Which Features Are Worth the Extra Cost at a Car Wash?

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It is important to have a clean vehicle because it helps to protect the paint and other materials on the automobile. In addition, by washing away debris such as tar, mud and splattered insects, you can look out of the windshield easily, and other drivers can see your headlights or brake lights. Washing your vehicle at home creates a mess, and if you live in an apartment, then you may not have access to an outdoor faucet for a garden hose.

Fortunately, you can visit a professional car wash location to clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle. However, before you drive your vehicle to the car wash location, you should determine what the most valuable services are.

Undercarriage Washing

You might think that washing the undercarriage of your vehicle is a waste of money, but if you drive along country dirt roads or any highways that are being resurfaced, then the underbody of the automobile is filthy. By washing away debris such as sand and asphalt, you are protecting the undercarriage of your vehicle.

Tire Cleaning

In the past, a replacement tire was inexpensive, but today, a tire costs a lot of money. If you want to ensure that your vehicle’s tires last longer, then having the items washed carefully is a fantastic idea. During the tire-cleaning process, the item is also inspected for damage, and you will also know if the tire has enough air. In addition to having shiny clean tires and hubcaps, you can fill your vehicle’s tires with air at the car wash.

Exterior Waxing

It is possible to protect your vehicle’s exterior with specialized wax. Rather than spending hours rubbing wax onto the exterior of your vehicle, have it applied at an automatic car wash. With this type of service, you can have a vehicle waxed in only a few minutes, and the wax will protect the paint and metal on your automobile to help prevent damage from rust.

Drying Services

If you leave a car wash with a dripping wet vehicle, then it will pick up more dust and road debris quickly. When you are having an automobile washed for a special event, you will make a better impression with a beautiful and dry vehicle. At a professional car wash, you can have a vehicle dried by hand with soft cloths that won’t scratch the paint.

How Often Should You Visit a Car Wash?

Experts recommend having your vehicle washed once a week to protect its finish from rain, tree sap, insects and road debris along with the air pollutants that can damage its finish.

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