Understanding your Rights and Responsibilities as a Motorcyclist

Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries and damage. The state of Nevada requires that motorcyclists do their part to protect themselves. However, motorcyclists who were the victims of another driver’s negligence have a defined set of rights under the law.

Motorcycle Laws

Most states require that motorcycle operators have a class motorcycle license. Both the driver and their passenger must wear helmets. They must also wear protective face shields, unless the motorcycle has a windshield or screen. While they are allowed to use a complete traffic lane, motorcyclists do not have the right to drive with or pass another vehicle in the same lane. They cannot drive between lanes, even if the other vehicles are stopped.

Required Motorcycle Equipment

Motorcycles driving on most US roads are required to have one headlight, but not more than two. Tail lights and brake lights must be visible from a distance stipulated by the state. They should be equipped with a reflector and rear and front brakes. In most places, modern bikes need front and rear electric turn signals. Rear view mirrors should be mounted on both sides, and front and back wheels should have fenders. They are also required to have a horn and a muffler.

What to do after a Motorcycle Accident

The health and well-being of all parties involved in an accident is of paramount importance. Necessary medical care should be sought immediately. According to Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney Farhan Naqvi, once any medical emergencies have been addressed, it is a good idea to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. They will work with the victim and help them collect information about the accident that could have a bearing on if they receive damages. It is essential that the victim and their family take these steps immediately after the accident. The insurance company representing the other parties involved will not waste any time in gathering information and building their case.

Is It Necessary to Hire an Attorney?

Not in all cases, but it is advisable in the vast majority of cases. When a person is a victim of a motorcycle accident, their primary focus is on recovering from their injuries. They lack the time, experience, and know-how to protect their interests. Attorneys understand the techniques that insurance companies will use to attempt to deny a claim, and they can work to cut these techniques off at the pass.

Recovering from a traumatic motorcycle accident can be difficult. It is not the time to try to recoup damages or lost wages on your own. Using the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney will make the process a lot smoother.

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