What Type of Car Should Parents Get for Their Teenager?

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Eventually, most teens end up needing a car. Be it for commuting to college or work, public transportation often can’t meet the requirements of a teen’s busy life. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when deciding upon a car for a young driver:

The Fewer Seats the Better

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has shown that a teenager with another passenger has the risk for an accident doubled compared to driving alone. The risk is tripled if there are two passengers, and for three or more passengers, the risk is sextupled. While it seems to be common thinking to get a larger car or full-size SUV for a teen to protect them in case of an accident, getting a smaller car with fewer seats will drastically reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring.

Easy on the Power

Jut because a teen can get a license at aged 16, it does not mean that he/she is capable of driving a sports car. Today’s four-cylinder cars still have ample power, especially for a new driver. They are also fuel efficient, so nobody will go broke trying to keep gas in them.

New Rather Than Used

The average teen will probably not be a walking encyclopedia of car care. If something should go wrong, don’t expect that teen to know what to do. A new car at a St. George car dealership will generally have fewer problems than a used one and often offer complimentary maintenance for a while after purchase. There is a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing a teen is not stuck somewhere with no wiper fluid and no idea how to refill it.

Handling Assistance Is a Must

Safety features such as anti-lock brakes have been standard for a while now, but a new driver needs every possible form of assistance available to help handle a car safely. All-wheel drive, traction control, automatic braking, and electronic stability control are all important features that allow a less experienced driver to regain control of a vehicle that has become unsteady.

The Verdict

Taking into account all the considerations listed above, a perfect choice for a young teenage driver would be a new small SUV that has plenty of safety features, high-tech handling assistance, and an excellent crash test rating. This is the perfect type of car to allow a teen to gain that invaluable experience on the road without being too overwhelming.

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  1. I think, Parents should teach their kids by purchase a car with LOAN to their kids name. through that they would be aware about save money and they can learn how to be responsible in life.