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Cocktail of Danger: How to Avoid Accidents on the Road

Accidents on the road are frighteningly common, and you’ll never know when they will happen. But there are ways to diminish the chances of these accidents happening, and these tips could potentially save your life.

Drive Defensively

It is important when driving to remember that even if you do have the right of way, or the law is on your side in some other way, it will not matter in an accident. Make sure that you look beyond the laws of the road to avoid an accident. In a perfect world, everyone on the road would follow every traffic law, but this is not the case. Drivers run red lights, perform rolling stops at stop signs, exceed the speed limit, change lanes without signaling, etc. None of this can be prevented by you as another driver, you must simply recognize that this is happening and stay out of the way of a reckless driver who may cause you harm.

Limit Distractions

Although this may seem like a fairly obvious point, it’s a point which is lost on many new and experienced drivers. Make sure that when you get into your car, you put your cell phone and other pieces of mobile technology far enough away from you that you cannot reach it while driving. If you listen to the radio while you are driving, try to choose a station and then stick with that station. Moving your eyes away from the road for only a split second can have disastrous consequences. It is essential that you maintain focus on the road at all times. If you need to take or make a call, pull over to do so.

Use Your Mirrors

When driving, it is easy to only focus on what is in front of your vehicle, it is of utmost importance that you do not fall into this habit. The mirrors which are provided in your vehicle are there for a reason. You must know what is going on around your vehicles on all sides at all times. As difficult as this sounds, it becomes intuitive after falling into this habit.

Avoid Impairment

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not only dangerous but a serious legal offense. While many people believe that they can have a few drinks and then drive home without issue, even light drinking can put one over the legal limit. Even if you stay beneath the legal limit, in Georgia you could be deemed "less safe" and charged with driving under the influence to the extent that you are less safe behind the wheel (learn more at The best way to avoid this is to abstain from alcohol if you plan to drive later or call a taxi if you’ve been drinking and need to get somewhere.

Anticipate Every Possibility
When you drive, you need to foresee the actions of other drivers and pedestrians before they perform the action. It is also important that you see and recognize the behaviors of pedestrians, to make sure they do not accidently put themselves in peril of being struck by your vehicle. Make sure that your eyes are constantly moving around and assessing what could happen in the next few seconds.

Accidents on the road are a terrifying thing. They are unforeseeable, and they happen in a split second. Luckily for us, there are actions we can take to minimize the risk of being in a situation which could result in an accident.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Even Minor Pain If You Are Injured In A Car Accident

Car accidents are serious in nature, and they cause an incredible amount of unfortunate injuries and deaths. If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident and realize you have minor pains and aches, there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t ignore them.

The Injury Could Be Serious

Whether it seems like it or not, there is a great likelihood that the minor pain you’re experiencing is indicative of a serious injury. It’s impossible to know what you’re dealing with without the help of medical professionals. Keep your health as a top priority by seeking medical attention right away for even the most minor of pains.

It Might Not Be Chronic

If you’ve had a history of chronic pain, you might feel inclined to brush the discomfort off. However, any pain felt directly after a car accident has taken place shouldn’t be ignored. Talk to your doctor about the types of pain and symptoms you’re experiencing.

You Could Be Stuck with Countless Medical Bills

Should you find in the future that the subtle pain turns into a serious medical issue, you’ll likely be stuck with paying hefty medical bills and prescription costs. It’s incredibly important that you talk to a lawyer early in the process about your options for receiving the compensation for the injuries you sustained.

The Injury Could Lead to Lost Income

If your pain worsens over time, you will definitely run the risk of missing work and losing income. This is why it’s incredibly important to seek medical help for your injuries. Additionally, if you happen to file a suit against a defendant and win your case, any lost income will be restored to you.

Waiting Can Worsen the Injury

When pain is felt after a car accident, one of the worst things you can do is simply wait for it to heal or get better. For example, if the pain is originating from internal bleeding, it won’t take very long for circumstances to take a critical turn. Seek medical help before your injury has a chance to become serious.

Many Serious Conditions Begin with No Symptoms

Lastly, keep in mind that even though you might feel little to no pain, the possibility is high that you’ve still sustained a serious injury. It’s always better to play it safe by consulting a physician about the matters pertaining to your car accident.

