The Top 5 Common Causes for Car Accidents

The roadway can be an extremely dangerous place. Each day, more than 3,000 people die as a result of being involved in a car crash. Many of these collisions can actually be avoided by practicing safe driving habits. Here are the top five common causes of car accidents.


When traveling at a high rate of speed, your chances of crashing increase dramatically. The best approach is to drive no faster than the posted speed limited. Speeding diminishes your ability to react quickly in emergency situations. In the bat of an eye, an obstacle such as deer could suddenly cross your path. The faster your speed, the longer it will take to come to a complete stop. Speeding also often leads to tailgating as well which also can cause impatience especially for those who are aggressive drivers on the road. If the person in front of you stops quickly there is a very good chance you will be in a car accident that affects you and the people in the vehicle in front of you. This kind of accident puts you at fault and it can result in a serious lawsuit depending on the damages.

Driving While Intoxicated

Driving under the influence of alcohol has long remained one of the most dangerous behaviors. The driver’s blurred vision and decreased awareness put everyone on the road in danger. Unfortunately, hundreds of drunk drivers still choose to get behind the wheel. After having a few drinks at the local bar, some drivers are totally unaware of their elevated blood-alcohol level. Instead of taking an unnecessary risk, spend the extra money on a cab.

Reckless Driving

Some people tend to use driving as a way to release their pent-up aggression. While some drivers are guilty of tailgating, there are others who actually make verbal threats. According to Zaner Harden Law, a law firm that provides car accident representation in Denver, be sure to seek legal council if an angry driver has hit your vehicle. Reckless driving is a serious crime that should never be taken lightly. Having a bad day doesn’t give motorists the right to act irresponsible.

Bad Weather

Not only can bad weather cause the pavement to become extremely slippery, but it can also cause poor visibility. Far too many drivers fail to reduce their speed. From hydroplaning to rear-end collisions, there are various types of accidents that are caused by shaky road conditions. Even all-wheel-drive vehicles perform poorly on icy roads. Because of a lack of good judgment, hundreds of car pileups occur every winter.

Distracted Driving

Driving a vehicle requires more concentration than most people realize. One of today’s biggest driving distractions has become the cell phone. Despite the potential consequences, some people can’t fight off the temptation to text while driving. The few seconds it takes to read your text is not worth the risk while driving. Just keep your eyes on the road and look at your phone after you are safely off the road and parked.

These risky driving behaviors can definitely put your life at risk. Staying safe requires you to make sound decisions on a daily basis.

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