Cars You Shouldn’t Buy That Have Bad Track Records

Getting a new car is exciting. Most people go into it full of anticipation about owning a comfortable and reliable vehicle. Unfortunately, many people end up getting the opposite: A new car that runs into problem after problem In some cases, these cars are even dangerous. Research can be time-consuming, though, so to help you get started, here’s a list of problem cars that you can cross off your list.

Dodge Grand Caravan

Despite its popularity with the family market, the Dodge Grand Caravan is well-known for having a tendency to break down. The brakes, suspension, and transmission are all infamously unreliable, making this one a model to stay far away from.

Volkswagon New Beetle

Yes, it’s cute, but it’s also destined for problems. The older models made before 2007 are particularly bad, but even the newer ones have a reputation for problems with brakes and climate control systems. Look elsewhere for the cute car of your dreams.

Audi Q5

You’d think a car this expensive would be guaranteed to be great, but that’s not the case. Introduced in 2009, the Audi Q5 is a crossover vehicle that looks fantastic but has become notorious with mechanics for having issues with both the cooling system and the power equipment.

Mini Cooper S

The turbocharged version of the Mini Cooper base model is popular with people looking for a small, stylish car with a lot of power. Unfortunately, the extra power comes at a price. Transmission and fuel systems are both fraught with problems, and that turbocharged engine itself is also an issue.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Despite its rugged reputation, the Grand Cherokee isn’t as tough as it looks. The power windows are particularly likely to break, but major systems like the brakes and drive components are unreliable as well.

BMW 330i

This is another luxury model that just isn’t up to par. Since 2007 they’ve had problems with the fuel system as well as the body hardware and some engine components. Other models in BMW’s 3-series are certainly worth buying, but stay away from this one.

What to Do if You Get a Lemon

Avoiding cars with a bad history is a great first step, but even car buyers who do all the research can sometimes end up with a bad car. You should know that you have options if a problem car is costing you money. Many makers will replace the vehicle, but if they won’t make it right, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. In the worst situations, problems with crucial systems like the brakes can even be deadly. In that case, a lawyer should be your first stop. Specialized law firms are a good bet, but even general law firms will be able to tell you your rights and options.

Getting the wrong car doesn’t have to be a personal or financial disaster. To avoid problems, do your research, avoid notoriously bad models, and most of all, know your rights if you run into problems.


Savannah Coulsen is a freelance  writer. She lives in Raleigh. Savannah loves to read and write and she hopes to write a novel someday. Savannah also loves learning and is a self-proclaimed health guru. Savannah got information for this post from car accident attorneys Stewart, Humpherys, Molin, & Griffith.

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