4 Cheap Ways to Get Your Car Looking Good before You Sell

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It doesn’t matter if you’re selling an old or newer car. A vehicle’s overall appearance is often the deciding factor in many buyers’ minds. As a result, it’s critical that you make your car look its best unless you’re selling it for parts. It isn’t impossible to a budget when trying to get a car in better shape before a sale. The steps in this guide can show you how:

Use Repair Kits

Dents, rust, chips and scratches often cause buyers to walk away. Most car owners can repair mild damage with easy-to-use auto body repair kits. A professional dent repair kit, for example, contains a dent puller tool that makes it possible for you to pull almost any mild-to-moderate dent until the surface pops back into its original position. Rust and scratch repair kits offer sanding and other tools designed to rub away existing damage and repair and hide marred spots. Look for kits that offer high quality automotive putty for fiberglass and metal and automotive color-match paints.

Buy Used Parts

For more extensive damage, such as panels and fenders with deep dents, rust that’s rotting through an entire section or cracked windshield or window glass, replace the parts. You can find used parts in many ways, but try the following two methods first: Post “ISO” or “In Search Of” advertisements on classified ad sites like Craigslist and in local yard sale and free trade groups on social networks like Facebook. Include the make and model of your vehicle and part descriptions. Also try to find cheap parts in local junk yards that store old and wrecked vehicles that still have many good- and excellent-condition parts.

Buy New Parts

Most vehicle owners must also buy some new parts related to the appearance of their cars. These are the types of parts that aren’t usually available previously-used condition at all or in at least an undamaged state. For example, replace brittle wiper blades or rusty wiper assemblies, cracked or dulled tail light covers and dirty interior mats. Most parts retailers offer deals and discounts, such as discounts for shopping online and a percentage off the total purchase for loyal customers. For tail light covers, pick a trusted parts dealer who sells high-impact acrylic tail light covers in clear and colored options at affordable prices.

Clean the Headlights

Although it might seem like common sense, vehicle owners often forget to deep clean the headlights. As with tail light cover cracks and dullness, small dings from rocks, natural plastic yellowing and dullness and other marks on headlights can make your car look older and worth less. Although you can find several retail auto headlight cleaning options that make it effortless to sand out dings and remove an ultra-thin layer of damaged plastic to give headlights new life, do-it-yourself methods can also do wonders at little cost. For example, rub the headlights with white, non-gel toothpaste and a damp melamine foam eraser until each headlight appears clearer. Rinse with a damp sponge and then use car wax polishing paste to remove any fine marks and make your car’s headlights gleam.

Sometimes professional work by a mechanic or auto body specialist can cost less than some do-it-yourself options, such as with multi-panel and hood replacement or re-painting the entire vehicle. Before you do certain D-I-Y tasks that require extensive labor, always compare the cost of parts and the estimated amount of time you think it will take to complete the work to the cost of parts and a professional’s estimate. Some automobile repair specialists offer low-price deals when you purchase parts through them in addition to repair services. No matter what you decide to do, following these four budget-friendly methods can typically make your car look its best without breaking the bank.

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