Fixer Upper – 5 Reasons Buying a Used Vehicle is a Smart Move

Buying a brand new car can break the bank for most people and the only option that they have is to buy a used vehicle. If this is done right you can purchase a vehicle that will last you many years and be a great investment. A used vehicle eliminates the hassles associated with the expenses of new vehicles. So if you are considering purchasing a new car you should consider going with a used vehicle for these convincing reasons.

Eliminating Expensive Loans

One of the best advantages for purchasing a used vehicle is that they can be purchased directly from an auto dealership or an individual without the hassle of an high-rate loan. There is no need to apply for any extended loan that comes with high interest rates as you can purchase a cheap vehicle quite easily. In fact, used cars can be bought with cash, personal check and credit card if necessary. If a loan is needed to make a purchase for a used automobile, then most financial institutions and banks may offer low interest rates for sums below $10,000.

Reducing Extra fees and Surcharges

New vehicles come with specific surcharges and fees such as for delivery. By contrast, a purchase of a used car involves payments for the title, registration and applicable taxes. Surely, there aren’t any down payments involved with a used automobile. The bottom line is that an older vehicle is sold in "as is" condition and with a negotiable price tag for the most part.

Optional Maintenance Costs

Older vehicles do not need to be maintained and serviced as frequently as new vehicles that come with specific manufacturer’s guidelines. For example, multiple expensive services are usually done the first 15,000 or 30,000 miles of a car. When a used car has more than 50,000 miles on it, the maintenance is done on a as needed basis and not really according to a perfectly scheduled guideline. Additionally, owners of used vehicles may be able to bear some slight mechanical problems.

Fixing Older Cars

These days, an old car can be upgraded with auto parts that can be found online or at used car stores everywhere for cheap. The entire powertrain, drivetrain, electrical system and chassis can be updated or completely replaced with OEM parts. Owners of used cars can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on online auto parts that can be brought to a local repair shop and used to get an older vehicle back on the road.

Lower Insurance Rates

Used vehicles may come with lower auto insurance premiums compared to new vehicles. For example, the deductible for an old car cannot be high because insurance companies don’t pay more than the actual value of an insured vehicle. Additionally, older cars do not need to be covered under certain policies that are mandatory for most leased or financed new vehicles.

Used cars can be restored for a relatively minimum investment and also do no come with any extra fees and interests rates. Because of this, buying a used vehicle can be the right decision for any person looking for a inexpensive way to get around.

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