Five Safety Tips Car Enthusiasts Should Remember during Their Next Project

Repairing an aging classic car or improving the performance of a new car can be incredibly satisfying. The work does come with a number of hazards. Small mistakes or unexpected events can cause serious injuries. Anyone working on a car needs to be prepared and take steps to remain safe. There are five safety tips car enthusiasts should remember during their next project.

Use Proper Safety Equipment

Car enthusiasts should own a full range of safety equipment. Personal protection gear should include safety glasses and thick gloves to stop sparks or metal splinters from causing injuries. A respirator should be on hand when painting or working with strong solvents. A fire extinguisher rated for liquids, electrical fires and grease fires should be kept near the car while working.

Perform Electrical Work with Insulated Tools

Many car enthusiasts have been shocked by the car battery while performing basic electrical work. Something that can be very harmful is electricity from the ignition system. This can provide a shock of up to 40,000 volts. It is important to use insulated tools when working on the car. The shock can actually be transmitted through other pieces of metal in the engine like the distributor cap. Insulated tools will prevent shocks.

Always Use Jack Stands

A major safety hazard is working under an unstable car. Jack stands should always be placed under cars that are elevated. Wooden blocks or other items are not enough. The jack stands need to be attached to a structural part of the vehicle. The stands will support the full weight of the car if it suddenly drops or shifts. This can prevent serious injuries or fatalities when working under the vehicle.

Have a Dedicated Workspace

Working on a car in a shared home garage can be dangerous in many ways. Tools, sharp parts and chemicals can all cause injuries to family members who come into the area. Family items stored in the garage can get in the way of tools or cause a person to trip and fall. It is best to have a dedicated space when working on a car. One option is to rent a unit from a storage unit that is large enough to hold the car and extra tools. This will keep car enthusiasts and the family safe.

Use Ventilation Fans

Car enthusiasts regularly use chemicals, paints and solvents that release fumes into the air. These can accumulate quickly and could cause nausea, disorientation or even neurological damage. Some type of ventilation should always be used even when working with something as simple as gasoline. Ventilation fans will keep the air clean and breathable.

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