Buying A Used Car? Six Tips To Get You The Best Deals

Finding a good deal on a used car can seem like a daunting task. These six tips can help you find a car that should stay problem free for as long as you need it.

1. Set Your Price And Expectations

Consider brands and models you might like, how much you’re willing to spend and what features you need a car to have. When you go to a dealership or car owner it’s easy to get talked into something that doesn’t truly fit your needs or budget if you aren’t prepared before you show up. Be sure you don’t go over your budget no matter the circumstances.

2. Research At Home

Most dealers list the cars they have on a website now. Search for cars you want in your area over the Internet before you go anywhere. When you go into the dealership to look at something in person, be prepared with how much that car is actually worth before negotiating.

3. Check Out The Car’s History

Check out a car’s vehicle history before you buy. With a car’s history you’ll be able to find out if it has been in any accidents or had any ongoing issues. You can get instant access to a car’s vehicle history by using a site like InstaVIN.

4. Be Prepared To Walk Away

If you want a specific car more than the dealer wants to make a sale, you will always walk out with a bad deal. Look at cars before you buy, and be prepared to go home empty handed. When you negotiate a car’s price you can stay in control by remembering that there are other cars you can choose.

5. Secure Financing Options

Getting financed in the dealership can be a great deal for new cars, but used cars aren’t often bundled with low interest financing options. Secure financing offers from banks, credit unions and Internet sources before you talk to the dealer. Having options available will help you avoid spending too much on interest.

6. Bring A Knowledgeable Friend

Some mechanical problems are easy to spot on a test drive if you bring a friend who knows cars. Pay attention to warning signs like rust, water damage and signs of a leak under the car. Make sure the tires don’t look damaged, and let your friend check under the hood.

With these simple tips, you can find a used car that will live up to your initial expectations. Simply shop with care and you’ll end up with a car you love.

Anita Ginsburg

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  1. Sarahsmile says:

    Forget a friend, have a certified mechanic check out the car before you buy it.