Advancement in Automobile Technology: Helping the Impaired Driving Epidemic

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Each year, countless lives are lost with drunk driving being the cause of the accident. Despite tough laws and heavy fines, our country still experiences issues with this dangerous act. The auto industry has been praised for its ability to revolutionize the driver experience and continues to do so as we look into the future, which is why a few of these options may leave many to believe that the issue of drunk driving to be alleviated. Take a look:

Alcohol Detection Systems

A great way to protect yourself from getting behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol is a technology system that can literally keep you from starting your vehicle. Many people are familiar with the technology used by enforcement officers to distinguish a person’s intoxication level through breathalyzers and now this technology is being implemented in to your vehicles.

The science behind this would keep drivers from an embarrassing and even deadly situation from ever taking place. The technology would be a groundbreaking solution for those who feel confident enough to drive, despite the level of alcohol in their blood.

It’s also been mentioned that researchers are looking closely at touch-based systems to measure the alcohol level in someone’s skin tissue. The technology of infrared lighting would allow the sensor to detect a driver’s skin which can distinguish current chemical properties. Researchers are hoping that this ingrained technology could pave the path for a future without drunk driving accidents.

Autonomous Vehicles

In recent years, consumers have been notified of the future of the commuter experience through self-driving vehicles. Companies such as Tesla have been working diligently to perfect the driverless vehicle. Although many consumers are worried about other issues that may arise with cars that can drive themselves, there is the question of whether or not it would indeed alleviate the issue of drunk driving. If a vehicle can safely transport its passengers without the manual override of an intoxicated driver, the issue of drunk driving may seize to exist.

Facial and Behavior Systems

Automakers, such as Nissan, have been reportedly working to develop facial monitoring systems integrated into the vehicle These systems would have a camera facing the vehicles interior to monitor the driver’s facial and behavioral mannerisms. If the driver should show signs of tiredness or intoxication the vehicle will respond accordingly through vocal recognition or begin to tighten as a means to gain the driver’s attention.

Although it may still be in the development stages, this might be able to assist in realms of reckless driving outside of alcohol detection. Perhaps with technology that is capable of monitoring facial recognition and behavior, it could assist in the alleviation of impaired driving by the use of illegal and prescription drugs. Although, it may be too soon to tell, many companies and their researchers are hoping to blueprint a safer and less impaired future of all drivers.   

In the meantime, be sure to practice extreme caution when driving. Impaired driving has been a major factor in many of those who have lost their lives while commuting.

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