Anatomy Of A Detailed Car

When most people talk about cleaning their cars, they’re referring to the exterior. This is an important part of regular maintenance, but it’s a lot like only getting your hair wet and calling it a shower. Using soap and water on the outside of your vehicle or taking it through the automatic car wash addresses just part of the problem.

Dirt, dust, grease and grime can get everywhere. If left alone, debris can do serious damage to the vehicle’s look and performance. This is why it pays to have your vehicle detailed by professionals on a regular basis. These experienced technicians know all of the key car cleaning steps to ensure the best overall results and the most comprehensive clean.

For example, countless DIY washes overlook areas such as the doorjambs. This can be harmful to the car because the rubber seals inside them can age prematurely unless they are kept clean. Pros also know that the undercarriage can be the dirtiest area of any vehicle. Accordingly, they will wash it thoroughly with high-pressure hoses and the right amount of solvent to break up stubborn gunk.

To envision what a truly clean car looks like, read the accompanying infographic. It breaks down crucial elements of a professional car wash.

Author Bio: Jeff Carey is Vice President of Sales at CleanTouch, a leading car wash chemical brand serving thousands of car washes across the United States and Canada. He has 20 years of experience in the industry — and focuses on P&L, sales management, and field execution of the company’s strategies and plans.

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