5 Tips to Help you Protect your Windshield

Protecting your windshield and car windows is imperative for obvious purposes like safety. Research shows that 90% of driving decisions are dependent upon good vision, so it only makes common sense to invest in taking care of the windshield in particular.

Other reasons for maintaining your windshield is that it is the biggest target for the sunlight and in hot months, heats up your car interiors which in return damages them, when your car is parked for long periods of time. Additionally, if you are intending to sell your car, the windshield and wiper blades are a good gauge of how well maintained the vehicle was.

Most people maintain various parts of their cars but forget that the windshield too needs to be protected and maintained on a regular basis. Below are some tips on how to protect your windshield, so that when you are on the road, you are as safe as possible.

Clean your Windshield on a Regular Basis

The simplest and most effective way to protect your auto glass is by cleaning it on a weekly basis, both on the inside and the outside. If a piece of gravel strikes a clean windshield, its smooth surface prevents energy transfer and bounces off. However, if it strikes a dirty auto glass, the friction allows for more energy transfer that may lead to a chip or even worse, a shattered windshield.

Clean your Windshield Wipers Regularly & Replace them with New Ones when Necessary

Dirty windshield wiper blades leave streaks and simply spread dirt built up on your auto glass, leading to the same problem of a likely chip in your windshield if gravel or stones hit it when you are on the road. When you notice that your wiper blades are not doing an efficient job of providing good visibility, chances are that they are no longer doing their job well and it’s time to replace them with new ones.

Request an Extra Coating of Windshield Protection

When buying a new car, request for an extra coating of windshield protection. While some cars already come with this extra coating, most don’t. In the long run, the investment will pay off in the unfortunate event of an accident or flying glass hitting your windshield. Called shatterproof glass, this is a good option for a new purchase.

Use Invisible Polyester Films to Reinforce the Safety of your Glass

There many consumer products in the market today that can be used to protect your car windshield. Most of them are used to protect against cracks from stones, hail and harmful UV rays, so fret not if your existing car hasn’t been reinforced with an extra coating of windshield protection.

Remove Ice from your Windshield without Causing Damage

When winter comes around, it is more than likely that you will encounter a layer of ice forming on your windshield at some point. It may be tempting to pick any old item like a knife or a spatula to remove the ice. This increases the chances of scratching your windshield or damaging your auto glass. Instead be patient and use a plastic ice scrapper. Other options include using a de-icer spray to melt the ice and you may not even need a plastic ice scrapper.

Follow the tips above religiously and you will be well on your way to preserving and maintaining your car windshield for a long time to come.  However, if you happen to find yourself with a damaged windshield, be sure to get a quick windshield replacement quote on glass.net.

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