Ways To Prevent Cracks In Your Windshield

If you own a vehicle, at some point in time you will have a cracked windshield. Not only can these cracks obstruct your vision, they can also spread as you drive and make your drive all the more hazardous. While it is not possible to avoid cracked windshields all together, there are ways to prevent cracks from happening. Here are 4 tips to avoid a crack or a chip that will become more than just an eyesore.

Park Under a Carport

Did you know that direct sunlight can be just as bad for your auto glass as it is for the interior of your car? The seal that surrounds the windshield can absorb heat and then transfer this heat to the glass itself. The high temperatures makes the glass more prone to cracks around the perimeter when you hit a bump or if you have a minor impact. To prevent the damaging UV rays from doing damage, park under a surface.

Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes When Possible

Direct sunlight can be damaging, but going from hot to cold rapidly can also affect your auto glass. If you are parked in the heat, the glass expands. When you turn your car on and blast your air conditioner, the glass will then contract. This can lead to a weakened structure which causes cracking. To avoid this, avoid the significant temperature changes by using your AC or heater moderately.

Inspect for Small Chips

You can have a very minimal chip and not notice it for a great deal of time. This is why it’s important to inspect your windshield closely on a regular basis so that you can identify the unnoticeable cracks or chips that are minor now and can later become major. If you do spot a chip, it’s wise to get your chip repaired before it spiders and you need a windshield replacement according to Speedy Apollo Auto Service Centres, a company that provides windshield replacement in Calgary.

Steer Clear of Bumpy Roads

If you do not have many routes that you can take to and from a location, it might not always be possible to avoid roads with not-so-pleasant driving conditions. Bumpy roads, gravel roads, hair pin turns, and roads that cause your vehicle to jump can cause the windshield to jar. This jarring can flex the windshield beyond its capabilities and lead to cracking. When rough driving conditions can be avoided, take the smoother and less straining road.

You may not be able to avoid glass breakage in all instances, but these tips can help you reduce the likelihood. Be sure to choose an auto glass repair company that you can trust when you do need repairs, and stay safe on the roads.

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