Car Tech in 2015: Exciting Advancements to Look for This Year

Not only has technology improved how we communicate and interact with each other but it has also improved the actual driving experience. There was once a time where the only features in a car were air-conditioning and a radio, but now there are an abundance of technological advancements that make a car more enjoyable to drive. While it may take time for the world to warm up to, car technology is taking over the automobile world. Here is a look at some of 2015’s best car technologies to get excited for this year:

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Smartphones have become important in how we choose to live our everyday lives and now it will become an integrated element in how we drive our cars. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will lead the way. By connecting a USB cord from your phone to your car, and the click of one button, Apple or Android interface will appear on the car’s touch screen. This innovative technology allows drivers to talk on their phone, text, get directions and play music from their phone without it being in their hand.

Further Development of Self Driving Cars

While the concept of a self-driving car is relatively new, it has gained a lot of traction in the last year, and will gain even more in 2015. At the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show, an Audi A7 Piloted Concept was driven 560 miles from San Francisco to Las Vegas as a test drive. Seeing that it held up, more cars will begin to reveal their renditions of self-driving cars and jump on this exciting bandwagon..

Gesture Control

The ability to control something without touching it could come in handy, especially while driving. It actually eliminates the act of taking your eyes off the road and relying on your ability to remember where things are. Gesture control technology will enable you to turn up the volume, or turn down the heat by simply raising your hand, and control basic features without taking your eyes off the road.

Lane Change Assistance

This technology isn’t brand new, however, developments continue to improve lane keeping features to help drivers stay safe. While most users probably won’t find this as “sexy” as self-driving cars, it is definitely cutting edge and useful. Each year, there are plenty of lane changing accidents and this technology is here to eliminate some of it by examining the traffic and giving proper signals when it is ok to change lanes.

Wi-Fi Capabilities

2014 already marked the start for cars equipped with Wi-Fi, but that mostly only featured high class cars like Audi, Mercedes and BMW. In 2015, GM will take a crack at installing Wi-Fi in their latest modeled cars. OnStar will provide the Wi-Fi services through a subscription plan that will require users to pay for it after so long.

These technologies will change the way cars are driven in the new year. The technology we use in our everyday lives are intertwined with how we use transportation, and this integration will only continue as technology advances.

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