Customize your Ride: The Five Best Ways to Personalize Your Vehicle

When you hit the highway, it’s all too easy to get lost in the crowd. The streaming mass of cars heading down the roads can become a blur of monotony if you don’t distinguish yourself. Regardless of what type of car, truck, or SUV you drive, these five customization tips will set you apart from the many plain, unadorned vehicles on the roads.

Chrome Emblems for a Personal Touch

Chrome car emblems are an excellent way to proclaim your individuality on the road. These come in all types and shapes, from the common minimalist fish symbol to pop culture references, team logos, and national flags—so you can choose whatever emblem best represents you!

Decals Are An Inexpensive Option

Decals and bumper stickers are one of the easiest ways to personalize your ride. There are thousands upon thousands of creative and affordable options out there. There is no limit as to where you put it on your car; windshields, hitch, doors, hood. You can apply racing stripe decals across your hood or hot rod flames across the sides, the possibilities are endless!

Ditch the Standard License Plate

One surefire way to make your car different is to swap out the boring, standard state-issued numbered license plate for a customized one. Are you “The Boss”? Let everyone know. A speed demon? Say, “XLR8” to those behind you. If you would rather keep the standard license plate, consider a license plate frame. You can pick whichever phrases, colors and bling suits you. Lots of tourist shops sell custom plate frames, so next time you’re on vacation somewhere and want something to remember your time by, check those out!

Air Fresheners do Double Duty

A double whammy – air fresheners come in all kinds of shapes and fragrances. Choose the classic tree-shaped “fresh pine” scent or opt for a bolder aroma like coffee or gardenia. There are even fresheners that smell like bacon or corn dogs, if you’re into having your vehicle smell like meat. Not all air fresheners have to dangle from your rear view mirror—lots of auto shops and home stores now sell scent diffusers that plug into your cigarette lighter/outlet. These are even more customizable, as you can fill them with the your own oil blends or keep a variety on hand to change up the aroma more often.

Customizable Floor Mats

Floor mats not only protect the floor of your vehicle, they can also be used to jazz up the space. Go the classy route with a fancy calligraphy monogram or show off your wild side with animal print mats. You can choose a feminine floral theme or the emblem of your favorite automobile maker. Custom Floor mats will change the entire look of the inside of your vehicle and impress those you deem worthy enough to take for a ride.

It’s always a good time to set yourself apart from the crowd. Doing so through vehicle customization not only proclaims a sense of individuality, it gives others on the road a fun sight during an otherwise boring commute or long road trip.

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