Motorcycle Safety: Tips To Help You Stay Safe On The Road And Avoid Disaster

When you are on the road riding a motorcycle, you are at a disadvantage against other motorized vehicles such as cars and trucks. Safety should be your number one priority when driving your motorcycle to avoid accidents that could potentially be fatal. With these few motorcycle safety tips, you can be a step ahead when it comes to safety.

Buy The Proper Motorcycle Clothing

When riding a motorcycle, it is essential to have all the proper gear. A motorcycle offers no protection during a crash, so flip flops and shorts are not proper attire to be riding a motorcycle. Leather clothing can help protect motorcycle drivers in the case that their bike were to lay down and slide. Leather is a strong material that can help protect riders from road rash, bugs, cigarette butts and even small rocks.

Wear The Proper Shoes

The proper shoes for riding a motorcycle are sturdy shoes. To change gears on a motorcycle, the driver must pull up on the lever, which requires closed toe shoes. Soles on shoes should not be smooth because it makes it very easy to slip off the pegs on the motorcycle or to slip when coming to a stop and stabilizing the bike. The shoes should also be weather-proof in case you get stuck in a rainstorm.

Avoid Unnecessary Distractions

Any type of distracted driving is bad, but on a motorcycle it can be fatal. It is important to stay very aware of all of your surroundings when riding a motorcycle. Since motorcycles are difficult for some drivers of bigger vehicles to see, you must proactively be aware of these vehicles and stay out of their way to stay safe. While driving a motorcycle, your hands must also always stay on the handlebars to ensure proper balance and maneuvering.

Be Weather Aware

Motorcycles are a bit more unstable than a car in generally dry conditions, and wet weather can greatly increase the instability of the motorcycle. You should stay weather aware and avoid riding in heavy rain, ice or snow.

Get Advanced Motorcycle Training

Getting more advanced motorcycle training can help protect yourself and others from accidents on the roadway. A driving school can help everyone from beginners to advanced riders improve their techniques and skills while on their motorcycle, say the experts at Valley Driving School. Driving schools are able to train and assess a driver’s skills to ensure proper knowledge before getting on the road.

Always Wear A Helmet

Helmets protect motorcycle driver’s heads in any type of accident. Head injuries are the leading cause of death when it comes to motorcycle accidents, so it is that much more important to wear the proper motorcycle helmet anytime you are riding your motorcycle. The helmet should not fit too tightly or too loosely, and it should never obstruct your vision.

Motorcycle safety is easy when tips such as these are taken into consideration each and every time you ride your motorcycle. Any time you are on your motorcycle, you should strive to always put safety first.

Anita Ginsburg

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