Motorcycle or Car – Which One Is Really Safer?

When compared to motorcycles, the safety of cars has been hard to argue with over the years. A large number of features and protective gear are found in cars. Because of the demand for cheap transportation and the nostalgia for the open road, experienced motorcyclists have challenged the perceptions of safety issues. Important changes suggest that the safety of motorcycle riding can be managed. This has made the use of motorcycles a real option for many people.

Motorcyclists can point to many tactics that allow riders to get out of tough spots quickly. A motorcycle is only a fraction of the size of cars and the small size lends it a real advantage in traffic. Motorcyclists skirt lanes, jump curbs and otherwise speed out of the path of accidents long before they happen.

The driver’s awareness increases on a motorcycle, and motorcyclists take care of the business of driving better than motorists. Motorcyclists see everything while in traffic. They read other drivers and they don’t rely on rules of the road to save them. They take care to communicate with other vehicles and are more cautious moving in and out of lanes.

The public campaign to start seeing motorcycles has produced dividends in safety. Motorists’ growing awareness of motorcycles has contributed to fewer accidents. In addition, operating lights increase visibility, and though it annoys the public, increasing the noise the exhaust augments “visibility.” For the defensive driver, these benefits help make motorcycles safe.

The only drawback for the motorcyclist – and it is significant — is that motorcyclists are exposed to more harm than motorists are. Motorcycles offer virtually no barriers during collisions. There are no side panels, air bags, seat-belts, bumpers or engine bulk to protect a motorcyclist. By contrast, motorcyclists have helmets but not much else.

While automobile accidents result in injuries to the occupants 20 percent of the time, an accident on a motorcycle usually results in personal injury to a driver, a rider or both, according to sources. Ninety-five percent of accidents involving motorcycles leave the rider injured. If you happen to be involved in a motorcycle accident, you’ll want to get in touch with lawyer to help you get a fair settlement for your injury.

If a rider believes an accident is likely in the future, the motorcycle is not the vehicle to use. If a motorcyclist believes driving defensively will make life accident-free, then a motorcycle is the safest vehicle. To many, It’s a matter of perception. Looking at the odds, you would have to give the nod to the car, it’s the safer vehicle, but the argument for motorcycle safety continues to gain ground.

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