Avoid Accidents: Tips for Recognizing a Dangerous Driver

Driving carefully and responsibly is not enough to avoid an accident. It is important to be aware of what other drivers are doing as well. Every day good drivers are involved in accidents caused by someone else. To avoid this, everyone should be aware of who they are around at all times when out on the road, and understand how to detect the ones that are the most dangerous.

Changing Speeds Constantly

Repeatedly slowing down and then speeding back is a sign that could point to several problems. The person could be distracted, they may be unfamiliar with the vehicle they are driving or they may be a nervous, or novice driver. In each instance they are a potential risk because they may not have the control over the vehicle needed to prevent an accident.

Obvious Distracted Drivers

Someone actively chatting on their phone, eating a meal or driving with a dog in their lap has too much going on to really pay attention to the road. Vehicles with these drivers should always be avoided. For example, many motorcycle drivers have to pay attention to distracted car and truck drivers as their vehicle is a little more of a rarity on the road. If other individuals are involved in an accident there can be increased risk, so get people like Ramzy Ladah to help motorcycle accident victims. Always be aware of who is around you while driving any type of vehicle.

Driver Acting Aggressively

For reasons not fully understood, some people can become very angry and aggressive out on the road. Tailgating, honking the horn and gesturing and yelling are common actions for these types of drivers. If they are engaged with someone else, get out of the area. Drivers who are being targeted should avoid making eye contact or responding to the other driver. Remain focused on the road, refrain from speeding up to get away and do not stop unless it is someplace where help is immediately available.

Wandering Between Lanes

Cars drifting from one lane to the next or gradually getting too close to the shoulder of the road before being jerked quickly back in place are a serious risk. In some instances it could just be distracted driving, but in many others it could be something much more dangerous. This behavior is common with intoxicated drivers, people falling asleep and someone with a medical emergency. Stay back at least a full car length and have the passenger, if available, call 911 to report the driver.

Poorly Maintained Vehicles

Even great drivers can have old vehicles. This is not what people should worry about. Instead be concerned with the ones belching black smoke from the tailpipe and missing mirrors. Duct tape holding any part in place, old plastic covering gaping windows and more dents and dings than the average vehicle has, signify a potentially unsafe driver. Consider that if this is what the visible parts of the vehicle look like, imagine what shape the unseen parts, like their brakes, are in.

Carrying Unsecured Loads

Sometimes drivers can be a danger to others, even when they have full control of their vehicle. Watch out for any vehicle carrying anything. Whether it is strapped to an SUV roof, filling a truck bed or jutting out from a trunk, it can cause damage if it has not been securely strapped in place. Excessive movement of the load or the vehicle leaning to one side due to an uneven load are signs of problems waiting to happen. Get away from the vehicle as soon as possible, as even following one or two car lengths behind could be dangerous.

Responsible drivers have to do what is necessary to protect themselves against others who are less respectful and sensible on the road. Dangerous drivers are a hazard to themselves and everyone else. There is very little the average person can do to get these people off the road. Instead, everyone should do whatever they can to avoid becoming a statistic because of them.

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