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Eight Things Every Car Collector Needs

Collecting cars is a great way to preserve history and personal memories. Whether you have one classic car or a warehouse full of exotics, here are six things that every car collector should think about.

1. A Well-equipped Garage

Are your cars stored in a shed or leaky barn? They will lose their value if they’re not stored properly. Depending on the size of your collection, you may need to rent warehouse space or build a larger structure on your property. A well designed garage will have good lighting, plenty of room for uncluttered display of your vehicles and a full set of tools.

2. Clean Floors

If you only have a couple cars and keep them in your home garage, think about painting the floor. A painted floor is easier to clean and you’ll quickly spot fluid leaks. Choose a color that makes it quick to find dropped nuts and bolts. 

3. A Personal Mechanic

You might be an accomplished mechanic, but as your collection grows you may no longer have time for regular maintenance. Find a reputable mechanic in your area and hire them on part-time. The cost outweighs the time spent keeping up your collection in its best shape. Plus, you’ll have an extra pair of skilled hands when you decide to dive under the hood.

4. A Security System

After years of work, you don’t want to lose your collection to thieves. Prevent theft by installing a security. Ensure there are plenty of motion triggered lights, alarms and cameras and your collection will stay safe. If you’re in an area that demands it, install tall fencing around your storage space and use steel framed doors.

5. Professional Photos

When you’re at home it’s easy to walk into the garage and see your collection. But, at the office or vacation home you need a reminder of it. Hire a professional photographer to take high-quality photos of your cars. Hire models or include yourself and pick out your favorite locations for the background. And, if you sell any of your cars you’ll have a nice piece of artwork to remember them by.

6. Apparel

When you’re out on the town or on the concourse, show your collector’s pride with branded automotive apparel. You can find shirts, jackets and hats from almost every brand ever produced. It’s also a way to find other enthusiasts you can share your collection with. 

7. Car Insurance

One of the biggest hidden expenses of owning a car is car insurance. For car collectors with multiple cars this can really start to add up. Most car insurance companies offer coverage that is specialized for collector and antique cars.

8. Car Enthusiast Friends

Friends make anything more fun. Friends that share your same interest make it even more fun. If you don’t have any car enthusiast friends then join a club or visit a local car show to make some.

So whether you already started your car collection or you are about to start one, these are a few things that will help make your hobby, safe, fun, and worry-free.