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Fuel/Gas Saving Hacks Every Motorist Should Know

saving fuel

As the saying goes, buying a car is easy, owning it is the hard part. Buying a car is one-off payment but when you own, you have to continually spend money on it to cater for regular servicing, repairs and fuel, which costs the most.

In order to not strain oneself financially, there is need to keep the maintenance costs manageable. Fuel cost is the variable cost in a vehicle maintenance where one could save hundreds of dollars. For instance, taking your car for regular service and oil change may look like an unnecessary expense but saves you quite a fortune in major repairs and also makes sure your vehicle is fuel efficient.

Below are a number gas hacks to save you money.

Combine your trips

Your vehicle consumes a considerable amount of gas every time you turn the engine on and for the first few miles as the engine warms up.

To save on gas, combine all your short trips during the day into one long one. For example, if you have to do grocery and drop your kids at school in the morning, make that a single trip by passing by the grocery store straight away from the school instead of returning home and leaving for the store later on.

Service your car regularly

Take your car for regular service by professionals at A regular check-up promotes the longevity of the vehicle as well as the identifying and repairing faults that could put occupants at risk. Moreover, a well-serviced vehicle consumers less gas than a creaky one.

Avoid traffic snarl-ups

Not only do you waste a lot of time in traffic jams, you also consume a lot of gas without any motion. Your vehicle uses significantly more gas every time you have to stop and start on low gear.

It is therefore important to avoid driving during rush hours to help you save on gas when you might encounter jams or download a traffic app to help you identify roads on which the traffic is not as heavy.

Roll up the windows

This has to do with a physics concept called aerodynamic drag. There is an increase in wind resistance when you have your windows open as you driving along. This in turn increases the aerodynamic drag on your vehicle thus requiring more energy (gas) to move your vehicle forward.
It is also for these reason that car manufacturers strive to make a car’s body as streamlined as possible.

The gains are however lost if your vehicle gets to hot when you close the windows and you have to turn on the AC, which uses up more gas.

Accelerate and decelerate smoothly

The most fuel-efficient way to drive is to go at a steady speed on a high gear. Repeatedly stepping on the gas and the breaks does quite some damage to both your wallet and your vehicle.

If you must accelerate and overtake, then be sure you won’t have to slam the breaks a few miles ahead because of traffic lights or speed bumps.