Shop Talk – 5 Tips for When You are Fixing Your Vehicle

Are you pretty handy in the garage? Fixing your own vehicle is the number one way to reduce the cost of automobile ownership. If you have the means to go about this project you should consider doing it right. Shop labor is expensive, while your own labor is as free as your time. If you have the ability and means to repair your own vehicle here are five suggestions to consider as you undertake this feat.

Safety First

Before you get to work, make sure you have the equipment for a safe repair. If you’re working under the car, you need to keep the car from rolling. You can buy blocks made for this, or use large pieces of wood. Next, if the car needs to be jacked up, use jack stands—don’t trust a hydraulic jack to hold a car while you’re under it. Finally, if you’ll be working with solvents or other chemicals, make sure your work area is well ventilated. Working on a car can be very dangerous and should be done with care.

Buy a Repair Manual

Although you may have done hundreds of car repairs, it’s always a good idea to buy either the service manual for your car or one of the reputable third-party manuals. With a manual, you can read through the repair process before starting and prepare for more complicated procedures. Many repairs are similar between vehicles, but they’re not exactly the same and so buying the manual can make a huge difference.

Stay Organized

Have a few plastic containers around to hold the bolts, nuts and other small parts you collect when repairing your vehicle. You can even buy magnetic trays to hold metal parts so you won’t lose them if a container is knocked over. Pull all the tools you’ll need out of your toolbox before you start, you might lose your concentration and make a mistake if you stop in the middle of a repair to locate a specific tool.

Don’t Take Shortcuts and Use the Correct Tools

Taking shortcuts can damage parts on your car, even you can even hurt yourself. If a repair procedure says you need to remove a part a certain way, follow it. If you try to force parts out you can damage them or other parts of the car. If you don’t have the specialized tool for a certain repair, check the local auto parts stores—they’ll often lend or rent you the right tool for the job.

Know When to Take the Repair to a Professional

If you have a well-stocked garage full of tools, a manual and mechanical aptitude you can repair many things on your car. But, if you’re not confident about a certain repair, take it to a professional. They have diagnostic equipment and can even purchase parts online from older vehicles like some Subaru SVX parts for a cheaper alternative to buying brand new parts.

With these tips in mind you can be sure to save some money and feel a sense of satisfaction after managing the repairs by yourself. If done correctly, this method can be a great hobby and passion as it is for many people.

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