Interesting New Advancements in Gearbox Technology

gearbox technology

Because automotive engineers are constantly developing new solutions for cars, major automobile manufacturers are able to equip their vehicles with enhanced gearboxes. If you’re seeking the latest aftermarket gearbox products or OEM options, you’ll have many choices, and each option can provide big benefits on the road. Check out the following techs.

Automatic Transmission with Manual Control

By operating a vehicle that’s designed with an advanced automatic transmission, you’ll experience enhanced performance while implementing shifting procedures. However, since an automatic transmission with a manual mode is designed with unique hardware, the timing will vary.

The big advantage is that the manual mode gives a driver more options. This means that you can pick one gear and drive without worrying about frequent gear shifts. If you try to drive a car that doesn’t have an automatic transmission with manual control, the transmission will stay in one gear because the hardware will shift to a higher gear as the car reaches increased speeds on the road.

Although there are many automotive brands that build these transmission systems, most hardware will feature a shift gate. A typical shift gate has a joystick design that handles downshifts and upshifts. Shift paddles are also available, and engineers usually place the paddles on a steering wheel so that a driver can implement shifting procedures with ease.

Direct Shift Gearboxes

Direct shift gearboxes are built with dual-clutch hardware. These transmission components are typically used when engineers build modern cars and sporty motorcycles. This part is designed for an automatic transmission, and the hardware can enhance a turbo engine by upgrading the horsepower and torque. In many cases, after a direct shift gearbox is mounted in place, a motor will run faster since the duel components boost efficiency.

Sequential Gearboxes

A sequential gearbox is commonly used when motorcycles and turbo vehicles are built. If you’re going to tackle racing routines, you’ll benefit from operating a car that’s equipped with this kind of gearbox because it’s specifically designed for demanding driving situations that require enhanced speed, horsepower, and torque. This gearbox can also provide benefits during racing events on a motorcycle since the unique layout simplifies shifting routines. While riding a motorbike that has a sequential gearbox, you can shift gears by pressing the lever with your foot. When compared to other motorbike shifting hardware, a sequential gearbox is more efficient because it implements shifting procedures quicker.

Gearbox Repairs

In order to protect a gearbox, you must pursue repairs at a place like Shute Upton Engineering whenever your car or motorcycle doesn’t shift properly. If a mechanic needs to replace a defective component, you could obtain a commercial-grade gear hardware by visiting a shop that stocks automotive products.

These gearbox options are the latest products that are designed for modern motorcycles and cars. Because the automotive industry is driven, many new products will debut over time by various engineers.

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