How To Know When The Right Time Is To Replace Your Windshield

A loud sound permeates your car’s interior and startles you as you drive down the road. This startling sound is typically an object striking the windshield. Depending on the object’s size and trajectory, you may have an instant chip or crack across your windshield. Before you resort to replacing the entire windshield, take a look at the crack to determine if it can be repaired instead.

Chip Repair Options

Take a look at your chip, or gouge, in the glass. If it is about the size of a quarter or less, it is possible to repair it. Use a windshield repair kit to save hundreds of dollars on replacement glass. These helpful kits use specialized resins to fill the chip and maintain a strong glass surface. It is critical to repair the chip as soon as possible, however. Allowing the chip to remain untouched may cause it to grow larger. Any chips outside of quarter size indicates time for a windshield replacement.

Determining Crack Damage

Use products from to repair 3-inch-long cracks, or smaller, for an almost brand-new glass appearance. Resins quickly fill in the crack and prevent it from spreading. Order your repair kit quickly for these cracks, especially if they are along the windshield’s edge. There is a lot of glass tension at the edges because of the connection point to the vehicle itself. Neglected cracks at the edges spread rapidly, requiring an entire windshield replacement.

Driver’s Clear View

If you have a small crack or chip along the driver’s line of sight, most professional repair companies will not advise filling the damage. Although resin is strong and creates a neat appearance when cured, it does form a slight warping at the damage site. If you must focus on cars through the filled site, an accident could occur. In these case, you will want to replace the windshield. If you try to repair the damage yourself without a professional’s help, you may cause your own accident in the future.

Ticketing Damaged Windshields

Some states actively issue tickets for damaged windshields. Do not allow your cracks and chips to grow in size. Repair or replace the windshield as needed. Police want everyone on the road to be safe and a damaged windshield increases your chances of an accident, especially at night. Lights flicker and distort through cracks, impeding your depth perception.

Take a good look at your windshield. Use a quarter and ruler to determine damage sizes for the best evaluation. If you are unsure about the damage, ask a professional’s opinion or replace the windshield.

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