What to Look For When Buying a Used Car

Used cars are a great option for the drivers who love saving money. However, you must take extra caution when purchasing a previously-owned vehicle. Here are five tips to keep in mind when shopping for a used ride.

Do the Proper Research

Although a particular vehicle may initially capture your heart, you still need to do the proper research. After reading through the various online reviews, you may find out that the car has a common flaw. For example, some vehicles are prone to experiencing premature paint fading. Remember, the cost of a new paint job can exceed $1,000. Not only do you need to research the vehicle’s projected reliability, but you also need to find out the car’s current market value.

Beauty is Only Skin Deep

When shopping for a used vehicle, do not be fooled by its beautiful appearance. There could be plenty of problems going on beneath the surface. After starting the engine, keep an eye out for the presence of exhaust smoke. Unsurprisingly, a smoky engine is never a good sign. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask an experienced car person to tag along. Before finalizing any paperwork, be sure to obtain a vehicle history report.

Check the Mileage

Ideally, you should try to select a ride that has less than 100,000 miles on the odometer. However, some high-mileage vehicles can still last for many years to come. Make sure to take the car to a mechanic like Tischer Auto before making any final decisions as they can tell you what condition the car is in better than anyone else. The key is to choose a vehicle that has been well-maintained and will last you a substantial amount of time. If you are purchasing the vehicle from a private seller, ask to see their maintenance records and see if it has ever been in an accident before. Accidents can seriously inhibit the integrity and safety of the car if done incorrectly.

Consider Purchasing a Certified Pre-owned Vehicle

Unlike the average used car, certified pre-owned vehicles usually come with a lengthy warranty. Before being showcased on the dealership’s lot, a certified pre-owned vehicle must be thoroughly inspected for quality. If a vehicle fails to meet the strict standards of the certified program, it will not make the cut. Although certified pre-owned vehicles are just a tad bit more expensive, the prospective buyers will not have to worry about purchasing a lemon.

Know Your Needs

Do not make the mistake of buying a car that does not match your lifestyle. While a sports car can be fun to drive, it is not the best choice for a person who needs to haul around their children.

There is no overlooking the fact that used cars are far less expensive. However, be sure to take the necessary precautions.

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