Roads Towards Ample Auto Shop Storage

There is never enough storage space in an average car repair shop. Since mechanics have to be productive and efficient throughout their work day, they need to arrange and keep their tools and machines in apple-pie order. This is why many of them adapt storage containers and items of furniture from other shops to create ample storage space in their garages. We have analyzed some of their solutions and made a short overview of the most practical ones.

Cleaning-friendly flooring

Although not directly a member of the storage crew, the floor is the foundation of every garage. Due to the fact that garages have the highest spill rate when it comes to car oils and grease, the flooring has to be made of easily cleaned and affordable material. If you want to make your garage floor a firm and cleaning-friendly area, the only thing you should do is cover it with epoxy. However, we have to place a disclaimer here – since it can also get pretty slippery when covered with water, epoxy should be used only for the garage area on which the fluids in a car are checked and changed.

Repairs on wheels

Car repair shops are usually full of heavy and bulky machines and other massive devices. In order to be able to free the space you need at every single moment inside the garage, it would be wise to install wheels to each and every machine, chair and device that you use there. That way you will be able to move them whenever they are needed by other mechanics. Also, your workers will have better work conditions, since they will not have to lift that heavy stuff anymore.

Saving nuts and bolts

When talking about car repairs and places that provide such services, it is clear that they literally contain loads of nuts and bolts. Losing those tiny parts could result in losing a customer from whose car they have been removed, too. Such an outcome would not only be an unpleasant situation, but pretty bad marketing, as well. Out of all these reasons, every garage needs to have a sufficient number of proper containers for small tools and tiny parts. From old cardboard holders thrown out of some old library to adjustable pallet racks that can cover the overhead area, you can repurpose various containers to store your precious parts.

Walls as tool sheds

While smaller tools can be easily accommodated on racks, larger items need a different treatment. A skilful mechanic needs a drill, several storage hooks and a few metal boxes to turn their garage walls into tool havens. Tools such as pliers, screwdrivers and wrenches can be stored in metal boxes. On the other hand, wall hooks are a perfect solution for those massive tools, like mallets, large hammers and crowbars. If you want to get more inspiration to organize your garage tool in an efficient way, you should definitely check out these ideas.

The key of an efficient business is fine space organization. Getting enough storage units to accommodate all the spare parts, as well as large and small tools is a must for every mechanic who wants to be productive. Only a well-organized garage will give you enough room and time to run a successful car repairing business.

Image credit: Gardner/Fox Associates, Inc, on Flickr

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