Don’t Get Ripped Off – What To Know About Buying A New Car

When buying a new car, you can spend all of your hard-earned money. However, this is a wise investment to make if you want reliable transportation for a long time. With this in mind, it is not easy to just go to a dealer and pick out a car and finance it. No, a buyer should know how to avoid common pitfalls. With this in mind, here are four things to avoid so you do not get ripped off when buying a vehicle.

Know the value

Without a doubt, when you walk into a dealership, you should know what car you want to buy. More importantly, you should know the true value of the vehicle. To do this, shoppers should go online and search for the prices of new cars. When doing so, you can find the value. Then, when walking into the dealer, you will have the upper hand in the negotiation process.


As mentioned, you will want to negotiate the price. To do this, you must first know the value of the car. Then, you should sit down with the salesperson and come up with a figure. When doing this, prepare for them to balk at the first tor second offer. Salespeople would rather make a sale than let you walk away. Once you come up with a price, you should try to nail him or her further down so you can save money.


Some employees will try to force you to spend more on features or products. Do not fall for this. For example, some dealerships will try to force people to buy a warranty. In reality, when buying a new car, this is not a good deal. Instead, you should politely decline their requests. Remember, if you want additional features or a warranty, you can revisit this later.

Really look at financing

When you use the dealership to finance a car, you will not always get the best price. To figure this out, you should first head to a bank or credit union to look at loans. Then, when you talk to the dealership, you will know what to ask for in a loan. Dealerships like Findlay Auto Subaru are great at helping people finance vehicles on a plan that’s affordable and quick.  Either way, while it is not a bad thing to use the dealership for the loan, you must explore all your options if you want to get the lowest interest rate.

With these four tips, you can find the best price on a used car. Otherwise, if you do not do this, you may get ripped off.

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