New Car Smell: Tips for Your First Time at the Dealership

The scent of a new car is one that many list as their favorite. Not only does this smell remind them of their own first vehicle, but it also is a symbol of a brand new purchase. Buying a vehicle is expensive, but knowing how to negotiate can reduce some of the cost. Take a look at these tips to see how you can save money at the dealership next time.

Know The Average Selling Price

When you go to the dealership, you need to know what the average selling price of the car is in the condition that it is. Brand new cars are going to go for top dollar; while the older vehicles will decline in price based on exact age and condition. Researching online is the best way to see what the vehicle is selling for at other dealerships in the area. Once you see how the car is, you can also use your phone to quickly conduct research. 

Negotiate with Paper Copies

Even if you’re planning to check out prices on your phone while you are there, you should bring along paper copies of price quotations from other dealerships. These can be quotations you received when visiting the dealership, but you should also print out information from reputable websites that tell you the price of cars. When you are negotiating with the salesperson, ask if the dealership is willing to come down to match the cost the other entities are offering. While you should not be rude, you can say that you’re planning to buy from the dealership that gives you the best price.

Set Reasonable Price Goals

If you walk into the dealership and imagine you are going to chop thousands upon thousands of dollars off from the cost, then you are likely setting yourself up for failure. Once you see how much the car is selling for elsewhere, you should expect that your sale price is going to fall somewhere around that cost. The dealership needs to make a sale just as much as you want to save money. 

Call in Reinforcements

While you do not want to demand excessive reductions from the dealership, you do want to be sure that you are getting a fair deal. Not everyone is a master negotiator, and some people need to take time to hone their price-reducing skills. Ask someone who has purchased a car or two before to come along with you and to take a front seat when it comes time to discuss the price of the vehicle. 

Knowing what is reasonable and how to negotiate will help you to get a good deal on your new car. Take these tips with you on your next car hunt.

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