4 Ways You Can Make Some Extra Money off Your Junker

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A Common Dilemma

Have you searched for creative ways to dispose of your junk car? Owners of unsightly, outdated autos and trucks sometimes endeavor to market their property on used car lots with little success. Buyers often hesitate to invest in unattractive or poorly running vehicles. Consider three ways to make a little money from your junker.

One: Create a Modern Work of Art Using Your Vehicle

Do you possess strong artistic talent? You may find a creative way to part with a junker by utilizing it effectively in a work of modern art. Unlike more conventional schools of painting or sculpture, modern artists sometimes employ widely used manufactured objects to enhance their pieces. Carhenge outside Alliance, Nebraska illustrates the versatility which can arise when talented modern artists employ automobiles in their designs. The site draws inspiration from Stonehenge in the British Isle. It evokes ancient stone columns and pillars using vehicles. Carhenge also features some interesting contemporary automotive pieces! You’ll need to find patrons willing to purchase your car art.

Two: Sell Your Junker

Another, perhaps more popular, approach for making a little extra money from a junk vehicle involves selling it outright for cash to an auto scrap yard. Some scrap yards charge customers for sending vehicles to the premises, but others do not. For instance, U Pull & Pay purchases junkers and arranges for towing. Today people who refurbish old cars sometimes visit scrap yards to search for parts from older makes and models of vehicles.

Three: Donate Your Vehicle for a Tax Deduction

A third way to derive a little extra money from a junk vehicle involves donating the vehicle to a nonprofit or charitable organization. Many worthy causes accept donated junkers. For example, New Hampshire Public Radio maintains a vehicle donation program. Tax laws still permit donors to obtain charitable deductions upon re-sale.

Four: Use it for Spare Parts

If no other scenario really works for you, you could always scrap your junker. You can either use it for spare parts for your other cars if needed. You could always take those spare parts and sell them as well provided they are still usable and in good condition. With that said, this may not make you extra money, but it will save you more money in the long run. Once you have gotten everything you can out of your junker, you can donate or scrap the rest. Otherwise it will just become an eyesore in your driveway, garage, or wherever you keep it on your property.

A Satisfying Decision

If feels nice making a little money during the disposal of a vehicle which no longer commands great prices in the commercial auto market and you are no longer getting any use out of it. You’ll gain satisfaction knowing you’ve used your junker as cost-effectively as possible. Whether you sell it as a work of modern art, obtain a cash payment from a vehicle recycler, or donate the vehicle for a tax deduction, you can often achieve at least some compensation for parting with this asset. Resolve to clear away rusting, unsightly vehicles from your real estate soon!

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