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Advancement in Automobile Technology: Helping the Impaired Driving Epidemic

alcohol detection

Each year, countless lives are lost with drunk driving being the cause of the accident. Despite tough laws and heavy fines, our country still experiences issues with this dangerous act. The auto industry has been praised for its ability to revolutionize the driver experience and continues to do so as we look into the future, which is why a few of these options may leave many to believe that the issue of drunk driving to be alleviated. Take a look:

Alcohol Detection Systems

A great way to protect yourself from getting behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol is a technology system that can literally keep you from starting your vehicle. Many people are familiar with the technology used by enforcement officers to distinguish a person’s intoxication level through breathalyzers and now this technology is being implemented in to your vehicles.

The science behind this would keep drivers from an embarrassing and even deadly situation from ever taking place. The technology would be a groundbreaking solution for those who feel confident enough to drive, despite the level of alcohol in their blood.

It’s also been mentioned that researchers are looking closely at touch-based systems to measure the alcohol level in someone’s skin tissue. The technology of infrared lighting would allow the sensor to detect a driver’s skin which can distinguish current chemical properties. Researchers are hoping that this ingrained technology could pave the path for a future without drunk driving accidents.

Autonomous Vehicles

In recent years, consumers have been notified of the future of the commuter experience through self-driving vehicles. Companies such as Tesla have been working diligently to perfect the driverless vehicle. Although many consumers are worried about other issues that may arise with cars that can drive themselves, there is the question of whether or not it would indeed alleviate the issue of drunk driving. If a vehicle can safely transport its passengers without the manual override of an intoxicated driver, the issue of drunk driving may seize to exist.

Facial and Behavior Systems

Automakers, such as Nissan, have been reportedly working to develop facial monitoring systems integrated into the vehicle These systems would have a camera facing the vehicles interior to monitor the driver’s facial and behavioral mannerisms. If the driver should show signs of tiredness or intoxication the vehicle will respond accordingly through vocal recognition or begin to tighten as a means to gain the driver’s attention.

Although it may still be in the development stages, this might be able to assist in realms of reckless driving outside of alcohol detection. Perhaps with technology that is capable of monitoring facial recognition and behavior, it could assist in the alleviation of impaired driving by the use of illegal and prescription drugs. Although, it may be too soon to tell, many companies and their researchers are hoping to blueprint a safer and less impaired future of all drivers.   

In the meantime, be sure to practice extreme caution when driving. Impaired driving has been a major factor in many of those who have lost their lives while commuting.

Cars VS Motorbikes – Which Is Best?


Ah, the age old debate. Cars or bikes. People have argued this one out for the longest time, with each side having their own ideas on what makes up a good vehicle to have on the roads. We’re going to be taking a look at some of the different kinds of things which serve as advantages for both sides, and seeing which one comes out on top.


The car is something which has been around for many years, since before even the motorbike was around. They’re designed to be safer than a bike, and to carry people and items from one place to another. It’s clear that there’s a lot of benefit to having a car. However, they can be much more expensive than a motorbike. Depending on the car you buy, you may struggle with different locations and terrain. They’re also quite prone to going wrong, and can lack the feeling of freedom that a bike can offer.


The motorbike is a much more minimalist and basic vehicle in comparison to a car. They’re not as protected, so anyone who rides is going to be exposed to the elements. However, they’re smaller and more maneuverable than a car, and are also often less expensive. Furthermore, they’ve often got a rich history behind them – a used Harley always has a cool story attached to it. The bike is much better for people who want to feel grounded and connected to the Earth. It’s a ride that is much closer to the road, and you’ll feel the wind on your face every time.

So, Which Is Best?

This of course does prompt a little debate as to which one is the best choice for people to use. However, does there really need to be any one good option? Both have their own merits and advantages, and both offer something unique when it comes to the experience you get. There’s no right or wrong option to us, it’s all dependent entirely upon the lifestyle you lead.

If you have a family and you need a vehicle which can transport them all, then a motorbike clearly isn’t going to be the way forward. In much the same way, people who have no family and no one to transport around might consider the freedom of a bike to be the best possible way to go.

Overall, there isn’t one particular type of vehicle which is best, but rather a dependency on situation and circumstance. People need to assess what their requirements and needs are, because otherwise they’re not going to be able to get the vehicle for their situation. The car is better for the family – people who have kids, and things that they need to get from one place to another. In contrast, someone who has no ties and responsibility might well appreciate the freedom that a bike can bring. You’ll find that there’s plenty of history in a bike, but a car can be more roomy and comfortable.

What You Must Consider for Buying a Used Scooter


You might be very much interested to buy a scooter and go for a ride on it. Riding a scooter might just be your wish or you might need the scooter for commuting to work, going for marketing, and so on, which saves a certain amount of money as well. However, the question that arises here is the price of the scooter.

You may find out that the price of a new scooter is not suiting your budget and hence you are not being able to afford it. In this situation, it would be an absolutely great idea to purchase a used scooter. While buying a used scooter, you need to keep in mind a few important points.

Analyze your needs

The first task to complete when you are going to buy a used scooter is the complete analysis of your needs. At the beginning, you need to decide the purpose for which you are buying the scooter. After you are clear with your exact requirements, you can select the power of the engine that you require for fulfilling your needs. If your needs are not clear, you might end up overspending on the used scooter that you are looking forward to buy. Therefore, you should only buy a used scooter strictly based on your needs to stay in budget. For instance, if you are looking forward to acquire a stunt scooter, you may well check out websites like Go Karts Review for trick scooters reviews.

