Advice for Choosing a Truck Exhaust System

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Your truck’s factory exhaust system is meant to get the job done and be reliable, without much else on top of that. Sure it does what it’s meant to, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best and most ideal exhaust system for your truck. If you’ve been looking at aftermarket truck exhaust systems trying to figure out if you should have one installed, and which type of system you should pick, then you will want to be sure you do all the necessary research before jumping right in.

While there are a number of different types of exhaust systems the three most common are the axle-back exhaust system, the cat-back exhaust system, and the header-back exhaust system. Here we’ll take a look at what each of these offers, as well as some other helpful advice that will help you make up your mind.

Why Install an Aftermarket Exhaust System?

Before you even look into the various systems available, it’s a good idea to get a better understanding of why people purchase these aftermarket systems at all. Your factory-installed exhaust system certainly does the trick in allowing your motor to operate, but at the same time, it limits the amount of horsepower your engine is actually able to release.

When you install a high-performance exhaust system, for example, you’ll be able to get more horsepower out of your engine and greatly improve the exhaust flow. These systems can even help in fuel economy. Of course, for others, it’s all about giving it that unique look, as aftermarket exhaust systems can be pretty sleek looking and powerful sounding. Take, for example, the cat-stack setup outlined on Black Smoke Media. This is one way to ensure you get noticed!

Axle-Back Exhaust System

With this system, you’ll be using all the same components that are used in a rear axle system. The two big benefits of this system are the fact it’s relatively easy to install and it tends to be cheaper, making it a great entry-level aftermarket system.

Cat-Back Exhaust System

With this system, you’ll be replacing all the components from the catalytic converter all the way to your mufflers. It’s a total re-do of the system and you’ll be installing new tailpipes and mufflers. Some trucks may also require a new y-, x-, or h-pipe. The cat-back system is actually the most popular one that people end up choosing. It’s a low-cost option that is pretty easy to install. Benefits of this system are better fuel economy overall, can sometimes add power, and they are tough and loud sounding.

Header-Back Exhaust System

Finally, there is the header-back exhaust system, which involves replacing all components from the header collector to your tailpipes. By doing this, you can install larger pipe diameters, which will then allow for better exhaust flow. These systems are much more labor-intensive to install and tend to be expensive.

Choose Your Exhaust System Wisely

So before you go ripping out your current exhaust system to install an aftermarket model, be sure to take the time to research the various options so you can pick the best match.

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