Valuable Tips for Protecting Those Classy Cars

A car is often one of the largest investments that a person makes. With an estimated 700,000 vehicles reported stolen in the United States each year, however, the possibility is always there that your car could be next. Still, most vehicle thefts happen to people who are not as careful as they should be with their cars, so as long as you are taking the proper precautions, you should never have to experience that awful pang of panic when you realize that your car is not where you last parked it.

Buy a Car with an Alarm System

Most vehicles these days come with built-in security systems. Even if yours does not, it is more than likely worth it to have one installed by the dealer or from a private company for an additional charge. Not only can an anti-theft system deter would-be thieves from coming near your vehicle in the first place, but cars with these devices in place typically cost less to insure as well. In this sense, the cost of your car’s security system could essentially pay for itself through insurance savings.

Park in Well-Lit Areas

Whether you are at home or in public, you should always be sure to park your car in a well-lit area. For example, if in a supermarket parking lot, make an effort to park directly below a working light pole. Thieves prefer to do their dirty work in the dark because they are less likely to be seen and caught that way, so they will likely not bother even attempting to break into a car parked directly under a bright light source.

Install a Home Security System

Parking your car in a garage can be a great way to keep it safe, but what if your garage gets broken into? This is more common than you might think. In addition to home security reasons, it is never a bad idea to invest in a security/alarm system at your home. This way, if a sensor is tripped on your garage door or at any other point of entry at your home, you can immediately have an alarm sounded and authorities dispatched to your property.

Keep Track of Your Keys

People usually think about thieves stealing cars by breaking windows and hot wiring the car, but there is an easier way. Stealing a car by stealing car keys is much easier. Make sure your keys are kept in a safe place. When out and about keep them in your pocket. When at home don’t be tempted to leave your keys next to your door. This makes it too easy for a thief to take the keys without having to step in the house.

Don’t Valet Park

It’s tempting to use the class and convenience of valet parking, but it may be wise to think twice.  Valet parking attendants are usually you and have not had much time behind the wheel. This can lead to accidents, dings, and scrapes.  To keep your car in pristine condition it may be best not to hand the keys over to a stranger.

As you can see, there are plenty of steps you can take to protect your car from thieves and vandals, so be sure to follow the above tips.

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