An Insight into Smart Road Safety Practices

Nothing beats the feeling every designated driver has when they are on the road. Warm breeze coming through the window, your favorite tune playing and everything is perfect. And then it all suddenly stops. Unfortunately, traffic accidents are something that disturbs this idealistic scenario and in severe cases mean the end of it for good. The only way to reduce the chance of accidents happening is to increase road safety. Here is what can and should be done by both the authorities and individual drivers.

No mobile phones

Mobile phones, especially their smart versions, have no place in vehicles during rides. Driver’s attention absolutely needs to be focused on the road and vehicle and the distraction the interactive nature of mobile phones causes is so overwhelming that accidents are imminent. The scope of this problem is so vast that the authorities need to change the laws and introduce drastic penalties for those who drive and use their phones at the same time. If you need to be available during rides, minimize the phone use and by all means use handfree sets.

Fasten your seatbelt

Seatbelts are an integral part of every vehicle for a good reason. Although the majority of people know the purpose of seatbelts, a great number of drivers and passengers still neglect to use them. The usual excuses are that they are uncomfortable to wear and ruin the beauty of driving. However, when these subjective reasons are faced with grim statistics of injuries and fatality rates due to non-fastened seatbelts, the answer is clear: drivers and all passengers need to use seatbelts without excuse and regardless of the distance travelled.  

Clear mind means good reflexes

Driving under the influence of alcohol and any psychoactive substances is reckless driving. Although this should be common knowledge, people still fail to apply it at all times. Some live under the false pretend that their reflexes and driving abilities become sharper and improved if they have a couple of drinks; others misinterpret the ecstatic mood certain substances create. The reality is quite opposite. Therefore, remember, zero tolerance for alcohol and psychoactive substances is necessary for safe driving.

Technological aids

Modern technological age we live in brings benefits to road safety as well. For example, smart tires that monitor road conditions in real time and display data on the dashboard are very useful when it comes to adapting the speed and driving manner. Next, there are alcohol sensors available which prevent the engine from starting if the driver was drinking. Finally, trustworthy GPS crash cameras represent the new level of improving road safety. 


Infrastructure is probably the single road safety notion that is not directly in individuals’ hands. It is the authorities that need to take care of the roads and provide the best possible infrastructure for safe traffic. However, this is not always the case and drivers need to adapt to unfavorable road conditions as well. After all, personal safety comes first. Furthermore, it is somewhat our duty to react if we spot any road damage or other infrastructural problems. Finally, it is in everyone’s best interest to have safe roads.

Giving the fact that the volume of traffic is increasing on a daily basis, taking extra precautions is always strongly advisable. If everyone did their best to improve personal safety and driving culture our roads would surely be a safer place.

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