3 Best Paddle Board Car Racks

While paddle boarding can be a more relaxing sport once you’re on the water, transporting your board can be challenging. This is especially the case if you don’t have the right equipment to fasten your board safely onto the roof of your vehicle.

Getting the board up top is tedious enough; having to worry about it coming off when you’re driving is simply icing on the cake. There’s also the issue of aerodynamics. Without the right rack, your board will essentially act as a parachute, potentially hurting your fuel consumption and vehicle’s handling. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the three best paddle board racks you can stick to your roof.

Thule 810 Stand Up Paddle Board Taxi

Kicking things off with something a little more heavy-duty is the paddle board rack from Thule. This American company is known for their premium, reliable hardware and the 810 is no exception. Featuring an all-steel design with support for two boards, this is your best bet if you’re looking for something that’ll survive for years to come.

The 810 includes four Thule One-Key locks, which help keep your boards secure while you’re away. The Speed-Link mounting system allows you to install the rack without any tools, which makes mounting and removing this system a quick and easy process.

Yakima S. U. P. Brah Stand Up Paddle Board Tie-Down System

Strange name aside, Yakima’s tie-down system features a more unique design. As opposed to the bigger, more clunky rack, the S.U.P. compromises of a simple strap design that attaches to the front and rear of your car. Don’t pass it off as flimsy though, the heavy-duty straps are capable of supporting up to 40lbs of weight.

The Yakima S.U.P. also features a quick and easy tool-free installation, making removing and strapping it back on board a stress-free process. Yakima’s tie-down system is a great lightweight alternative that won’t break the bank.

Inno Stand Up Board Locking Carrier with Board Pads

This versatile rack is capable of supporting up to 65lbs of weight, whether it be from a stand up board or the multitude of other equipment it can carry. Featuring a clean and simple strap design, the Inno Carrier is an ideal solution for any paddleboarder on a budget.

The ratcheting system secures the rack onto your roof while the rubber coated straps reduce the strain of the weight the rack is carrying, increasing its lifetime. The concept of reliability is also seen in the rack’s build, which compromises of a rubber-coated stainless steel design throughout.

It’s great to see that manufacturers have considered the needs of paddle-boarders and created car racks that are durable and easy to install. A good rack may mean the difference between enjoying a weekend out paddle boarding and accidentally shooting your board through someone’s windscreen on the highway.

Now that you’ve got a good rack, it may be time to consider a better paddle board to match. Review website waveschamp.com has a variety of paddle sports gear to read up on.

Now get out there and take on the water.

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