Urban Thinking: Best Compact Cars for Surviving City Life

A big, full-size SUV can be hard to maneuver in busy metropolitan areas, and urban dwellers need a small vehicle that does not burn a lot of fuel. Here are some of the best compact vehicles for surviving city life.

Fiat 500 Abarth


The Fiat 500 Abarth for is for the commuters who desire an extra measure of performance. Featuring Fiat’s exclusive Multi-Air technology, the hatchback’s turbocharged engine produces a satisfying 160 horsepower. Meanwhile, a sports-tuned suspension enables the 500 Abarth to deliver sports car-like handling. The vehicle’s race-inspired styling makes it even more appealing. In terms of gas mileage, drivers can average up to 34 mpg.

Honda Fit


The Fit is a fun-to-drive hatchback that offers a lot of versatility and tends to sell very fast. The car’s quick-revving engine makes it a joy to drive on an everyday basis, and although the Fit may look small, it actually offers a family-sized interior. If you need to transport extra cargo, the rear seats can be easily folded down.

Nissan LEAF


With a maximum driving range of more than 100 miles, the Nissan LEAF is an ideal electric vehicle. Drivers can cruise around the city without spending any money on fuel. When attempting to park in a tight spot, the LEAF’s tiny size will certainly come in handy. The best part is that Nissan offers a convenient home-charging system. Up to five people will be able to tag along for the ride.

Toyota Prius C


Over the past few years, the Toyota Prius C has become very popular. The urban vehicle’s combined gas mileage of 50 mpg will intrigue a lot of drivers, and an Entune audio system provides constant entertainment. Owners will definitely appreciate the Prius C’s low cost of maintenance.

Honda CR-Z


This is one of the few hybrid vehicles that actually offer a manual gearbox. The sporty two-seater is perfect for the people who don’t need to haul around a family. Honda’s renowned Vtec technology helps the CR-Z’s hybrid engine to develop an exciting 130 horsepower. If you desire a quick burst of performance, you can press the nifty Sport Plus button. Exotic paint colors such as Milano Red and Aegean Blue make the CR-Z stand out from the crowd.

Every vehicle on this list is perfect for navigating the urban jungle. However, only you can decide which automobile best suits your particular lifestyle. For low cost or used options, don’t forget to check out the Autobank of Kansas City to see tons of different models.

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