The Family Vehicle: Should You Buy a Crossover or a Minivan?

The debate over whether a family is better served by a crossover or a minivan is one that is hotly contested in many circles, which  makes it extremely confusing for those people that are looking for a great family vehicle. Many people arguing for the minivan will simply cite that the minivan is larger and therefore better, resting their case at that. However, taking a closer look at what different types of models of specific minivans and crossovers can offer to families allows you to decide for yourself. Understanding some of the advantages and disadvantages of both will allow the debate to be settled in your own mind.

The Debate

The minivan and the crossover are on equal footing in most cases when it comes to seating up to eight passengers, offering three rows of seating, and performing pretty well in the mileage department. These are the traditional needs of the average family. The crossover has attempted to meet these needs while also offering versatility and style as well. The reality is that crossover vehicles are closer in platform to vans than they are any type of truck or car. Although, when it really comes to shopping for your individual family, it usually comes down to some essentials. Outside of the obvious factors such as gas mileage, seating, and cargo space, there are entertainment options, cup holders, and other valuable features that can heavily weigh in.

The Contenders

The Honda Odyssey LX is a vastly popular minivan that achieves 23 miles to the gallon on the highway. It is on equal footing with the Honda Pilot LX, a cross over that has the same fuel efficiency. The Pilot is all-wheel drive and offers just slightly more leg room in the front. However, the Odyssey comes out on top when it comes to cargo space and cup holders. For roughly $1,000 less, the minivan has 13 cup holders and 147 cubic feet of storage space. The Toyota Sienna SE, another popular minivan, comes in at nearly $4,000 less than the popular crossover and similar vehicle, the Mazda CX-9 sport. The minivan also gives customers more seating and more leg room in nearly every area. It also features 10 cup holders as well. Still, the CX-9 offers all-wheel drive and a more stylish look with more nimble handling.

Entertainment and Choice

In the entertainment department, nearly all new models of both kinds of vehicles offer the option of DVD entertainment and television screens that utilize separate inputs. The audio systems can be outfitted for ideal sound, making this dimension one that falls under the discretion of the buyer when they consider optional features. In light of these facts, the minivan does seem to come out on top if you are looking for raw storage space at a lower price. Versatility, style, and handling seem to go to the crossover, although, they do not edge out the minivan in gas mileage as many would assume. The most important thing for buyers to do when they visit local Mazda dealers in Kansas City is to consider their own needs and weigh them against the strengths and weaknesses of each type of vehicle.

Thus, if you need a large amount of space, and don’t really care about style, a minivan will more than likely fit your style and needs. On the other hand, if style is a big factor, and you still want your vehicle to be able to go off-road and perform in poor conditions, a crossover will probably fit better with your needs, though you will need to pay more for these great benefits.

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