Minor pain can always indicate that there is a more serious, underlying health problem. Be sure to see a doctor right away if you experience any type of pain following an auto accident.

Stay Safe On The Road: The Six Most Common Auto Accident Injuries

In 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that more than 2.3 million Americans sustained injuries in car crashes, a figure that was up 6.5 percent from the previous year. The nature of the injuries varied, but there are six kinds of injuries that are most commonly reported.

Head injuries

Many drivers and passengers incur brain injuries, which occur when the head strikes an object with intense force. These types of injuries can be difficult to detect because a victim may not immediately show any signs of injury, but they could still be suffering from swelling or bleeding on the brain.

Neck injuries

People involved in motor vehicle collisions may also sustain neck injuries. These can range in nature from the relatively moderate discomfort that comes with whiplash or neck strain, to the more severe and long term pain associated with disc injuries.

Back injuries

Back injuries often occur as a result of the violent force that drivers and passengers experience when vehicles collide. These injuries can come in the form of strain, sprained, fractured or broken bones in the back, damage to nerves within the spinal column and a host of other problems.

Facial injuries

Facial injuries can occur when vehicle occupants slam into the steering wheel or dashboard, when an airbag deploys, or due to shards of broken glass propelling through the cab of the vehicle. Victims of these injuries can suffer from cuts and scrapes or more serious problems with joints and muscles of the jaw.

Internal injuries

Internal organs like spleen, kidneys or liver are sometimes damaged when a person is involved in an accident. Broken or fractured ribs sustained in a crash can puncture a lung or other organs. All of these injuries are potentially life threatening, so victims must seek immediate medical attention.

Psychological injuries

Car accident victims can suffer lasting emotional problems that stemming from the crash, particularly if it caused a fatality. These problems could be anything from short-term emotional anguish to symptoms akin to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Accidents can be avoided by following traffic laws, addressing mechanical issues as they arise and through regular use of seat belts and child safety seats. Using a little extra caution ahead of time could be enough to avoid being counted among the millions who are hurt in crashes every year. If you suffer injuries in a car accident, be sure to talk to personal injury lawyer to recover your losses.

Informational credit to Cantini Law Group Accident and Disability Lawyers.

Car Accident? Five Things You Should Do if You Or A Loved One Suffered Serious Injuries

After the dust has settled from a serious car accident, a lot of questions can be lingering as well. You might be wondering whether or not your insurance company will cover the accident, or if you’re going to get legal compensation for the injuries you’ve sustained. If you or a loved one have suffered serious injuries from a car accident, these are five things you should immediately do.

Take Photos of Your Injuries

From the moment you realize you’ve sustained serious injuries from your car accident, you should begin taking photos of them. It’s harder for to acquire compensation for your physical traumas if the wounds have already healed by the time you’re prepared to get it. Use a camera that takes high resolution photos, and take many of them.

Document as Many Details About the Accident as Possible

Even though it may be hours or even days since the wreck took place, you should document as many details about the accident as you can. Likewise, get a copy of the police report for your own records. If you’ve been seeing a physician to treat your injuries, keep copies of all medical bills and receipts for OTC and prescription medication.

Be Honest with Your Insurance Company

After the wreck, you should contact your auto insurance company as soon as possible to ensure that they’re on the same page. This is the only way that you will receive proper coverage for what’s taken place. Avoid lying about the details of the accident. If you are caught in trying to deceive the insurance company, you could face legal repercussions or even be denied coverage for your claim.

Contact Witnesses

If you can, gather the names and phone numbers of everyone that was present at the scene of your wreck. Record detailed accounts of what they saw, and ask for their signatures on these documents. Witnesses are some of the strongest forms of evidence when plaintiffs present their cases in a court of law.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Lastly, get in contact with a reputable and experienced personal injury lawyer. The truth is that you’re going to need professional representation by your side if you wish to receive compensation for the physical injuries you sustained in your car accident. Be sure to check reviews and get local opinions on the lawyer in question before making a decision to work with them.

An auto accident can be stressful and scary, but taking these steps is important to get back on track again. Health and finances are important, and being prepared can help protect both in the event of an accident.

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