Side By Side: Nissan 370z vs Mitsubishi Lancer Evo

Gather round, sports car enthusiasts. Automakers have released their 2013 vehicle lines, and two Japan-based motor companies’ athletic coupes are turning heads on the road. Nissan’s latest release from its legendary Z line, the 370Z, continues the high performance legacy with pure speed and precise handling. Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evo blends under-the-hood excellence with day-to-day dependability to create a rare driving experience. These two go head-to-head in style and performance.


Auto enthusiasts may see a resemblance to the classic Porsche 911 in Nissan’s newest 370Z. Slimmed down from its predecessor, the 350z (currently available through used Nissan dealers in AZ), the 370Z’s body exudes speed. This chic frame is mounted on 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels and features LED daytime running lights along with traditional headlights. The Z’s cozy interior feels more like a cockpit than a driver’s seat. Contoured padding supports the ideal motion, whether you’re driving an automatic or a manual, and bright gauges help will help you keep hold of the reins.

By contrast, the 4-door Lancer Evo has a more square shape, providing space and convenience for its passengers within a stylish frame. It’s easy to spot a Lancer because of their trademark spoiler, which arches high above the car’s trunk. The body sits low to the ground on 18-inch alloy wheels, promoting road-hugging handling and smooth style.


Speed is the name of the game for these two bullet racers. The 370Z’s 3.7-liter, 7-speed engine generates 332 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and features the Variable Valve Event and Lift system, which reduces friction and improves performance. The Synchro Match function detects shifts in either direction and matches the speed accordingly, providing smooth accelerations and decelerations. To help drivers to harness this power, the 370Z is mounted on “high response” shock absorbers and anti-lock brakes. Add it all up, and the result is a car that goes zero to 60 in 4.7 seconds with impeccable handling.

Forged from the pits of rally racing circuits around the world, the Lancer Evo is a race car in disguise. Mitsubishi’s Super-All Wheel Control (S-AWC) affords drivers total control of the 291 horsepower, 2-liter turbo-charged engine. Experience four-wheel handling and a balanced torque split — ideal handling proportions. Lightweight, two-piece brake rotors and an upgraded suspension give you the potential to remain in control at break-neck speeds.


Nissan seems to have tailored every aspect to create the best driving experience around, but it sacrificed some utility in the process. The 370Z seats two and provides minimal cargo space, so it may not be ideal for families. At an EPA estimated 21 combined miles per gallon, this sporty coup holds its own in terms of gas mileage, so individual passengers can cruise through everyday life in style.

Part of the Lancer Evo’s allure is its versatility. As capable of racing the streets of Monaco as it is picking up groceries, this comfortable sedan will inject speed and style into day-to-day tasks. The Lancer Evo seats five and provides substantial trunk space.


The 2013 Nissan 370Z Coupe starts at $33,120. Find a list of available add-ons on Nissan’s website, and the 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo starts at $34,695. View additional features at Mitsubishi’s website.

For a closer look, check out the video below!

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