example of this would be expecting a driver to see your turning single before you change lanes. Even if they should know exactly what you are planning, they might not be paying attention. Unfortunately, you could still be at fault for the accident even if the other driver should have anticipated the situation.

Drivers are always responsible for their own safety and the safety of everyone else in their vehicle, and that is why it is so important to remain vigilant and drive defensively at all times.