Tips for Availing the Right and Routine BMW Service

BMW service

Owning a BMW is a pride and a status symbol.  BMW is an exclusive brand offering utmost luxury SUV’s. However, many BMW owners think that the onetime investment in paying the car price is all it takes to enjoy the self-indulgence of possessing one of the most accredited luxury cars in the market but forgetting the importance of routine BMW maintenance may actually quell their illusion.

When you own a precious item, you need to take enough care of it as well. Getting a routine BMW service from an authorized service center will allow you to continue enjoying the power and performance of your BMW car. Therefore, if you are a BMW owner you need to know, where, when, what and how to expect the right maintenance for your car.

Where to get a BMW Service

 A lot many people believe that for car service during the warranty period you need to bring the vehicle down to the dealer from where you purchased it. But, in actuality you need to find a manufacturer authorized car servicing company for your BMW. This is quite a simple thing to do and there are number of ways how you can find out about the nearest and best BMW service center near you.

  • Check out the BMW website, there you need to insert your location and accordingly you can get a list of all the nearby BMW authorized servicing centers.
  • You can directly ask the dealer of your car for providing a list of all the BMW service centers in your city and around.
  • In order to know which center actually offers the best customer service, reliable servicing you can check online for the reviews. There are numerous forums and blogs where you can readily grab on to some exclusive reviews directly from BMW owners about the servicing of different centers in and around you.
  • Before getting an appointment or hiring the services of any company check if the company is a BMW authorized service center, it must be authorized to offer you BMW Original Equipment Manufacturer parts and the center must have BMW certified master Technicians.

When to Book a Servicing

When you purchase a BMW, you will get a car manual too. This manual comes in handy and supplies information about your car, the first service date and much more. Yet the dealers, service centers will often recommend changing your engine oil, clean the fuel injectors, get your transmission checked after every 3000 miles.

What to Expect in Routine BMW Service

  • As per the recommended servicing requirement by BMW manufacturer your car needs oil after every 7,500 miles. Therefore, it is better not to drain your bucks before that even if a service center tells you.
  •  Filters of your BMW car do not require to be changed at the time of every oil change; rather it varies as per the fuel on which your car runs. Cars that run on gasoline need a fuel filter change on every third oil change and for those running on diesel need fuel as well as air filter change on every third oil change service.
  • Brake functioning, fluid level, filters, signs of abrasion in tires etc. are some of the other parts of routine BMW service.

Book a Service

In order to book a BMW service, you need to locate the authorized service center. Contact the center via

  • Dial for call back
  • Call up the customer care number
  • Email the booking center of the servicing company

This way you can contact the service center and accordingly know the available date for servicing, the charges payable, etc.

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