What to Know about Putting Used Parts in an Older Vehicle

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Your old car is not the car it used to be. The engine struggles to turn over in the morning, driving up inclines is more of a challenge than in years past and you are fairly certain there is a leak in the oil system somewhere. You just need this car to stay running for another three years, and then you will have saved up the money for a newer model. In the meantime, you still have to do repairs when the need arises. To save money, you were considering putting used parts in your older car.

Auto Store or Salvage Yard

While big box auto stores sell new and used parts, you can probably get a better deal on used parts at a local salvage yard. You might have to get your hands a little dirty pulling parts off an old junkyard car, but the savings you will obtain is usually competitive. One thing to consider, however, is a big box auto store will often provide a warrantee on their used parts. So, in certain cases it may be better to buy from a retail outlet.

Cosmetic or Functional

Typically, car parts fall into two categories. Either they add to the aesthetic appeal of the car, or they serve a functional purpose in how the car performs and operates. Typically, it does not matter so much if your used part is a perfect match when it comes to buying parts for esthetic purposes. However, you will need to worry far more about the quality of a used part if it is being purchased to improve or maintain the functional operation of the car.

Swapping Parts

In some cases, the used part off of a different model car will work just fine in your old car. In other situations, you will not be able to swap out a used part from another car. Fortunately, the Internet is filled with websites and videos that can help you to determine when a swap is possible and when it is not. So, be sure to do your homework when purchasing used vehicle parts.

Your old car is starting to show signs of needing more constant maintenance. If you keep buying all new parts for your old beater, then it may be more cost effective to just buy a new car. If you are not ready to make that transition yet, then replacing parts you need with used parts is a cost effective way to maintain your old car. As long as you get your used parts from a reputable dealer, chances are you will not have any serious problems.

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