Budget planning is essential

After you have analyzed your needs and requirements, you need to chalk out a budget plan. Preparing a budget in this case would help you to know exactly how much you will be able to spend on buying the used scooter, so you can proceed accordingly.

Start searching for the listings

It would be a very good idea to check the listings in online classifieds about the used scooters to get a better idea. There are various sites that can give adequate information on your preferred brand and the price that is currently prevailing in the market.

Go for preliminary questioning

When you are going to buy a second-hand scooter, it is important to go for some preliminary questioning and investigation. You should inspect the condition of the scooter and the total distance that it has previously run. Then you also need to check the maintenance and servicing history to understand the exact condition of the scooter that you are going to purchase. Moreover, you need to have a clear idea about the performance of the scooter, and if there had been any significant modifications. Checking the mileage is also vital in this regard.

Take a look at the price

Considering the price is the final job to do while you are buying a used scooter. You need to check out the prices from more than one seller and compare the same. It would be a winning deal if you can select the second-hand scooter which is the best in quality at the lowest price.

A second-hand scooter can be used for a long time, if you are careful enough to buy the best one. So, follow these tips, and get ready to enjoy your ride!

How To Be Safer When Driving At Night

night driving

Night time driving isn’t something that many people particularly enjoy, and if they had a choice, they would prefer to drive during daylight hours. However, sometimes there is no choice, and since it is estimated to be three times as dangerous to drive in the dark, it’s important to know how to drive safely at night.

Check Your Headlamps

Have you ever looked at your car with the headlamps on? It’s a good idea to do exactly that. Sometimes your headlamps will be pointed the wrong way, perhaps lower than that should be, and sometimes they can be shining in different directions. You might not notice this when you’re driving, but you’ll certainly notice the difference one you realign your lights. It will make the road ahead much clearer. Don’t just assume that because you have a new car, the headlamps will be perfect – they can be just as wrong as on an old car. You should always wipe them down with a soft cloth; they can get very mucky, and that can mean they shine more dimly than they should.

Dim The Dashboard

Most cars come with a switch that allows the lights on the dashboard to be dimmed, so you should use it when it comes to driving at night. Although it might seem to make sense that you would want your dashboard to be as bright as possible when it’s dark outside, it’s actually the opposite that’s true. Having a bright light almost in front of your face can be extremely distracting, and it can compromise how much you’re able to see in front of you. Dim the dashboard as much as you can – although you’ll still need to be able to see your instruments and dials so it may take some adjusting and experiment to get it right.

Make Yourself Seen

We’ve already discussed how important your headlamps are when you’re in a car, but what if you’re on a motorcycle? Of course, your headlamp is still essential, but you should also wear additional reflective clothing to ensure that you aren’t missed in the dark. Since a motorcycle is much smaller than a car or truck, it can easily get lost on the nighttime roads, which is why a reflective jacket, gloves, or even a glow in the dark helmet available from power sports and more can help to keep you safe. You can wear all black leathers during the daytime, but it would be crazy to do so at night, so dress appropriately, especially if you are driving on less well-lit roads.

Don’t Stare At Oncoming Lights

Sometimes people will have dazzling headlamps, and sometimes they will have their high beams on and forget to take them off again. Whatever the reason, don’t look at bright lights. You can look to the side, keeping them in your peripheral vision (don’t turn your head, of course, as this would be dangerous), but staring directly at them can leave your eyes unfocused and unable to see very well, which in turn can lead to an accident. If the car with bright lights is behind you, adjust your rear view mirror so that you angle the light away from you.

Be Prepared! How to Keep Your Car Safe During Severe Weather

severe weather driving

Severe weather can be incredibly damaging to vehicles. If you want to avoid insurance claims, you should do everything possible to keep your car safe when a storm is on the way. Here are some of the options that may be available to you:

Keep It in a Garage

The single best place to store your car during severe weather is in a secure building. For cars, this is usually a garage. However, other covered structures can suffice. A garage will not only protect your car from hail, a common weather-related source of vehicular damage, but they can also help protect your car from more severe storms, such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

Buy a Protective Cover

If you do not have a garage or other sturdy building in which to store your vehicle, get a protective cover. This can be put on before the storm. It can also simply be left on the car if the vehicle is not used often. If desperate, even items like blankets and old mattresses can lessen the damage, although they are not recommended and their usefulness is debatable. If you have antique or old cars you primarily keep outdoors, then keeping them covered at all times will lessen the likelihood of damage.

Move the Car Away From Hazards

If possible, you should always move the vehicle away from potential hazards if a storm is on the way. This can include trees, low areas that may flood, overhead wires and more. Overhead wires are particularly hazardous to you. They can cause severe injury or death if you attempt to access a car with fallen wires on or near it. For your car, trees are the most common cause of damage. Water damage from flooding can even total the vehicle.

Have Insurance

Having quality insurance is the final step to safeguarding your car. Sometimes, in spite of your best efforts, damage will happen anyway. If this happens, which is likely at some point over the course of the car’s lifetime, insurance can help pay for repairs. Make sure your insurance policy has comprehensive coverage to cover situations like these. Comprehensive coverage, unlike collision coverage, covers your car for damage unrelated to a collision with another driver.

With any luck, your preventative measures will pay off and your car won’t suffer any damage due to the weather. If your car does end up being damaged by hail or other inclement weather, though, don’t hesitate to seek out windshield repair services or auto body repair services that you may need.