When’s the Best Time of Year to Sell a Car?

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Once you decide to sell or upgrade your car, you usually want to know two things. First, will my car sell quickly? Second, will I get the most money for my car? In order to answer these two questions, you’ll need to get the timing right. Timing your sale helps to determine how long your car will be on the market and if you will get the most money for your vehicle.

The Season

The time of year can often determine how your car will sell. Different types of vehicles are more in demand at certain times. For example, trucks typically sell best in the fall and winter while sports cars sell in the spring and summer. A junk seller or parts wholesaler may also have certain seasons in which they buy and scrap more junk cars, so you should also keep this in mind. According to one cash for car in Atlanta, pickup for recycling can depend on location, but usually aren’t impacted by season. Determine when most people will be interested in driving this type of vehicle to decide when you should list your vehicle for sell.


A second factor to think of when it is time to sell your car is the number of miles on it. As you rack up more miles on your car, it becomes more difficult to sell. Therefore, you should consider listing your vehicle before it has hundreds of thousands of miles. By listing your vehicle while the mileage is still low, potential buyers know the vehicle’s engine still has lots of life left.

Special Events of Holidays

Many people search for vehicles during certain events or holidays. For example, during Memorial Day, President’s Day, and other sale events, old cars tend to get sold faster. Another popular time of the year is during graduation season. Many parents are looking to find their child a car for a graduation present, so if you list your vehicle during this time, there is a good chance that it will get sold.

Selling a vehicle can be difficult, but if you know the best time to list your vehicle, then the process is a little easier. Before you list yours for sale, you should remember to factor in the time of the year, the mileage, and whether this is during a holiday season or other special event. If you keep these things in mind, you should be on your way to selling your car.

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